“So what am I so afraid of???  I’m afraid that I’m not  sure of,  a love there is no cure for… ” If you recognize those lyrics than you appreciate crappy old music like I do.  And if you play fantasy hockey than you appreciate what Tyler Seguin is doing this year.  2 Goals, 1 Assist and 4SOG’s is what studs are made of.  His season through 15 games: 11G/9A/+14/48SOG… Tyler, I think I love you…

Zdeno Chara – D (Bos):  Did you know that Zdenochara in Slovak means “consistency”?  I didn’t either.  What I do know is that Chara is as reliable as a swiss watch.  I won’t go season by season but here is the average of his last 6 years:  16G/33A/+18/220SOG/98PIM.  Barring injury he’ll do something similar to that….  #1 Dman, Stanley Cup Champion, Hall-of-Famer, whatever you want to call him is warranted…

Shawn Thornton – LW (Bos):  FAGNOF FAGNOF FAGNOF!

Nick Foligno – LW (Ott):  SPOT-START SPOT-START SPOT-START…  Foligno’s slowly working his way up the WWF list.  I doubt he’ll ever get to All Star status but in a pinch you could do worse.

Tyler Bozak – C (Tor):  A Goal and 2 Assists in the Leaf’s last 3 games means it’s time to pay attention to this Baztard.  Lightning could be striking…

John Carlson – D (Wsh):  JC Superstar was one of my big crushes heading into LAST year.  But he struggled and my crush disappeared.  Heading into this year’s draft I thought he was being overrated and so far he’s been blech..  Don’t drop him but don’t expect more than #4 D-Man production.

Troy Brouwer – RW (Wsh):  Notched his 4th Goal of the year and is clicking with Jason Chimera.  If you’re thin at RW in a 12+ team league Brouwer is worth a flier…

Jeff Skinner – C (Car):  1 Goal and 2 Assists Saturday night and just when you think Skinner is starting to fade he does this..  I championed (or I guess it would be un-championed?) Skinner as a potential bust this year but so far he’s proving me wrong.

Eric Staal – C (Car):  Hey!  Staal is alive!  A Goal and an Assist Saturday gives him his first points since October 25, a span of 7 games.  That (along with his season thus far) is awful.  He’s still uber talented though and not a chance he keeps up the pace he’s on: 4G/3A/-17 in 17 games?  I’ve torn up guys (ahem…. Koivu….ahem) who have done more this year.  But on the bright side 64 Shots means he’s at least involved in the game.  If you can get him for 80Cents on the dollar do it, just don’t pay full price.

Valtteri Filppula – C (Det):  Man I hate spelling that guys name.  2 T’s AND 2 P’s?  I think in the future he is just going to be Val Filppula… Anyway the production keeps coming with a Goal and 5 Assists in the Wing’s last 4 game (all Red Wing wins BTW).  Good pickup if you’re hurting at Center but be prepared to cut bait when he starts slumping – This guy’s in his 6th season and his career high in points was 40 in 2008-2009.

Mike Smith – G (Phx):  I pimped this guy in the preseason and he’s doing even better than I could have imagined.  His 1st Shutout of the year and like I’ve been saying all along:  Dave Tippet coached teams always produce great Goalie stats.  (Which makes Mike Smith’s ultimate common name pretty ironic).

Rick Nash – LW/RW (CBJ):  It’s pretty sad when 93 year old Vinny Prospal is having a better season than you.

Jeff Carter – C (CBJ):  And the guy who was supposed to turn Nash into the superstar he should be is finally back after missing nearly a month with a hairline fracture in his foot…  Shouldn’t it be called a f00tline fracture then??

Josh Harding – G (Min):  I was standing outside and I saw something falling in the sky on Saturday night.  It was in the direction of Los Angeles but the local news reported nothing… Turns out it was Josh Harding falling back down to earth.

Dustin Brown – RW (LA):  I have a hard time determining if I like this guy or not.  Every time I think he’s good I go look at his stats and go:  “Hmmm, thats not very good.”  Then when I think he sucks I look at the stats and figure that’s pretty good for a #2RW..  Sigh…  What do you guys think?

