I KNEW Teemu was coming back for another year.  You don’t have a season like he did last year and then all of a sudden call it quits.  I don’t like his chances of repeating his crazy 2010-2011 season (31G, 49A, 213SOG’s and an absolutely batty 34 Power Play Points) only because that was at the tender age of 40..  Luckily for Selanne he signed a deal with the devil which allows him to age in reverse – meaning by 2019 he should be back to his prime.  For this year though, I’m worried.  41 year olds (not named Nicklas Lidstrom) generally don’t contribute great fantasy stats.  But this is the Finnish Flash we’re talking about here so if the price is right (5th or 6th round) I’m drafting the sh*t out of him.  Now let’s take a look at some NHL news that may or may not benefit you in your upcoming draft(s):

Hahaha, just joking.  I still have something to tell you wild & crazy guys –  The cheat sheets will be posted before you wake up on Monday, as well as some quick & easy Links to the rankings I’ve already done.  Now “LLLLLLETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!”  (What’s that Grey?  We’re being sued by Michael Buffer???  Well now since I know you can copyright a phrase I have dibs on “sloppy roast beef”.)

Tyler Myers – D (Buf):  Signed a contract.  Signed a contract for 7 years.  Signed a contract for $38.5 Million….  Ahem…. can I have one of those? (but you don’t have the warrior mindset!)  Quiet VTB, I didn’t ask you…  In the real NHL world, this is a good signing for Buffalo, if for nothing else than to corner the market on 6’8″ Defenseman from Texas.  And someone educate me, he didn’t actually grow up in Texas did he?  Surely he moved to Manitoba or Saskatchewan with some eskimo’s at the age of 3 right?  And if he is a born & raised Texan the question is how many other NHL players grew up in Texas?  If the over/under was 2.5 I’d take the under… Now go read what I said about him a couple weeks ago here!

John Tavares – C (NYI):  The Eastern Conference Mr. Upside (Western Conference = Taylor Hall)  just signed a deal that will keep him in god-forsaken Jersey for another 6 years.  It’s hard to argue with $33 Million, but I’m not even sure that’s enough money for ME to live in New Jersey for the next 6 years…

Brad Marchand – C (Bos):  I had Marchand lined up for a sleeper post, then he had to go sign a 2 year/$5MM deal.  Now I’m forced to jump the gun and talk about him…  He’s a tiny guy (5’9″ 180) which doesn’t make me happy, but what does make me happy is his age (23), his production last year (21 Goals and a +25), and the fact that he could end up on a line with David Krejci and Tyler Seguin.  The upside is limited though, so I have a feeling March-and April will be waiver wire fodder all year.

Patrick Sharp – C (Chi):  Had an appendectomy (thanks WebMD!).  Worst case he misses the first couple games but I doubt it.  I’m not gonna overreact and drop Sharpie in my rankings, but I will overreact to me thinking he still qualified at Left Wing… YOU’RE FIRED!

Luke Schenn – D (Tor):  Seriously Burke calm down.  $17.5MM over 5 years?  I know he was a Top 5 pick and I know he is solid defensively, but he has 53 points in his first 231 games… Still, I think Burke might be a slightly better judge of talent than I am (it’s really close – LOL).  I wouldn’t draft this bloke, but he’ll be on the waiver wire and that means he’s worth keeping an eye on.

Jeremy Roenick – OLD:  Decided he was going to finally say something original by claiming that Philly fans are quote “crazy, crazy S.O.B.’s”.  Gee thanks J.R.!  As a sports fan I had no idea that Philadelphia sports fans were the lowest form of life on Earth.  What’s your next revelation?  Barry Bonds took steroids?  Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player of all time?  Patrick Kane loves alcohol?

That’s all I got tonight, but remember preseason games start on Monday!!!  Enjoy your weekend and get drunk and I’m back next week with cheat sheets, sleepers, prospects, and any news that may come from the preseason games.   Seacrest OUT!!!


  1. Aaron says:

    Loving the blog! Great work!

  2. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Don’t know if it’s just me, but it really seems like you have to Leafs in general lol

    $3.6M for Schenn over 5 years is a great deal for the leafs

    Go check who led the league in hits (for Dmen) last year
    He was also 12th in blocked shots
    He did have a lot of giveaways, but so do a lot of great players (not named Datsyuk or Toews)
    Contract signings don’t always equate to points…

    And in regards to your Kulemin comments (yesterday I think?), Malkin stated that Kulemin was the best player he’s ever played with. Sure this was before he played with Crosby, but power forwards generally take longer to develop, and I think Kulemin will become a perennial 30 goal scorer.

