Mike Ribiero went rib eye yesterday and sniped 2 Goals to give him a whopping 8 this year.  What sucks is that I was particularly high on this guy in the preseason.  My thinking was that with the loss of Brad Richards, Ribiero would increase production on a Chinese-manufacturing pace.  Instead he’s on the same stagnant U.S. manufacturing pace he’s been on for the last 2 years.  I had visions of him repeating 3 and 4 years ago when he averaged 80+ Points.  “Oh I believe,,,,,,,,,, in yesterday….. Yesterday.”  Now onto the rest of the night in the NHL…

Loui Eriksson – LW/RW (Dal):  Louie-Louie has been relatively quiet on this blog so far.  And it’s because he’s doing exactly what was expected of him.  70-75 Points is where he’ll end up (barring injury).  And I reckon that’s right in line with his ADP…

Tuuka Rask – G (Bos):  We all know the story here.  Rask got yet another Shutout yesterday and is probably a Top 10 Goalie in the NHL right now.  But because Tim ‘the jerk’ Thomas keeps staying healthy Rask is left with 1 start a week (maybe).

Benoit Pouliot – LW (Bos):  I have zero faith in Ben-oit staying healthy, but with the way Boston is playing right now he makes a great short term add.  Just don’t forget prior to last season, he’d averaged just 30 Games played over 3 years…

Nathan Horton – RW (Bos):  Yeah yeah I know it’s Boston heavy so far, but when you win 9-0 it kinda comes with the territory.  Horton was a sleeper that I gave up on back in November.  But in reality, I probably had my hopes set too high.  Horton has actually had a nice season (as evidenced by his 11th and 12th Goals yesterday) and momentum is building for Horton being named a fantasy “asset”…

Chris Butler –  D (Cgy):  Okay this guy is never going to be mentioned again, but it’s frigging impossible to ignore a -7 in one game.  MINUS SEVEN.  You or I could do better and neither one of us can ice-skate…

Toronto Maple Leafs – YAAAAYYYY!  You’re back in the Top 8 in the Eastern Conference!  Seriously media, that headline means less than nothing at this point of the season.  I swear the similarities between this franchise and the Dallas Cowboys are uncanny.  Tons of media coverage despite the fact that they’ve done nothing in well over a DECADE…

Marian Gaborik – RW (NYR):  Gaborik really is having a good season isn’t he?  Hmmm, coulda sworn he’s been garbage…  He’s on pace for 47 Goals?  Okay then…

James van Riemsdyk – LW (Phi):  Despite the 2 Goals JVR is still an unreliable fantasy option.  The Flyers only give him 12-14 mintues a game and nobody can be consistent with that kinda playing time.   But still he’s only 22, his time will come.

Drew Doughty – D (LA):  If you score the lone Goal in another 10 games, you miiiiight be worth your salary  (even though you’re above-average defensively.)  As far as fantasy goes though, you already be a BUST.  I’d be shocked if you get to 40 Points…

Jonathan Quick – G (LA):  I dare you to find a more worthy Vezina candidate than JQ:  18W/.933SV%/1.95GAA/6SO.  All that in front of the lowest scoring offense in the Western Conference.  “But the Kings have the warrior mindset on D!  They bring the mad-def energy!”   Or whatever… I still don’t think he’ll win it, even if he keeps this up.  EAST COAST BIAS!

Jason Demers – D (SJ):  Is heating up with 3 Assists in the last 2 games.  He should be available in most leagues so if you need D help, and you aren’t deathly afraid of Sharks, then cross your fingers and pick him up…

Thomas Greiss – G (SJ):  Easily one of the Top 5 backup Goalies in the league this year, and in 12+ team leagues that has value.  He proved it again last night with a W on just 1 Goal allowed.  I generally don’t advocate handcuffing Goalies, but in cases like this (Rask/Biron are other examples) handcuffing is necessary unless you literally have no bench spots…

Carlo Colaiacovo – D (Stl):  Yeah I’m pretty sure I got that right.  In fact I know I did unless NHL.com has it wrong.  I’d say that, pound-for-pound, Carlo Colaiacovo has the best name in the NHL.  And he’s a serviceable #4 Defenseman to boot…

Taylor Hall – LW (Edm):  I feel like this is the calm before the storm for Hall.  It’s easy to forget that he’s still just 20 years old and he’s suddenly got uber-talented teammates.  I won’t go crazy and predict a 100 point season one day, but he’ll get close.  For this year, expect somewhere between 70-75 and consider anything else gravy…

Daniel Alfredsson – RW (Ott):  Apparantly this old dawg is sittin on alot of Waiver Wires right now.  Not sure why, he’s still capable of games like yesterday (1G/2A/+3).

Shea Weber – D (Nsh):  And last but not least, Shea Weber returned after missing just 4 games with a Concu…  concussssss…..  concussioooooo….   sorry I can’t say it, but we all know what I’m talking about.  He did nothing in the game offensively, but he played over 25 minutes which is the most important thing..  Thank Fonzi fantasy hockey hasn’t lost another star for months on end…


  1. Neely'sKnee says:

    Mike Richards or Krejci?
    Coming into the year, I would have gone with Richards…but the Kings are terrible, and the Bruins are dominating.

  2. Navi says:

    i’m thinking that at this point Horton is a 50-55 point guy with 25-25 g/a low +/- 85-90 pims to go with decent PPP with room for upside. if he ever finds a heart he can take it up to the next level. he is actually in line for a “career” year. lol

  3. Neely'sKnee says:

    I agree that Horton should be better than he is, but to say that he needs to find a heart is off base.
    Horton scored the game winner in two Game 7’s, making him the first player ever to do so in a playoff run.

  4. Neely'sKnee says:

    @Neely’sKnee: Correction, the Kings are not terrible. They’re just not on the Bruins’ level.

  5. bauerspeed17 says:

    Finally Loui gets some love.

  6. DC

    DC says:

    @Neely’sKnee: It’s a close call but you’re right I think Krejci might have the edge at this point.

    @Navi: Yeah he is isn’t he?

    @bauerspeed17: He’s just so unspectacularly good I forget about him…

  7. ben_smith says:

    I don’t understand when you think one should handcuff goalies. Why do you think a handcuff for Biron is necessary when Lundqvist is the King in NY?

    I’m asking this only because Biron and Greiss are on my waiver wire and though I have neither Lunqvist or Niemi, I’m wondering if they are worth a pickup.

  8. DC

    DC says:

    @ben_smith: He is the King of NY but even king’s get injuries.. And no Biron and Greiss should be on your team only if you have Lundqvist or Niemi…. Just spot start those guys when you know there is a Back to back.

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