Several teams made big jumps in the standings this week, with the  Toronto Make Beliefs (RCL 1) leading the way, scoring a perfect 22  points. True North Puck Co. (RCL 1) and Laraque Bottom (The CHeap Seats) each picked up 21 points, while Razzmatazz (RCL 1), Shiska (Bobby Hull  Division), and Detroit Rust Rats (Bobby Hull Division) all scored 20.
Here are the leaders in each category for the week, with the average in brackets:
15 Goals (8):  True North Puck Co. (RCL 1)24 Assists (15): True North Puck Co. (RCL 1)18+/- (0): KyHabs (The CHeap Seats)46 PIM (21): Razzmatazz (RCL 1)12 PPP (6): Optimus Reim (The CHeap Seats)141 SOG (85): GoPuckYour….. (Bobby Hull Division)6 Goalie Wins (3): Laraque Bottom (TCS), Rochester Americans (BHD)1.20 GAA (2.26): Gator’s Bitches (RazzPuckBunnies)274 Saves (142): Rochester Americans (BHD).955 Save % (.921):  Gator’s Bitches (RazzPuckBunnies)2 Shutouts (0): 5 teams
RCL 1 W-L-T Pts
1. Jolly Razzers 86-53-15 187
2. Toronto Make Beliefs 85-62-7 177
3. Puck The Folice 81-61-12 174
4. True North Puck Co. 80-60-14 174
5. Razzmatazz 81-63-10 172
6. Zak Dream Team 78-67-9 165
7. Feeding Frenzy 72-71-11 155
8. the barbershop 67-74-13 147
9. Motorboaters 60-81-13 133
10. SnepstsMustacheRides 59-88-7 125
11. Pominville NY 56-85-13 125
12. Rocky Mountain Thigh 52-92-10 114
A crazy week produced a major shakeup in RCL 1. The Toronto Make  Beliefs trounced league-leader Puck The Folice 11-0, dropping PTF all  the way down to 3rd place. The Jolly Razzers retook top spot with an 8-2 shellacking of Feeding Frenzy, with the Make Beliefs moving into 2nd.
Puck The Folice failed to meet the minimum goalie requirements as  Niklas Backstrom sat out with illness. They were also hurt by Henrik  Zetterberg’s -4 week with no points. The Make Beliefs were paced by  Steven Stamkos (2G/3A/4 PIM/11 SOG) and Marc-Andre Fleury (2 wins/1.93  GAA). Steve Downie added 11 penalty minutes.
There were also a couple more blowouts. True North Puck Co. shut out  the Motorboaters 10-0 as Penguins Evgeni Malkin and James Neal combined  for 8 goals on 39 shots. Pekka Rinne and Jaroslav Halak provided top  goaltending numbers. Razzmatazz humbled Rocky Mountain Thigh 10-1 as  Jonathan Toews continued his great season, scoring twice and adding 3  assists.
In other games, the barbershop downed Zak Dream Team 7-4 and Pominville NY defeated SnepstsMustacheRides 7-3.
The CHeap Seats W-L-T Pts
1. Decepticon Dominance 102-40-12 216
2. Parenteau Guidance 86-56-12 184
3. KyHabs 78-57-19 175
4. BlueLineDefenders 72-64-18 162
5. Optimus Reim 74-68-12 160
6. Jethro 73-67-14 160
7. The Price is Right 67-69-18 152
8. Laraque Bottom 62-79-13 137
9. Grabner 5-hole 60-78-16 136
10. BroadStreetBullies 58-77-19 135
11. whobustedass 58-80-16 132
12. Hank for Vezina 41-96-17 99

Laraque Bottom shut out Hank For Vezina 10-0 to move up to 8th place  from 11th. LB got 3 wins from Thomas Vokoun (2.18/.939) and 2 more from  Craig Anderson (0.50/.984), while Evgeni Malkin rode a 5-point Sunday  game to the top offensive numbers of the week: 5 goals/2 assists/+3/4  PIM/2 PPP/20 SOG. Phil Kessel (0 pts/-4) and Brad Richards (0 pts/-1)  helped Hank stay stranded in the basement.
Grabner 5-hole pounded whobustedass 8-3 as Martin St. Louis recorded 5 assists and The Price is Right blasted BlueLineDefenders 7-2 behind  Steven Stamkos’ 5-point week and excellent goaltending from Cam Ward and Jean-Sebastien Giguere. KyHabs swept the offensive categories in a 6-4  win over last week’s top team, Jethro. D-man Dan Boyle led the way with a +5 and 15 shots, along with 5 points.
In a couple of 5-4 games, RCL-leader Decepticon Dominance edged  Parenteau Guidance and BroadStreetBullies downed Optimus Reim as Jonas  Hiller and Miikka Kiprusoff dominated the goaltending categories.