  3. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @Cheese: “have to leafs” supposed to be “hate the leafs”

  4. DC

    DC says:

    @Cheese: Yeah I’m probably a little harsh on the Leafs. But they’re the Yankees of hockey (minus all the Championships) so it’s a good kind of hate… Kulemin, Schenn, Kessel (even Reimer & Grabovski) are good players but they have to actually like, you know, make the playoffs before I go heaping praise upon them.. Where I will complement the Leafs is that they finally have the right GM. Burkey is the f’ing man.

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @Aaron: Thanks Aaron! Don’t be shy about posting!

  6. Aaron says:

    You asked for it! Hope you don’t mind a keeper question. I’m in an auction league that counts G, A, FOW, Hits, Blocks, DEF points, PIM, STG, and the usual goalie statistics. I’m struggling with who to retain as my 5 keepers from last year. The individuals I’m considering keeping are the following (with last year’s cost in parenthesis, which would count against my $200 budget this year): Letang ($3), Clowe (5), Hartnell (10), L. Eriksson (9), Ribeiro (5), T. Ruutu (3), J Benn (1), Spezza (1), Grabner (5), E Karlsson (4), Quick (7), and Reimer (7). I’m definitely going to keep Letang and Clowe, but not sure about the rest. Despite his lack of name recognition Ruutu was a beast in a number of the unsung categories so I think I’m going to keep him. Figure there are plenty of centers besides Spezza so no there. Grabner has a lot of potential, but he doesn’t really contribute in the other categories. Love Benn at $1, but I’m worried about his production without Richards. Ribeiro may have to contribute more without Richards. Reimer has a lot of potential but probably can get him at the auction for somewhere between 5-10 anyway. Quick at 7 seems great, but worried about Bernier. Any thoughts on these guys? Ask me today and I’m going with Letang, Clowe, Ruutu, Benn, and Quick. Sorry for the long post but any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

  7. DC

    DC says:

    @Aaron: Hmmm that is pretty tough but I think you nailed it. Right off the bat I’d agree that Letang, Clowe and Quick are no brainers. Then it comes down to Ribiero/Benn/Ruutu. I have high hopes for Ribiero this year but he is a Center and he is the most expensive… So I agree with your gut: Letang, Clowe, Quick, Benn and Ruutu.

  8. Aaron says:


  9. BroadStreetBully says:

    You’re damn right Philly fans are crazy!!! Remember how long it took you to recover from that knife wound after the schmohawks won game 6? YOU’RE WELCOME

  10. T-Bone says:

    I live in the same city Patty Kane played junior hockey, so I saw him out at the bars quite a bit. Any thoughts on getting a commenter league up and running DC?

  11. mdig66 says:

    I don’t understand the Tavares comment about living in New Jersey. He plays for the Islanders and lives in Nassau County. They also have high taxes though so perhaps the 33mil wouldnt be enough there either.

    I love Jamie Benn this season. He really stepped up his game when Richards was out last season averaging 23 minutes per game.

  12. Jethro says:

    Tavares living in New Jersey???……Need a geography lesson!!!!

  13. DC

    DC says:

    @T-Bone: He loves gettin boozed up thats for sure. And RCL Leagues are still up in the air.

    @mdig66: Good Point… And yes I like Benn alot this year too.

    @Jethro: I do… remember though my degree is in finance so cut me a little slack.

    Oh and sorry about the non post so far today, getting this cheat sheet together proved extrememly difficult last night and I just couldn’t get it done. Will be out later today.

  14. Aaron says:

    Re: cheat sheets – This is overboard, but when I put together my cheat sheets I try to come up with some sort of formula for properly valuing each player based on the various categories my league uses. By doing so, I try not to overvalue categories that people typically overweigh (e.g., goals, assists) and undervalue categories that typically go overlooked/not appreciated (e.g., PIM, hits, FOW, blocks, etc.). This approach would seem to recognize that certain players who don’t score/assist much are actually quite valuable because of their other contributions. Would be great to develop web-based cheat sheets that are customizable based on the specific categories your league uses and applies some sort of formula to provide a “value” number for each player that you can use to compare one player to another and/or rank them. For example, in my league, which counts G, A, PIM, FOW, hits, blocks, STG for forwards, I have come up with this formula – value = (G + A + PIM/10 + FOW/50 + hits/10 + blocks/10 + STG)/games played. Not perfect by any means and it’s quite labor intensive, but it does give a different appreciation for a player’s “true” overall value. Anyone else do this? Aware of any public websites that do something similar?

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