Tom Kostopoulos – RW (Cgy):  Nothing to see here, I just like saying that name…

Brian Elliott – G (StL):  Is Ken Hitchcock in the middle of performing a miracle in St. Louis?  Another win Saturday and a Shutout by Elliott definately sounds like one.  Halak is done for the time being, but eventually Elliott is going to start giving up Goals.  26 year old former 9th round picks playing for their 3rd organization in 3 years don’t suddenly morph into a franchise Goalie.

Danny Briere – C/RW (Phi):  Can’t you tweak a hamstring or something?  All this continued production (5G/8A in 14 games) is making me look bad!

Jonathan Toews – C (Chi):  Head, shoulders, knees and Toews is streaking right along with the Blackhawks.  That is not a coincidence…

Ryan Miller – G (Buf):  After Lucic “accidentally” ran into Miller he left the game with an undisclosed head injury (gee, what could that mean?)  Well we all know what it means and it was confirmed today: Concussion.  Pick up Enroth now (like I have) if you need a Goalie, Ryan Miller doesn’t exactly strike me as a tough guy who will be back in a few days…

David Booth – LW (Van):  2 Goals and 3 Assists in his last 4 games and is starting to see time with Ryan Kesler (when he’s not on Hodgson’s line).  I’d expect something close to a 65 point pace the rest the way. 

Okay you wild and crazies, that’s my (late) post for today.  I will have an RCL update tonight so stay tuned (or go watch some hockey and then come back after that.  Or do whatever you want, remember it’s your life…)  Enough rambling, Seacrest OUT!!

  1. barker says:

    8 team league my team in first

    i give thornton i get datsyuk

    other lw vanek eriksson semin cammalleri doan versteeg pacioretty
    other c getzlaf backstrom thorton kane hopkins crosby

  2. Neely'sKnee says:

    -I’m a Bruins fan, who regrettably didn’t fully buy into the Seguin hype. I thought he’d be good someday, but I was expecting some growing pains and more like 50 points this year. Boy, was I wrong, and I couldn’t be happier.
    Is it possible that the Bruins have permanently put their long term offensive woes behind them with the emergence of Seguin?
    -I agree with you on Dustin Brown. He’s a #2 RW, but that may be more of a statement on how shallow the RW position is.
    -The blurb on Booth seems to imply that he skates on a line with Aaron Rome (who is a defensemen). Maybe I’m missing something.

  3. Z says:

    OK, you asked for a Dustin Brown opinion. In real life, Brown is my favorite player who is not on my favorite team. He is a badass. There are a number of pictures of him with 2 black eyes…or at least 1.5 black eyes…anyway, he looks very tough. The Kings made him captain. Awesome player. Now to fantasy. Brown will rarely (not never) win or lose you a category in terms of being the dominant reason it turned out the way it did.
    However, I like H2H, and in a very close matchup heading into Sunday there is no better player to have playing than Dustin Brown. He can give u shots, blocks, PIMs, goals, assists, ppps, shps, hits, or GWGs at any given time. Its fun to have Dustin Brown on your fantasy team. Hes productive enough and fun to watch. Best of all, his yahoo rankings are always reasonable or better.

    Bottom Line: I say hes a bargain in the late…ish rounds. So reliable.

  4. Z says:

    Barker – get Datsyuk. Thats easy for me. joe has become a passer. i still see datsyuk do special things every once in a while.

    Neely – i agree – i saw seguin being very good, but i didnt think this year. DAMN I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A LATE ROUND CHANCE ON HIM….right? I have him in only one out of 4 leagues and im regretting it. i figured he would be more like JVR in Philly. it would take a few years, but a steady progression would lead to steady production. seguin has made a jump. im very impressed.

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @barker: Yeah do it.

    @Neely’sKnee: Seguin is looking every bit like a full blown franchise player.

    @Z: Wow the biggest Dustin Brown fan I’ve ever talked to..

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