After the Ducks lost their 15th of 17 games Hiller lost his shizz..  Here was the exact quote after yet another loss to Minnesota on Sunday:  “It looks like we’re there but we’re not really there,” he said after the game. “We’re kind of physically there but probably mentally already in the other zone or, I don’t know, still in the dressing room. I don’t know what. To me, it looks like we get so many errors. Suddenly guys are all by themselves in the slot out of a nothing play. Two guys chasing one guy. We’re playing here in the NHL and I don’t think that should happen.”  OUCH.  In response Hiller came up huge last night against the rival Kings and Bobby Ryan woke up to score 2 Goals (including the game winner with just 48 seconds left).  It’s a good sign for the 2 most disappointing Ducks this year, especially Hiller who I’ve had many questions about lately.  So you panickers (you know who you are) don’t drop Hiller.  He is the unquestioned #1 in Anaheim and his value has nowhere to go but up.

Mathieu Garon – G (TB):  Uggghhhh.  What a horrible goalie shituation in Tampa.  Seriously if I were GM of the team I’d go out and trade for Rick DiPietro right now, that’s how bad it is.  I shook my head (from left to right, not up and down) in the preseason when I realized that the Lightning, defending Eastern Conference Finalists, were heading into this year with a tandem of Mathieu Garon and Winston Churchil……eerrrrrrrr…. Dwayne Roloson.  If you don’t want to trade for a guy, at least bring up Dustin Tokarski.  He’s only 21 (and not exactly lighting up the AHL) but at this point what do you have to lose??

Mark Streit – D (NYI):  One of my preseason busts who is doing just enough to not warrant the “bust” label.  In fact he’s even heating up with 4 Points in the Isle’s last 4 games.  What a jerk…

David Clarkson – RW (NJ):  “Who’s high-pitch?”  If you don’t know I’m not gonna tell you.  What you should know is that Clarkson is a FAGNOF All Star.  410 Penalty minutes in his last 236 Games isn’t great for a rabble-rouser, but pair that with 49 Goals on 528 Shots and you realize where the value is.

RJ Umberger – LW (CBJ):  Raymond James has been right on the fence of Waiver Wire All Star and rosterable bench guy for a couple years now.. But this year?  Oh man have the wheels come off the tracks… Even including yesterday’s Goal and Assist his season line s(h)its at: 4G/5A/2PPP/-6/79SOG.  Yuck yuck yuck…

Niklas Kronwall – D (Det):  It’s amazing that the lead general for the British Army during the Revolutionary War is still alive.  Not only that, he’s playing some pretty good hockey for the Red Wings…  Oh you mean it’s not this guy?  Nevermind then.

Taylor Pyatt – LW (Phx):  Is it just me or does this guy’s name sound like a country singer?  And based on his complete lack of ability I’d guess a female country singer…

Martin Hanzal – C (Phx):  Tallied his 14th Assist last night and I couldn’t be happier.. Hanzal survived a difficult childhood.  Both he and his sister Gretel were almost captured by a cannibalistic hag before outwitting her and escaping… Now Hanzal is enjoying a lucrative NHL career and on the right day, he could even be a decent spot start option in fantasy.

Ondrej Pavelec – G (Wpg):  And the roller coaster ride continues.  The Giant nailed down his 3rd straight Win yesterday and looked good doing it.  But like I said just 15 words ago, it’s been an up-and-down, vomit-inducing ride.  Here is that roller coaster over the last 17 games:  3W-0L, 3 Goals Allowed/0-3, 12 GA/3-0, 7GA/0-5, 17GA/2-0, 3GA.  I just threw up in my mouth…

Brendan Morrison – C (Cgy):  If you were starting this guy yesterday, you’re either in a 30 team league or you are part of the Morrison family.  4 Point games do raise an eyebrow though and when you dig a little deeper (only his 11th game of the year), and squint your eyes just right (85 Points, +36 last 2 years), you can see him waiving at you..

Jarome Iginla – C (Cgy):  2G/1A/+3/8SOG.. I’m not gonna say anything though.

Eric Staal – C (Car):  Ditto…

Olli Jokinen – C (Cgy):  I really struggle to say this because I’m on record as calling Olli a JOKE-inen, but 23% Yahoo ownership is way too low.  50+ Points and 250 Shots on Goal is his current pace.

Daniel Sedin – LW (Van):  Boom!  Hat Trick.  Yeah I think this guy is pretty good.  The two of them are pretty good actually.  They are, without question, the safest elite fantasy players in the league today.

Matt Hackett – G (Min):  And another one bites the dust.  Harding went down just 1:11 into the 1st Period and poor Buddy Hackett was thrown to the wolves.  Only he was able to beat each one to death with his “Running Man” Goalie stick.  With both Harding and Backstrom now out with injury, Hackett is a possible short term fix for your Goalie shituation…


  1. Neely'sKnee says:

    Would you drop any of these three (Shattenkirk, Jack Johnson, Pietrangelo) in favor of Kronwall?

  2. Neely'sKnee says:

    I can’t believe I’m asking this, but…Duchene or Craig Smith?

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @Neely’sKnee: As much as it pains me because I loved him in the preseason, I’d probably drop Pietrangelo for him.

    @Neely’sKnee: Wow Duchene really has fallen that far hasn’t he.. Yeah I’d probably rather have Smith.

  4. steve b says:

    general cornwallis and hanzal and gretel……that was great.

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