If I were forced back in August to answer the question:  How can the Dallas Stars win the Pacific Division?  My first thought would be, how did this thought enter my head?  Who cares?  Then out of boredom, I would’ve answered that the Ducks team plane would have to crash into Staples Center during a Kings/Sharks game, and Michael Ryder of Dallas would score 40 Goals.  Well the former hasn’t happened, but the latter has an outside shot at happening.  I probably haven’t given Ryder enough love this year, but after his 34th and 35th Goals of the season my eyes are starting to gaze in his direction (sorry Seguin!  I still love you!)   Not that I like him more than Seguin for next year, but he has at least thrust himself into the discussion.   The problem though?  Ryder is 31 and having a career year and Seguin is 20 with his entire career ahead of him.  Meaning the former will be overrated next year and the latter is someone I want on my team next year (See Seguin, nothing to worry about.)   Now lets look at a couple headliners from yesterday’s hot hockey action.

Cory Schneider – G (Van):  With Tuuka Rask out mending his groin (maybe he loves Seguin as much as I do?) Cory Schneider takes the mantle as the best non-starter starting Goalie in the NHL.  He proved it last night with a ridiculous 43 save Shutout.  One might say he faced an……   Avalanche of shots.  Hahahahahahahahahahaha SHUTUP!

Ryan Kesler – C (Van):  I’m having a lot of mixed feelings about Kesler.  On the one hand, I like when really good fantasy players who are in their prime have down years, cuz it makes them attainable at a discount the following season.  On the other hand, I keep noticing that one hair growing from my pinkie-knuckle and it’s distracting….  And oh yeah this down year has been down a little too much for my liking.  He hasn’t scored a single point in 7 games, and hasn’t had a multi-point game since December 26.  His preseason ranking is gonna be a gigantic struggle for me next month.

Jonathan Quick – G (LA):  And Shutout #9 for Quick should just about wrap up the Western Conference Vezina…  Oh, there’s only 1 Vezina for the entire league?  OUCH

Allen York – G (CBJ):  No I don’t know who this kid is, but yes he is better than Steve Mason…

R.J. Umberger – LW (CBJ):  Mmmmmmm, Umberger….   Oh sorry it’s getting late in the day and I’m getting hungry.  Anyway, Umberger is going all Kobe Bryant and closing strong with 4 Goals and 2 Assists in his last 4 games (by the way, at what point in the sports talk vernacular did it become okay to call NBA players “closers”?  It’s annoying and I blame baseball and specifically Bud Selig).  But yeah back to this tender, juicy Umberger…mmmm….. oh sorry, still hungry.  If you need a shot in the arm in this final week you may want to go to a drive-thru with money in hand and buy an Umberger.