So Ryan Johansen finally decided to accept a reasonable offer from John Davidson and agreed to ink a 3-year deal worth 12 million. The deal is back loaded and he gets 3 million for each of the first two seasons and then 6 million in the final year of the deal. The AAV settles in at 4 million per, which is a pretty decent price tag for a guy that has point-per-game production written all over him. Word has it that he’ll be in the lineup for the Jackets’ season opener this Thursday, so if you took the risk and drafted him you should get him in your lineups right away. I’ve heard stories of foolish fools dropping Joey in various leagues giving up on him signing, and if that happened in your league, you know what to do.

Now that he’s signed the big question is just how badly this debacle will affect his production in 2015. After missing all of camp and the pre-season I’m not excited about the idea that the first action he’ll see since last year is in the regular season. The pre-season means little in terms of what a player will do when it counts, but they still need the reps with their team to generate chemistry and to get into game shape for opening night, so it’s entirely possible that it’s going to take Joey a few weeks to get fully up to speed. Not only that, but he’s returning with rust to shake off without one of his most common line mates from last season, Boone Jenner, who had surgery on his injured wrist a few weeks ago and is expected back in November. Nathan Horton was supposed to play on the other wing and make up what looked like a very promising top line for Columbus, but he has a degenerative condition with his back and he’s basically done for the season and his career may be in jeopardy. To be honest, that’s not a big deal for anyone other than Horton because frankly he wasn’t that valuable, so meh. On the bright side the Jackets re-added Jack Skille today after claiming him off waivers. Who the hell is Jack Skille? He’s the other guy that Joey spent nearly 25% of his time with last season, so there is going to be at least some familiarity there, and that should help some.

Regardless of whom he plays with Johansen is the top line center for the Jackets and he should put up 60 points by season’s end. If he stayed up on his conditioning, he could hit the 70 point mark that I expected him to before this whole debacle, but that remains to be seen. If nothing else, he’s still a top 100 player and an absolute must own.

  1. goodfold2 says:

    thank god Johansen got this done, as i expected him to. good draft yesterday. the way that goalie hoarding usually works out is either
    1. the hoarder gets really good trade value on less than great goalies
    2. gets extremely good value on his actually good goalies and has to actually use some of the lesser ones as starters.
    3. his surplus takes away from most other owners, but even more so from his team having 0 depth at every other position.

    • JD

      JD says:

      @goodfold2: Yeah, it was a good draft save that one blip. I’m not really sure what harry was thinking with that strategy, but he doesn’t seem to be intent on trading any of them, anyway. Only time will tell if it’s 1, 2, 3 or none of the above! Looking back, I kind of wish I took Ovi with the first pick…

      • goodfold2 says:

        @JD: i’m pretty sure 1-3 encompass all of the possible outcomes of that, unless somehow only half of #3 occurs (and the rest of us all do ok with goalies, but there are some other teams that clearly need to stream more than others to keep up). Nah, you’re better off with Sid, other than hits, and a shot advantage for Ovi, Sid is gonna do everything else better (SHP/plus minus/overall pts/ and the biggest one faceoffs). Hits are easier to make up with D streaming than faceoffs are due to the worst guys that get faceoffs are a lot more useless in your lineup than the worst hit heavy D guys are compared to your worst defensemen. Unless you are that worried about Sid getting hurt more likely than Ovi, in which case that would suck.

        • Sixty-Eight says:

          @goodfold2: I took that he’s thinking skaters play 82, if healthy, while goalies max out 60ish. So, if he can grab a bunch of backups cheap, he can “stream” them. Otherwise, his bench skaters just sit there. If you could draft skaters for fifteen rounds and then load up on seven solid back ups it could give you an two round advantage in skaters. But he still took goalies in rounds 5 and 6.

          I would have taken Sid first, but would likely have felt the same regret, so Ovi second was nice. We’re not counting SHP or face offs. By last year’s numbers, Sid has a huge advantage in +/- and assists, Ovi in shots, hits and goals (although goals by only 15) and they were dead even in the other three categories. RW, to me, isn’t as deep as people seem to think. Late in the draft, useful LW and C seem much easier to come by. It’s just that Sid seems capable of going off for a much bigger points year, if the stars align, while hits can be had late. So, pretty close and I’m glad I have one of them.

