Let’s face facts:  In his first full week back, after missing an entire year, Sidney Crosby was the best player in the league.  His line for the week: 2G/6A/+7/8PIM/2PPP/15SOG.  That’s called game changer.  If you own him, your team BC (before Crosby) was an entire notch below where your team is now.  Borderline playoff teams that own him are now in the playoffs.  A good team now becomes the favorite to win it all.  I know that for my OG league I need him to pull off a miracle and somehow get my team to the playoffs.  “What a miracle that would be indeed!”  Shutup VTB, it’s just a slow start…  For real though, and I mean fo real real, as an owner it’s tough to watch him.  Every time he gets breathed on my bunghole puckers up.  Stay healthy Sid and avoid contact at all times!  Now onto some mere mortals:

Pascal Dupuis – LW (Pit):  Speaking of good weeks, dirty rascal Pascal had 2G, 3A and 14 Shots.  “He is finally blossoming!”  Damn VTB, twice already?  Anyway he is not blossoming but what he is doing is getting time on the Crosby line.  And just like your team is that much better with Crosby, so are any players playing on the same line as him.

Tyler Bozak – C (Tor):  Bozak attack is a borderline must add at this point.  Center is deep so he’s not someone who fits on every team but I’d say most of us could squeeze him in.  I’m through doubting Kessel and Lupul so as long as Bozak is stuck in the middle he’ll continue to produce.

Joey Crabb – RW (Tor):   Is it just me or does this guy’s name sound like a mafia hit-man?  “Hey why don’t you give Joey the Crabb a call and have him take care of it…”  (For full effect imagine I just said that in a 1930’s mafia voice.)  He’s got a Goal in 3 straight but don’t go gettin excited.  It’s just a  minor blip by a career AHLer…

Wayne Simmonds – RW (Phi):  In case you haven’t already noticed, Simmonds is not rosterable in 12 team leagues.  At best he’s a FAGNOF so treat him accordingly.

Shane O’Brien – D (Col):  Speaking of FAGNOF’s, Shane-O has been one for over 8 years now.  He’s not the Penalty Minute monster he was early in his career but as a Defenseman he still ranks near the top.  Plus the Defenseman weak Avalanche are using him on the Power Play which could lead to more points (well more than his usual 2 a month).

Evander Kane – LW (Wpg):  Here is what I wrote about Kane on November 4:  “I completely dropped the ball on him.  Not once did I mention Kane in the preseason despite his pedigree (former 4th overall pick), his opportunity (penciled into the Top 6) and his solid season at age 19 (19G/24A/68PIM/234SOG).”  And that’s me quoting me! (and copying Grey)..  Since then he’s got 5 Goals and 42 Shots in 11 games.  The production is good and the upside is great.  63% Yahoo ownership is way too low.

Dustin Byfuglien – D (Wpg):  This guy likes to score in bunches.  So far he’s got 6 Multi-Point games, 14 goose-eggs, and 3 single point games.    What’s the point?  Set it and forget it.  Oh yeah regarding the Jets in general, Buffy and Kane are the only 2 Jets I’d be happy to own.

Anaheim Ducks – It’s over 1/4 of the way through the season and most of the studs are disappointing horribly: Getzlaf, Hiller, Ryan and Visnovsky are really draggin alot of teams down.  Perry’s been good not great and lesser players like Fowler and Koivu have been worthless.. Long live the FINNISH FLASH!

Mike Smith – G (Phx):  Mike Smith for the Vezina?  11W-4L/.933/2.19/2SO’s.  That’s obviously behind Tim Thomas and King Lundqvist but I’d put those numbers up against anyone else.

Steven Stamkos – C (TB):  3 Goals over the weekend and he’s off to the races again after a mini 3 game goal-less drought.  Phil Kessel will not finish with more Goals than St. Stamkos…

Jason Spezza – C (Ott):  As long as the injury bug keeps its distance Spezza should be able to continue at his current pace.. Just remember he’s missed at least 20 games to injury each of the last 2 seasons.  And each of the last 2 seasons he got hurt in December and missed over a month.

