For those of you who made it Congratulations!  For those of you who didn’t:  FOR SHAME!!!
Team Vigilante and The Price is Right were the top teams with perfect 22-point weeks. Here are the leaders in each category for the week, with the average in brackets:
16 goals(10) Jolly Razzers
26 assists(15) Motorboaters, True North Puck Co
+18  (+2) Ice Road Puckers
39 PIM(19) True North Puck Co
14 PPP(6) Top Shelf
131 Shots(94) GoPuckYour……
7 wins (3) Toronto Make Beliefs
1.25 GAA(2.53) Sin Bin Sadists
270 Saves(150) The Price is Right
.957 Save%(.914) GoPuckYour……, Rocky Mountain Thigh, SuicidalEnforcers
2 Shutouts(0) GoPuckYour……, Motorboaters, The Price is Right, Portable Ninja
RCL 1 W-L-T Pts
*1. Jolly Razzers 134-76-21 289
*2. True North Puck Co. 131-78-22 284
*3. Toronto Make Beliefs 130-87-14 274
*4. Puck The Folice 123-87-21 267
*5. Feeding Frenzy 117-96-18 252
*6. Zak Dream Team 118-100-13 249
7. Razzmatazz 118-100-13 249
8. the barbershop 100-115-16 216
9. Motorboaters 88-126-17 193
10. Pominville NY 77-131-23 177
11. SnepstsMustacheRides 79-141-11 169
12. Rocky Mountain Thigh 68-146-17 153
Zak Dream Team started the final week 9 points out of the playoffs and 11 behind 5th-place Razzmatazz, but the Dream Team stole the final playoff spot, pounding Pominville NY 8-2 while Razzmatazz was losing 8-3 to top team Jolly Razzers. Pominville failed to meet the minimum goaltending requirements, turning a 5-5 tie into a Dream Team win.  Motorboaters whipped SnepstsMustacheRides 10-1 in a matchup of non-playoff teams, behind first star of the week, Ilya Bryzgalov, who recorded 2 shutous in his 3 victories. Meanwhile, Roberto Luongo was not great for SMR, finishing with a 4.06 goals against average and .873 save percentage. In other action, the barbershop beat last-place Rocky Mountain Thigh 7-3, True North Puck Co. and Toronto Make Beliefs battled to a 5-5 draw, and, in a round 1 preview, Feeding Frenzy and Puck The Folice tied 4-4. PLAYOFF MATCHUPS: (3) Toronto Make Beliefs: Steven Stamkos, Marian Hossa, Martin Brodeur, Marc-Andre Fleury.(6) Zak Dream Team:  Henrik Sedin, Phil Kesel, Tim Thomas.————————————————————————————————-(4) Puck The Folice: Daniel Sedin, Claude Giroux, Semyon Varlamov, Andy MacDonald (5) Feeding Frenzy: Henrik Lundqvist, Radim Vrbata, Matt Moulson.
The CHeap Seats W-L-T Pts
*1. Decepticon Dominance 137-78-16 290
*2. Parenteau Guidance 134-79-18 286
*3. KyHabs 124-81-26 274
*4. Jethro 126-87-18 270
*5. The Price is Right 111-93-27 249
*6. BlueLineDefenders 105-105-21 231
7. Optimus Reim 103-109-19 225
8. Laraque Bottom 101-109-21 223
9. Grabner 5-hole 87-116-28 202
10. BroadStreetBullies 80-125-26 186
11. whobustedass 74-132-25 173
12. Hank for Vezina 68-136-27 163
The Price is Right blasted Optimus Reim 11-0, knocking them out of the final playoff spot. That allowed BlueLineDefenders to sneak in with a 5-5 tie versus Grabner 5-hole. Ilya Bryzgalov led The Price is Right goaltenders to 6 wins and a 1.66 goals against average. Jeff Skinner had a nice line (2 goals/2 assists/+6/14 PIM/12 shots) to lead the offense. Daniel Sedin was held pointless and finished -2 for Optimus Reim. Parenteau Guidance crushed whobustedass 10-0 to clinch 2nd place while league-leader Decepticon Dominance continued to struggle, falling 8-2 to Jethro. In other games, BroadStreetBullies edged Hank for Vezina 5-4 and KyHabs and Laraque Bottom tied 5-5.PLAYOFF MATCHUPS: (3) KyHabs: Corey Perry, Kevin Shattenkirk, Carey Price.(6) BlueLineDefenders: Ilya Kovalchuk, Jordan Eberle, Mike Smith, Kari Lehtonen———————————————————————————————(4) Jethro: John Tavares, Scott Hartnell, Erik Karlsson, Henrik Lundqvist(5) The Price is Right: Steven Stamkos, Claude Giroux, Ilya Bryzgalov, Semyon Varlamov
RazzPuckBunnies W-L-T Pts
*1. Team Vigilante 139-72-20 298
*2. Greyston Schmohawks 120-91-20 260
*3. Ice Road Puckers 122-95-14 258
*4. Jagr Bombs 112-100-19 243