          • goodfold2 says:

            @Sixty-Eight: for some reason i thought we had faceoffs. we don’t. . it’s be almost impossible to actually find a needed time to use that many goalies, plus a good deal of them simply aren’t streamable, such as reimer/budaj. Even if those 2 were starters you would be better off not using them (ask any Pavelec owner from last year about how there was often at least 2 goalies per day on waivers he’d have been better off using). Neuvirth could have trade value if he starts, Greiss certainly is a streamable guy, and would have very good trade value if Fleury got injured. The real trouble doesn’t begin until one of his players gets hurt, then he’s left with only streamable players, as starters. It’s just like the guy who drafts 4 QB’s in fantasy football (it actually could work if somebody freaks out if Fleury gets hurt and somebody overpays, or something of that nature). I’ve seen it many times. 15 goals is a lot more goals, but his hits lead over Sid is huge (of course 40 assist lead for Sid is bigger)

            • goodfold2 says:

              @goodfold2: i do agree though that 4 goalies in this amount of games played is probably optimal (even if 2 of those are medium type backups, like the 1 i have), but i should’ve realized that during the draft that someone was hoarding (which i didn’t), i figured there would be at least a few decent streamers, which there now aren’t. i only saw at the end that most goalies drafted after a certain point were all the same owner. only having 3, and one of them being Andersen (not a full starter), i’m probably gonna be about 25 or so starts short.

              • Sixty-Eight says:

                @goodfold2: I didn’t say I thought it was a great idea but I think that’s what he’s thinking. I planned on grabbing a couple decent back ups to get to 164 but every guy I wanted went earlier than I expected so I grabbed Raanta. I have Pavelec in a H2H keeper league. He was all that was left for a second goalie. Last pick of the draft but I need 3 starts per week. Fingers crossed.

              • JD

                JD says:

                I’m in the same boat re: coming up short on games. I have Bishop, Stalock and Talbot. Bishop should get 60-65 starts, Stalock may get as many 40 but you really can’t count on much more than that. Talbot? Probably 20-25 starts. So I could definitely use a 4th goalie, even a backup.

  2. J says:

    Hey JD,

    Joined a friends league without knowing much of anything about hockey (let alone fantasy hockey).
    Was hoping you could give me some pointers. Razzball mlb really helped me out this year.

    10 Team H2H
    (G A +/- PIM PPP SOG) (W GAA SV% SHO)
    (C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, D, D, D, D, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR)

    John Tavares (NYI – C)
    Zach Parise (Min – LW)
    Matt Duchene (Col – C,LW)
    Pavel Datsyuk (Det – C,LW)
    Martin St. Louis (NYR – RW)
    Kyle Okposo (NYI – RW)
    Kyle Turris (Ott – C)
    Radim Vrbata (Van – RW)

    Kris Letang (Pit – D)
    Kevin Shattenkirk (StL – D)
    Tyson Barrie (Col – D)
    Brent Seabrook (Chi – D)
    Dougie Hamilton (Bos – D)

    Henrik Lundqvist (NYR – G)
    Braden Holtby (Was – G)
    John Gibson (Anh – G)

    a) Any general thoughts or suggestions?
    b) Should I drop a defender for another wing?
    If so, I’m looking at:
    Doan, Craig Smith, FForsberg, Coyle, Tanguay (for people with RW and dual eligibility)
    JWilliams, Tasarenko, Filppula, B Schenn, Huberdeau, Galchenyuk (Other)

    • JD

      JD says:

      @J: Welcome to the wonderful world o’ fantasy pucks! We’re happy to have you.

      a) For your first team you did a solid job here. Duchene and Tavares are both point-per-game guys or better so that’s your core. It’s a bit dangerous to have Okie an JT on the same team, but given how good both of them are you should be okay. Dats is hurt and he’s going to get hurt again, so prepare to deal with injury time with him. When he’s healthy he’ll tantalize you with his talent, then get hurt again. Enjoy the rollercoaster! Vrbata has a ton of upside, so watch out for a good season from him. Solid goaltending, too. 10 teams is a bit shallow, so it’s hard to say, but overall you have a good core here.

      b) In H2H you might as well drop that 5th dman, and I’d rank yours as follows; Letang, Shats, Barrie, Hambone, Seabrook. Seabrook has more value in leagues that count blocks and hits, his general points are going to be decent, mid-30s most likely. I’d drop him for Filppula or Tarasenko. If it was a keeper, Tarasenko all the way, but in redraft leagues Flip most likely ends the year the more valuable player.