RazzPuckBunnies W-L-T Pts
1. Ice Road Puckers 99-49-6 204
2. Team Vigilante 90-49-15 195
3. Greyston Schmohawks 82-61-11 175
4. Chubby Beavers 71-66-17 159
5. Jagr Bombs 72-69-13 157
6. drb_redwings 69-71-14 152
7. Portable Ninja 69-72-13 151
8. Sin Bin Sadists 62-78-14 138
9. Top Shelf 60-81-13 133
10. Wampa 58-79-17 133
11. SuicidalEnforcers 57-84-13 127
12. Gator’s Bitches 52-82-20 124

drb_redwings swept the goaltending categories enroute to a 7-3 win  over SuicidalEnforcers. The Wings were led by Thomas Vokoun, who picked  up 3 wins with a .939 save percentage. The Enforcers were hampered with 4 players on IR (Nicklas Backstrom, Alex Steen, Jeff Carter, Joni  Pitkanen).

In another 7-3 game, Gator’s Bitches also swept the goaltending  categories to down Wampa. Jonas Hiller and Jaroslav Halak each recorded a shutout to lead the way. Eric Staal added a goal and 4 assists with 8  penalty minutes and 12 shots on goal. Claude Giroux (1 assist/-3) and  Rick Nash (1 goal/-1) struggled for Wampa.
In other action it was Team Vigilante 6 Jagr Bombs 5, Chubby Beavers 6 Ice Road Puckers 4, Greyston Schmohawks 6 Portable Ninja 5, and Top  Shelf 6 Sin Bin Sadists 4.
Bobby Hull Division W-L-T Pts
1. The Vincibles 90-48-16 196
2. Cunney-lingus 82-59-13 177
3. Shishka 80-58-16 176
4. TheMustaches 78-57-19 175
5. Rochester Americans 79-62-13 171
6. i miss baseball 73-65-16 162
7. GoPuckYour…… 70-63-21 161
8. Detroit Rust Rats 70-68-16 156
9. blunt blazing freak 64-75-15 143
10. Rasktastic! 60-86-8 128
11. Celtic Frost 45-90-19 109
12. Smarch Snow 42-102-10 94

A wild week left things much tighter in the Bobby Hull Division. The  Rochester Americans crushed The Vincibles 8-1 behind an amazing  goaltending performance. The Americans had 9 appearances from 5 goalies  and finished with 6 wins, 274 saves, and a goals against average of 1.52 and .951 save percentage. Craig Anderson led the way with 3 wins/96  saves/0.98/.970/1 shutout. He was ably supported by Thomas Greiss  (1.00/.962), Mike Smith (1.38/.959), Jonathan Bernier (2.00/.909), and  Scott Clemmensen (2.50/.925).
The worst team in the RCL, Smarch Snow, was once again demolished,  10-1 by Shiska, who move up a spot in the standings to 3rd place. Jason  Spezza had a 4-goal week for Shiska, while Miikka Kiprusoff and Pekka  Rinna combined for 5 wins and ratios of 1.83/.940.
The beatdowns didn’t end there, as the Detroit Rust Rats bombed  Rasktastic! 10-1, thanks in part to the fact that Rasktastic! did not  meet minimum goalie requirements and GoPuckYour…… throttled blunt  blazing freak 8-2. Celtic Frost beat Cunney-lingus 7-3, and in the only  close matchup, i miss baseball fell to TheMustaches 6-4.
That’s it for the RCL League updates!  Enjoy your day and thanks again to Vin Wins for the update!




  1. Grizzly says:

    Which LW do you like better going forward Cammalleri or Perron?

  2. bauerspeed17 says:

    Just offered:

    Fleischmann and Ryan Miller for Mikka Kiprusoff

    I would normally accept this trade but Miller is playing awful this year and Mikka is having a good fantasy year, even with a lackluster flames team.

    What do you think? My other goalies are Howard and Rask.

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @Grizzly: Wow talk about similar players.. It is extremely close but I think I’d go with Cammalleri.

    @bauerspeed17: Another tough call… If you need Left Wing help I would do it cuz Flash has been a solid LW2 this year.

  4. Universe says:

    Trying to grab a decent goaltender but I have trouble evaluating forward value in correlation with goaltender value.

    That said, what would be fair if I wanted to target a goalie like Vokoun?

    Some forwards I have that are tradeable: Ray Whitney, Mike Richards, Dany Heatley, Ryan Getzlaf, Ryane Clowe

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @Universe: It depends on how highly the Vokoun owner values him.. But I think Getzlaf would get it done and maaaaayyybe Richards or Heatley.

  6. Jon says:

    Hey DC, I’m trying to fill out my lineup in a Yahoo Points League with standard cats + hit + blk. Need 6 players, who are the odd 3 out?

    C: Thornton, M Richards, Bergeron
    LW: Ovechkin, Parise, Moulson
    RW: Giroux, Gaborik, Semin

  7. DC

    DC says:

    @Jon: Not sure if you mean just tonight or what so it’s probably too late… But in general I’d say the worst 3 are Richards, Moulson and Semin

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