*5. Portable Ninja 108-104-19 235
*6. Chubby Beavers 104-104-23 231
7. drb_redwings 99-107-25 223
8. Top Shelf 98-112-21 217
9. Gator’s Bitches 91-110-30 212
10. Wampa 91-113-27 209
11. Sin Bin Sadists 90-126-15 195
12. SuicidalEnforcers 88-128-15 191
Team Vigilante demolished SuicidalEnforcers 11-0, taking top spot overall in the RCL in the process. The Enforcers were another team that did not meet the minimum goaltending requirements. Zach Parise had a goal and 5 assists for Team Vigilante. The Greyston Schmohawks edged Jagr Bombs 5-4 to move into 2nd place as the Ice Road Puckers were falling 5-2 to Gator’s Bitches. In other action, Sin Bin Sadists downed Chubby Beavers 7-4, Portable Ninja squeeked by Top Shelf 6-5, and Wampa downed drb_redwings 5-2.PLAYOFF MATCHUPS(3) Ice Road Puckers: John Tavares, Radim Vrbata, Andy MacDonald, Pekka Rinne(6) Chubby Beavers: Ray Whitney, Joffrey Lupul, Daniel Sedin, Tim Thomas, Mike Smith
—————————————————————————————-(4) Jagr Bombs: Jason Spezza, Scott Hartnell, Carey Price(5) Portable Ninja: Martin St. Louis, Zdeno Chara, Joey MacDonald, Ilya Bryzgalov
Bobby Hull Division W-L-T Pts
*1. GoPuckYour…… 129-78-24 282
*2. TheMustaches 126-82-23 275
*3. Rochester Americans 120-93-18 258
*4. Shishka 117-92-22 256
*5. The Vincibles 115-94-22 252
*6. Kneely 114-97-20 248
7. i miss baseball 99-109-23 221
8. Detroit Rust Rats 99-112-20 218
9. blunt blazing freak 98-114-19 215
10. Celtic Frost 96-112-23 215
11. Rasktastic! 77-138-16 170
12. Smarch Snow 74-143-14 162
GoPuckYour….. clobbered the Rochester Americans 9-2, completing their march to first place. Cam Ward and Ilya Bryzgalov swept the goaltending categories for GoPuck, beating Rochester’s 1.89 goals against average and .950 save percentage. Shiska moved into 4th with a 9-1 shellacking of the Detroit Rust Rats thanks to P.K. Subban (2 goals, 3 assists, +3) and Semyon Varlamov ( 2 wins, 1.96/.927). i miss baseball also finished off the season with a 9-1 win, slamming Rasktastic! In other action, The Vincibles beat Kneely 7-3, blunt blazing freak smashed Smarch Snow 8-2, and Celtic Frost tied TheMustaches 5-5.PLAYOFF MATCHUPS(3) Rochester Americans: Daniel Sedin, Kevin Bieska, Mike Smith(6) Kneely: Henrik Sedin, John Tavares, Marc-Andre Fleury, Jimmy Howard——————————————————————————–(4) Shiska: Jason Spezza, Phil Kessel, Claude Giroux, Mikka kiprusoff, Pekka Rinne, Semyon Varlamov(5) The Vincibles: Jonathan Toews, Scott Hartnell, Jarome Iginla, Kari Lehtonen
  1. Howard says:

    BRING IT ON!!! I went thru a season where Bryzgalov couldn’t stop a beach ball but I’m glad he finally rediscovered his form!

    • DC

      DC says:

      @Howard, Yeah just in time…

      • Howard says:

        @DC, The schedule is kinda spotty this week but I guess it’s the same for everyone. Do you have a team DC?

        • DC

          DC says:

          @Howard, Go Ducks!

  2. Drew Crew says:

    Shallow 10-team league. Who do i drop for Sid’s return: Heatley, Burrows, or Benn?

    • DC

      DC says:

      @Drew Crew, tough one… Probably Burrows unless you really really need Penalty Minutes

  3. A Hill O' Beans says:

    I gotta say, missing the playoffs isn’t so bad.

    Thinking you’re going to make the playoffs on the last night when you go to bed because you’re up by 6 points on the 7th place team after all the games are over. Then waking up to find out you missed the playoffs because the team playing the guy chasing you for the last playoff spot didn’t bother to start 1 out of his only 2 starting goalies for the entire week, and thus didn’t meet the minimum goalie requirements?
    [Deep Breath]

    Okay, I feel [a little] better…

    ~ Razzmatazz

    • DC

      DC says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans, Ouch man that sucks.. Just get your revenge next year!!!

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