      • J says:

        @JD: Thanks alot!

        Looks like I can grab Filppula and tarasenko for now (with Datsyuk on IR)
        Do you like Josi over the remaining Seabrook/Dougie?

        • JD

          JD says:

          Ha, yeah. You can always count on Dats to free up space on your roster with an IR trip!

          Yes to Josi over both Hambone and Seabiscuit.

  3. Hello JD. Just seeing that Cory Conacher is projected to open the regular season on the Islanders’ top line with John Tavares and Kyle Okposo with Brock Nelson between Mikhail Grabovski and Ryan Strome on the 2nd line. I know Coacher is a smaller player, but quick. He’s shown flashes, but can he stay there for most of the season? Should I considerer adding him and dropping my last pick, Lupul. They both play LW, so no problem there. If only Lupul could stay on the ice. He is a gifted winger, but he is injured often. If he could stay healthy (IF) he could average a point per game. Should I consider this move? Looking forward to having you being here on Razzball all season. Your advice helped me to win our league last year, but don’t ask me to share the $$$. Haha. Nothing beets seeing that trophy on the mantle every day…

    • JD

      JD says:

      @madden_curser: Happy to have helped you to a title last year, mate! Congrats!

      As for the Lupul/Conacher question, I’d say Lupul has a far better chance of producing than Conacher. Just because a guy opens the year on a line doesn’t mean he’ll stay there. I have a feeling that open slot next to Okie and JT is going to be a revolving door for at least the first month or two unless someone really gels with them, and I doubt that’s Conacher. He has definitely showed some scoring chops, but hasn’t done much since his first 30 some games in the NHL. He COULD do well, but I wouldn’t go pulling the trigger on this move just yet.

      • @JD: That’s what I thought. Not in love w/Conacher. That doesn’t rule out Ryan Strome, Josh Bailey or Michael Grabner from getting a shot. If you have to pick one, it’s Lee. But don’t put too much stock into this yet. I would love to see Strome go to wing and skate with them.

    • goodfold2 says:

      @madden_curser: if this is true i’m grabbing conacher everywhere, but not over lupul, till he gets hurt anyway. i thought that was grabner’s spot. i’m hoping it’s the DERS though.

      • JD

        JD says:

        I really think that slot is going to be open to a lot of different guys to start the year, and maybe even all year. JT and Okie are locked in together no matter what, but otherwise there’s so much youth that the Isles are trying to develop at the NHL level now, there’s no telling who settles in on that top line yet. Conarcher, even on that line, is not a must own by any means.

  4. JD, I drafed Bryan Little, but it now seems maybe Scheifele snatched the No. 1 center’s role away from him?! Word out is that that coach Maurice intends to skate Scheifele on a line with top winger Blake Wheeler. Does Scheifele, 21, have the makings of a 70-point center in the big leagues? Did I draft he wrong guy? Scheifele is still available. so I could make that swap. What’s you take Mr. Jeff Hanson?!

    • JD

      JD says:

      Yes indeed Scheifele is going to be the top line center on Wheels’ line. They showed some good chemistry last season and Scheifele is a solid sleeper this year. Little will likely play with Evander Kane on the second line, which isn’t a horrible place to be either. Don’t drop Little, he’s likely to out produce Scheifele, if only by a few points, and if Scheifele doesn’t start out well with Wheels he could very well lose that slot to Little in pretty short order, so sit tight for now but monitor the situation closely.

      • Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

        @JD: that’s probably better for us Ladd owners as well.

  5. ertzy says:


    keeper league trade

    i give up stamkos and get getzlaf and lucic

    Goals (G), Assists (A), Plus/Minus (+/-), Powerplay Points (PPP), Shots on Goal (SOG), Hits (HIT)

    • JD

      JD says:

      Oof, now that’s a tough call. My first reaction is “…trade Stamoks?! NEVA!!” but then Hits is a category and Lucic hits everything that moves. Honestly, if the rest of your roster can handle the loss of 50 goals this is probably a deal worth taking. Getz is due to regress a bit, but he’s still going to be elite and combined you’ll get more out of both Getz/Lucic than you would from just Stamkos. That said, it takes two guys to match Stamkos’ overall production, so… why not post the rest of your roster so I get a better idea of what the makeup of your team would be now and after the deal…

  6. goodfold2 says:

    why did you draft sobotka in that league? (it could’ve been autopick), isn’t that dude locked up in KHL for this year? I know STL has his rights when he comes back (if he comes back).

