I don’t ever really watch tennis but I do think that their players, just like NHL players, are unbelievably underrated in the world of sports.  The lame-stream (I just invented that!) sports media is so hung up on things like the vertical leap, 40 Yard dash and how ‘ripped’ a guy is they completely ignore one of the most important aspects of athletecism:  Stamina.  (In the bed?  No no, stamina as in the ability to exert a ton of energy for a really long time).  This is where tennis players blow every other athlete out of the water (sorry Cycling fans, their just aren’t enough of you to qualify it as a “sport”).    I remember hearing about a Federer/Nadal match that lasted almost 6 hours.  SIX!  And there are no line changes or substitutions or a seperate offense & defense.  It’s you and another dude hitting a ball back and forth running each other dead.  For 6 hours.  And even though the amount of time I’ve spent watching tennis in my life is less than that one match, I give tennis players much love…. Now onto much more important matters:  Tyler Ennis!  pEnnis  continued his recent surge with 3 Assists yesterday, and I have to admit I like this plucky little Sabre.  He’s a former 1st round pick who’s still just 22 years old and getting better.  And at just 31% Yahoo ownership he could be someone you can get for free in your league.  And since you are still reading this blog, then you’re in the playoffs.  (Or you’re my Mom – Hi Mom!!!).  So if you need help at Center (doubtful) or LW (maybe) then grab a racket and go play some TEnnis.  Now lets get back to some hockey players…

Steven Stamkos – C (TB):  Okay I just have to toot my own horn for a second…  Okay and I’m back from Porn Hub… Oh wait, I meant toot my own horn as in give myself credit for saying this way back in August:   “50 goal seasons are quickly going the way of the dinosaur, but if I had to put money on one guy to do it this year its Stamkos.”  Goal #50, meet Steven Stamkos.  Steven, Goal #50…  Oh, you guys already met didn’t you?  My bad…

Nicklas Backstrom – C (Wsh):  Why is it that whenever the ‘pert’s talk about the Capital’s struggles and “how far the mighty have fallen” they NEVER mention Backstrom’s absence?   I mentioned this about a month ago and yet nothing has changed.  He’s been out for over 2 MONTHS people!  No shiv the Cap’s are struggling to even make the playoffs!!!    Okay, I’m calm now.  In fact I’m not even sure why it angers me so much…  Wait, why was I writing about him again?  Oh right.  He skated yesterday for the 2nd straight day and reported no symptoms.  Now maybe NHL Tonight will mention him for the 1st time in 2012…

Devan Dubnyk – G (Edm):  Yes he had a Shutout yesterday but just like Squatch sitings, you must consider the source.  And in this case the source is an alcoholic from Oklahoma…  Or a hockey team from Columbus…

Jonas Hiller – G (Ana):  The other Shutout of the night goes to this guy.  (The fat kid from Superbad plays hockey?)  No no, you’re thinking of  Jonah Hill, I’m talking about Jonas Hiller.  And seriously Jonas you need to slow down before you lose ALL sleeper value for next year!

Al Sulzer – D (Buf):  I always like to highlight someone’s 1st career Goal, unfortunately this was Al Sulzer’s 2nd.  So instead just imagine that his middle name is Kai…  HA!

Ryan Getzlaf – C (Ana):  There is 1 of 2 things going on this year: 1) Getzlaf is playing with a somewhat serious injury…. OR, and here comes the troof, Getzloaf is the oldest 26 year old in North America.  The guy just looks big and slow on the ice and it’s not only because he’s in his 7th season (including 62 playoff games), the dude is a LOAF.  His bio says 6’4″, 221 lbs… I say get on a scale fatty.  Would it really kill you to mix in a salad every once in a while?



  1. Mal says:

    I like how Stamkos has 50 goals and no one on my hometown team has 50 points (the Wild…Heatly has 46 pts). Dive for top 5! Draft picks, baby!

    In fantasy news, thanks for the tips all year, DC! I ended the season either tied for first or in a close second (14-5-2 for me vs a 13-4-4…win % is the same, but I’m not sure how we figure the winner..maybe a drinking contest). Now I’m panicking as my goalies forget how to play in the last few weeks of the season.. But there is a whole week and a half left! They have to remember how to stop the flying rubber disc sometime, right?

    • DC

      DC says:

      @Mal, Hang in there all Goalies go through some kind of slump at some point.. And the Wild…. Ugh I feel for you.

  2. charlie batch says:

    is 221lbs really that big for 6’4? especially for a 6’4 professional athlete..?

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