Cal Clutterbuck – RW (Min):  Isn’t this the old car dealer who had the “Go see Cal” singing commercials?  He would sit on top of the cars and guarantee 0% financing and the best prices in town.  Cal was so dedicated he would molest sheep in order to gain notieriety.  A true American if there ever was one.. But of course this Cal (Clutterbuck not Worthington) plays hockey and is from Canada. Bummer…

Jarome Iginla – RW (Cgy):  30 more Goals before I will talk to you again…

Henrik Sedin – C (Van):  “Just” 3 Goals and 2 Assists in the ‘nucks last 7 games.  I would jump ship immediately if you own him and trade him for pennies on the dollar….  It’s clearly over.

  1. Grizzly says:

    I have been offered the following trade: Pavelski, Milan Michalek and Jack Johnson for my Simon Gagne and Patty Sharp. I have a man crush on Sharp so I need an objective opinion – thanks.

    Also, any suggestions for a buy-low goalie?

  2. DC

    DC says:

    @Grizzly: That’s a solid offer and if you’re short on D I would probably do it.. Otherwise keep the best player in the deal (Sharp). Halak’s value can’t possibly get any lower than it is right now.

  3. charlie batch says:

    help. trying desperately to land ovie. coaching change, welcome dale hunter. not sure his plan but im all but certain he’s going to let his offensive freaks loose. i own semin so im already excited, but i need ovie. help me make a trade!!

    c – stamkos, roy, couture, bryan little
    lw – semin, lucic, pacioretty, evander kane, vermette
    rw – iginla, chris stewart, vrbata
    d – pronger (DTD), goligoski (IR), subban, kulikov, john carlson
    g – price, mike smith (sell high!!!?), pavelec

    c – bergeron, mike richards, dubinski, matt read
    lw – ovie, marchand, sharp, franzen, kovalchuk, dupuis (most also play RW or C)
    rw – callahan (+ a bunch of the LWers)
    d – keith, phaneuf, sami salo, giordano
    g – ryan miller (IR), enroth, gustavsson

    my thoughts:
    he needs a G, badly. i have smith to sell high with… also, i have a surplus of above-average or else name-brand D. i thought about lucic + subban for ovie + salo/giordano. I thought about lucic + smith for ovie + miller (in comments, i asked if miller is ‘pulling a crosby’..).

    trying to hold onto stamkos, semin, subban, iginla. last 3 should pick it up.

    what do you think? any ideas?

  4. ben_smith says:

    Wideman was just dropped in my league. Worth a pick-up if I have to drop Leddy?

  5. JagrBomb says:

    Should I wait on Semin to turn things around or should I be starting him over guys like Evander Kane or Tavares at the Utility spot? or possibly Gaborik at the RW position?

  6. ben_smith says:

    wow, lots of impatient owners in my league. In addition to Wideman, Kaberle, Pitkanen, Myers and Carle were all dropped this morning. Which one do you like the best and which would you pick up instead of Leddy

  7. charlie batch says:

    other buy-lows im interested in are eric staal (w/ kick muller) and the RPG line on anaheim (there are talks that the ducks coach is getting the boot soon too).

  8. DC

    DC says:

    @charlie batch: Lucic and Subban might get it done but you’d be sacrificing alot of PIM’s with that move. It’s a tough call but if you’re going to buy low on a big time player now is the time to buy Ovie I agree.

    @ben_smith: With Pronger out at least another 4 weeks I’d probably go with Carle.. The rest of my order would be: Wideman…Kaberle..Pitkanen.Leddy.Myers

    @JagrBomb: Big ass Boudreau getting fired is going to help Semin – start starting him..

    @charlie batch: All good buy-lows I agree.

  9. ringo says:

    With Kari Lehtonen out for the next month or so what are your expectations for Andrew Raycroft? I had to pick him up and hate myself for it. Bobrovsky is available but I just don’t see them playing him that much because they are so invested in Bryz. Not to mention Bryz is a much better player at this time anyways, even if the stats don’t suggest it.

  10. ringo says:

    @ringo: ^ it is a 16 team league, and my 2 goalies were Antti Niemi & Kari Lehtonen

  11. DC

    DC says:

    @ringo: Sounds like you don’t have a choice you gotta go with Raycroft..

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