    • goodfold2 says:

      @goodfold2: nevermind, i see you waivered a replacement.

      • JD

        JD says:

        My last pick, the last of the draft, came just as you noticed and we started discussing the goalie hoarder. Before I knew it there was 2 seconds on the clock and I couldn’t move quickly enough, so Yahoo grabbed Sobo for me. If only he didn’t sign in the KHL, that’d been a sweet last pick in a league like that.

        • goodfold2 says:

          @JD: i’ll str up guarantee he would not have been there if he was playing in the NHL, at least since i’ve had grabbed him by then. i lost him in my 16 teamer this year.

  7. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    got room for one more stash, and already have pouliot/g.reinhart at D, so it’ll probably be a forward. this lineup in dynasty with pretty much all categories. deep league.
    crosby/turris/sutter/backlund (CGY)
    b.bennett (IR)
    mantha (NA)
    since so many of my LW qualify at RW, but not the other way around (plus already having top RW stash mantha) i’m guessing LW is best option, but don’t want to pass up best player if possible.
    options are fiala/perlini/jaskin/fabbri/vrana/milano/trocheck/rakell

  8. JSF says:

    Hey JD,

    Just finished an inaugural keeper league draft last night and am pretty stoked at what I ended up with. It’s a 10-team Rotisserie league that counts G, A, P, +/-, PIMs, HITs, PPP, SOG and W, SV, GAA, SV%. No maximum on games played but a 50-transaction maximum (not including trades).

    C – Stamkos
    C – Mackinnon
    C – Turris
    LW – Hall
    LW – E. Kane
    LW – Drouin
    RW – Simmonds
    RW – Johansen
    RW – Vrbata
    D – Subban
    D – Ekman-Larsson
    D – Phaneuf
    D – Streit
    UTIL – Dubinsky
    UTIL – Galchenyuk
    Bench – Roussel
    Bench – Barkov
    Bench – Niederreiter
    G – Schneider
    G – Halak
    Bench – Gibson

    Feeling pretty good about this team. Not sure yet how many we will keep. Probably 8 or 9 players.

    Do you see any areas that I should focus on improving through trade?

    • JD

      JD says:

      Honestly, don’t go trying to fix what isn’t broken. This is a good team for your league, the only move you want to make is to slot Drouin in on IR and replace him with someone on the wire, otherwise hold tight and see what this team can do for you to start the season. A key to winning in any fantasy sports is to be patient, never make a move just to make a move. Nice draft!

  9. Big W says:

    Greetings JD!

    We finally drafted last night. I ended up with 1st overall. First time ever for any fantasy sport! Anyway, I was actually upset, because I was forced to take Crosby…BUT, I guess I can’t really complain about that!

    They changed the stats this year and added a bunch more on offense. So now we have 9 stats on offense and 4 on Goalie…

    Offense: G, A, PPP, +/-, HIT, BLK, PIM, SOG, FW,
    Goalie: W, GAA, SV%, SHO

    Here’s the squad in order they were drafted… 12 teamer H2H Yahoo!:

    1. (1) Sidney Crosby (Pit – C)
    2. (24) Taylor Hall (Edm – C,LW)
    3. (25) Chris Kunitz (Pit – LW)
    4. (48) Brian Elliott (StL – G)
    5. (49) Kyle Okposo (NYI – RW)
    6. (72) Blake Wheeler (Wpg – RW)
    7. (73) Evander Kane (Wpg – LW)
    8. (96) Jaroslav Halak (NYI – G)
    9. (97) Ryan McDonagh (NYR – D)
    10. (120) Nazem Kadri (Tor – C)
    11. (121) Jordan Eberle (Edm – RW)
    12. (144) Johnny Boychuk (NYI – D)
    13. (145) Roman Josi (Nsh – D)
    14. (168) Brenden Dillon (Dal – D)
    15. (169) Robin Lehner (Ott – G) – BENCH PLAYERS FROM THIS POINT DOWN
    16. (192) Tomas Plekanec (Mon – C)
    17. (193) Mats Zuccarello (NYR – LW)
    18. (216) Troy Brouwer (Was – RW)

    What do you think? Any recommendations? I was thinking maybe play Plekanec more than Kadri for increase Faceoff wins… I know you don’t like Kane all that much, but I’ve been all in on him for a while. He’s basically on my team every year. I just couldn’t stand it if someone else drafted him and he put together an entire healthy season for someone else when I was the one who suffered with him year after year…

    What say you JD?

    Thanks in advance!

    • JD

      JD says:

      @Big W: I like Kane! Don’t you go spreading around vicious rumours that I don’t like the guy, I think he’s got a ton of talent and is valuable in the right leagues. I’m frustrated with Kane, because if he can stay healthy he can be an awesome 30 goal, 100 PIM, hits machine, but he always gets hurt.

      As for the squad, first… Hall at 24th overall? That’s a steal, enjoy that. Beyond Hall what jumps out at me is that you ended up with a few guys from the same teams, and when that happens you can get into feast or famine and that’s dangerous in H2H. Luckily you have serious talent to offset that possibility, but it’s still a danger. I like to diversify and not end up with too many guys from any given team. That said, I drafted Spezza, Nichushkin and Garbutt in a league recently, so it happens. Your goalies are a biiiit weak, but not too bad. I don’t think Elliot is going to start 60+ games, I think he’ll end up splitting time with Allen in a 1A/1B situation for at least part of the season, likely in the second half as he tires. He could surprise me, but there’s no track record for him in that territory, so it remains to be seen. All in all a decent team, but there are a few concerns here. Nothing that can’t be solved with a watchful eye on the wire and some smart streaming…

  10. Big W says:

    Thanks Jd! Some good points there… I see what you’re saying with the Winnipeg duo, but i’ll take my chances with the penguins duo… I see lots of good nights with syd and kun playing off eachother…. People were taking goalies super early in this draft, but with only 4 stats vs 9 for the skaters, i just couldn’t use a first or second rounder on one of the better ones… We’ll see how she goes!!!

    Thanks again!

    • JD

      JD says:

      @Big W: Yeah you’re more than fine with Sid/Kunitz, but there will be days when they both put up 0s and your Winnepeg duo may follow suit. When that happens you’ll feel it. This isn’t that big a deal in roto, but in H2H it can be a killer if those goose egg days hit at the wrong time.

  11. Troy: The Collector

    troy says:

    Just in time to ugh… Johanson being back will lessen the blow of dubinsky being out for a extended period of time… ugh anyway what r your thoughts on nichushkin? I’m in love with these guy this year. Specially in my league which only counts goals and assists. I think he will be on a top 2 line all season long and has a legit chance to explode if that’s the case. What are your thoughts?

    • JD

      JD says:

      @troy: Nuke is a beast and he’s going to be great, but it may take him another season to really push forward to the next level. I think he’s going to finish with around 50 points, 20+ goals and generally be a solid contributor across the board in fantasy. Right now he’s slated to skate with Benn and Seguin on the top line and should thrive. Unless he really bombs, which I highly doubt, worst case scenario is he plays with Hemsky and Spezza on the second line. Worst, worst case scenario is Spezza/Hemsky are both out hurt and Nuke is left on the second line basically alone. That would suck.

      • Troy: The Collector

        troy says:

        @JD: i took him over evander kane because i love the upside but maybe that was a mistake… i dont have bench spots or ir spots so kanes injury history worries me in my type of league where transactions cost money as well. points only league

        • JD

          JD says:

          @troy: Yeeeah, I’d have gone with Kane. He’s going to be on that Scheif/Wheels line and he has a ton of upside. That said, Kane carries a lot of injury risk and frankly, I’m getting impatient with him. He has all the promise of being as good and as valuable as Simmonds or Lucic, but he doesn’t stay healthy. This is my make or break year with him, but I’m still a fan.

  12. Veritas says:

    Hello JD,
    I have been reading your blog religiously since last season and I have learned a lot ever since; however, I feel like I may have drafted incorrectly. I would appreciate any input regarding my team and how to improve it Especially if there is a guy not worth my time..
    12 team Yahoo H2H league. Categories: (Offense) G,A,P,+/-,PIM,PPP,GWG,SOG (Goalies) W,GAA,SV,SV%
    Roster positions: C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, D, D, D, D, Util, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR+, IR+

    Round Pick Player Position
    1. (9) Tuukka Rask G
    2. (16) Jamie Benn LW
    3. (33) Chris Kunitz LW
    4. (40) Zach Parise LW
    5. (57) Pavel Datsyuk C,LW
    6. (64) Mike Smith G
    7. (81) Joe Thornton C
    8. (88) Blake Wheeler RW
    9. (105) Kyle Okposo RW
    10. (112) Mike Green D
    11. (129) Christian Ehrhoff D
    12. (136) Dion Phaneuf D
    13. (153) Mark Streit D
    14. (160) Jonathan Drouin LW
    15. (177) Derek Stepan C
    16. (184) Robin Lehner G
    17. (201) Patrik Elias C,LW

    Datsyuk and Drouin are in IR+, while Stepan is on IR. In order to fill up my roster I acquired Tyler Bozak C, Cody Hodgson C,RW, and Alex Stalock G, I am tempted by Granlund, Scheifele, and Boedker but I don’t see how they could fit my team (drop Bozak?), or if they are a good idea.

    The Free Agency still has players like Mike Ribeiro, P.A. Parenteau, Nick Bonino, Andrew Shaw, Johnny Graudreau, Sean Monahan, Jiri Hudler, Antoine Roussel, Cam Atkinson, Matt Read, Eric Gelinas, Reilly Smith, Mark Scheifele, Mikael Granlund, Antoine Vermette, David Legwand, Mikkel Boedker, Jordan Staal, Jori Lehtera, Tanner Pearson, Elias Lindholm, Nikita kucherov, Charlie Coyle, Patrick Maroon, Frans Nielsen, Andrej Sekera, Brendan Smith

    Any suggestions are appreciated .

    • JD

      JD says:

      @Veritas: Drouin is actually practicing in a regular jersey today. It bodes well for an earlier return than expected. Either way, he’s not going to be out very long so you’ll have to prepare to make room for him. That said… Keep Stalock, drop Hodgson for Boedker and drop Lehner for Granlund. Stalock could very well be the no. 1 for the Sharks by December, it’s a 1A/1B situation to start the season in any case. Lehner still has a lot to prove. Boedker is good for 50-60 points, so is Granlund.

      It’s a pretty solid team, but going after Tuukka early isn’t my style. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a mistake, but I wouldn’t advise taking any goalies in the first round. I almost always go with two elite forwards for my first two picks, then usually nab a goalie in the 3rd or 4th round. You’d be surprised how many cheap goalies end up being really good every season. For example, you just picked up Stalock for nada and many signs point to him being a beast this year.

  13. Will says:

    Hey JD,

    In a points H2H Dynasty league with my friends, and I’m thinking about rebuilding and making a go at it in 2016. I’ve got Ovie, but I’m inclined t trade him for younger assets.

    Another owner wants Ovie and originally offered me Corey Crawford and Okposo, and I’ve counteroffered with Ovie+Statsny for his McKinnon/Bishop. He’s pretty high on McKinnon, but his team is ready to win the championship this year. Is that offer enough? I’m willing to upgrade Statsny to Johansen or Evander Kane (or even throw one of them with Ovie and Statsny). Is that justifiable?

    Alternatively, I could just gun for McKinnon. Would it be ridiculous if I asked for McKinnon and another piece (be it a pick or a still unproven prospect) for Ovie be legit?


    • JD

      JD says:

      @Will: Do you need an elite goalie badly? What’s your roster like? League scoring and such would be great too. It sounds like you are gunning for a goalie, but I’m not sure whether trading away Ovi makes sense for you or not. He isn’t going to degrade much very soon, he’ll still be elite for at least a few more years…

  14. Kandeepan. says:

    I am in a 17 team roto league. See roster size and scoring cat below.

    Roster Positions: C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, D, D, D, D, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR
    Forwards/Defensemen Stat Categories: Goals (G), Assists (A), Plus/Minus (+/-), Penalty Minutes (PIM), Powerplay Points (PPP), Shots on Goal (SOG), Faceoffs Won (FW), Hits (HIT)
    Goaltenders Stat Categories: Wins (W), Goals Against Average (GAA), Saves (SV), Save Percentage (SV%), Shutouts (SHO)

    My team is as follows:
    Centers – N. Backstom, Derek Stephan/ brassard
    LW – partrick sharpe, clarke macArthur
    RW – Phil Kessel, Alex Tanguay
    D – Oliver E. Larson, V. Hedman, K. Shattenkirk, Jake Muzzin
    Bench – Shane Doan, J. Silfverberg, Eric Gelinas

    G – Jimmy Howard, O Pavelec, B. Scurrivens, Martin Jones

    What do u think? I think I am screwed in Goal and the waiver wire is picked clean already – except for Ray Emery..

  15. farcus says:

    Drafted a team you helped me with keepers on last night. I’ve played fantasy sports for a long time but I know next to nothing about hockey. I was targeting Allen and Stalock for goalies, but they both got snagged just ahead of me so I kind of scrambled. I’m also a little worried about my LWs at this point, at least while Datsyuk is out (Tatar and Boedker are guys I’m considering). Anyway, let me know what you think:

    H2H 14 teams – Skaters: G A +/- PIM PPP Goalies: W GAA SV% SHO

    C – Nicklas Backstrom Was – C
    C – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Edm – C
    LW – Zach Parise Min – LW
    LW – Alex Galchenyuk Mon – C,LW
    RW – Evgeni Malkin Pit – C,RW
    RW – Vladimir Tarasenko StL – RW
    D – Ryan McDonagh NYR – D
    D – Mark Streit Phi – D
    D – Roman Josi Nsh – D
    D – Slava Voynov LA – D
    Util – Sean Monahan Cgy – C
    Util – Mikael Granlund Min – C
    B -Nikita Kucherov TB – RW
    B – Aleksander Barkov Fla – C
    IR – Pavel Datsyuk Det – C,LW

    Ben Scrivens Edm – G
    Antti Niemi SJ – G 
    B – Chad Johnson NYI – G
    B – Evgeni Nabokov TB – G

    Thanks JD.

    • farcus says:

      @farcus: whoops, GWG is a category for skaters as well. sorry.

  16. Mack says:

    In a H2H points based fantasy league with all the guys I’m at school with for 20 bones each. Just wondering if you can give me any insight on what players to be cautious with?

    Stats: G (5) A (4) +/- PIM PPG SOG, W (5) L (-1) GA SV (0.5)


    D. Sedin
    Johansen (nobody thought he would sign so I took the risk, paid off)
    M. Granlund




    Anderson (Drop for Ben Scrivens?)

    Thanks JD

  17. Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

    10 team league H2H all yahoo stats except faceoffs and shots. 2 each of forward positions, 3 only Def, 1 util, 5 benches. 2 goalies per day. 6 total keepers, these are obvious, crosby/hall/couture, but which 3 of these pietrangelo/giordano/eberle/hartnell/dubinsky/moulson/okposo/franson/perrault/zuccarello/kkhudobin? i’m thinking at least one of pietro/giordano and at least 1 or 2 of zuccarello/okposo/eberle

  18. OneI'dWilly says:

    Thanks again for the keeper help, I think it put me in a good place for my draft. After my 1st ever hockey draft my team looks like this:
    C: Getzlaf, E Staal, B Schenn
    LW: J Benn, T Hall, L Eriksson
    RW: M Gaborik, Byfuglien, Nichushkin
    D: D Doughty, R Mc Donagh, M Giordano, K Seabrook, J Faulk
    G: C Schnieder, R Luongo, S Mason
    Skate categories: SOG, G, A, +/-, PIM
    Goalie categories: GAA, S, SO, W, S%
    Start 2 each of the forwards, 4 D and 1 G

    1) How’d I do? 2) Any areas you would target for improvement through WW or trade? 3) I’m taking up 1/3 of my bench with goalies, but with that 1 position getting equal categories to scoring, I want to be able to max GS for my G position. Is this a good strategy?


    • OneI'dWilly says:

      @OneI’dWilly: 1st waiver priority available guys are: Andrew Ladd, Wpg LW
      Matt Moulson, Buf LW
      P.A. Parenteau, Mon RW
      Cody Hodgson, Buf C
      Kevin Bieksa, Van D
      Troy Brouwer, Wsh RW
      Alex Tanguay, Col LW
      Teddy Purcell, Edm RW
      Mikhail Grabovski, NYI C

    • JD

      JD says:

      1) Well! This is a solid squad for your league. Love the core of Getz, Hall, Benn, Schnieder, that’s beast.
      2) From the list you posted no. Maybe Ladd, but I don’t see anyone you should drop him for right now. Maybe Brayden Schenn if I had to choose, he’s more valuable in hits leagues.
      3) Since you can only start one goalie two was probably enough, but having three starters never hurts. I imagine you’ll be riding Schnieder for most of the season in any case. If you run into injury problems and need the space, consider trading a goalie rather than dropping one.

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