A few days ago I summarized the Chicago Goaltending situation like this:  “Don’t look now but brother man has saved 69 of the last 73 Shots directed his way (spanning 2 1/2 games).   And believe me he has a great chance to earn alot more playing time going forward.  Corey Crawford would have a tough time outplaying Cindy Crawford right now.”  And that’s me quoting me! (and copying Grey). Yesterday Emery stopped 35 of 37 Shots and got yet another W..  If he’s still out there on Waiver Wire island in your league go pick him up.  It’s beginning to smell alot like #1 in Chi-Town…

Tomas Kaberle – D (Mon):  The term “change of scenery” is thrown around way too often in sports. But in the case of Kaberle going from Carolina to Montreal, it’s actually true.  In fact he was already heating up for the ‘Canes before he got traded (4 Assists in 2 games).  I’m bullish on this dinosaur and assuming he plays in another 50 Games, I’d take the over on 30 points.

Marian Gaborik – RW (NYR):  Goal #14 in game #26.  That’s over 40 Goals if he keeps up the pace. Of course that’s before I account for injuries… Oh yes, there will be injuries…

Roberto Luongo – G (Van):  See Luongo fans?   No reason to worry.   Since the big “Schneider is the new #1 in Vancouver!” media creation Roberto has gone 4-0 with just 5 Goals allowed.

Colin Greening – LW (Ott):  This guy’s name sounds like a bad side effect…  “If your colin greening persists for more than 2 days consult your Doctor.”  Ah man that just doesn’t sound right.. Anyway this dude-bro is riding a 3 game scoring streak.  Which is 2 games longer than his previous career high…

Ryan Callahan – RW (NYR):  The sweetest Goal of the weekend hands down.  It was an exhibition on how to score a Goal by using your body to shield the puck from the defender and hide it from the Goalie at the same time.  What this guy lacks in skill he makes up for in brains and heart…

Alex Edler – D (Van):  Notched his 2nd Goal (and 5th Point) in his last 6 games and it’s a good thing because prior to that, Al-Ed went 7 straight without a Point.  If you take out those 7 games though, he’s been one of the 5 best Defenseman in the league.

Steve Sullivan – C (Pit):  This is the guy who should benefit the most when Crosby is clearing cobwebs.  And he proved it on Saturday with a 2 Point game.  Sulli is a solid streaming option and a natural replacement for Crosby if you own him.

Philadelphia Flyers – This team just scores.  Giroux, Hartnell, Briere, Timonen, Jagr – They’re all worthy of a starting spot on ANY roster.  And while Pronger is out, the same applies to Matt Carle.  He absorbs just about all of Pronger’s Power Play minutes and is easily a D3 in 12 team leagues (sans Pronger).  On the negative side though, Giroux took a black knee to the head and it looked kinda bad.  Don’t be surprised if you start hearing the C word soon in Philly.

Steven Stamkos – C (TB):  It’s now been 5 games since SS’s last Goal.  That’s bad news I agree, but if I were a betting man I’d take the over on 4 Goals in his next 5 games.  Cuz thats what he do…

Ondrej Pavelec – G (Wpg):  Here is what I wrote just 4 days ago after Pavelec got his 3rd straight win:  “And the roller coaster ride continues.  The Giant nailed down his 3rd straight Win yesterday and looked good doing it.  But like I said just 15 words ago, it’s been an up-and-down, vomit-inducing ride.”  Yeah Saturday night’s 19 saves on 26 shots sent me running to the toilet…

Antti Niemi – G (SJ):  Antti-Goal did just that on Saturday. Yesterday was a decent effort too (31 Saves on 34 Shots).  He’s probably the most under the radar #1 in the league and if you own him you already know that.

Mikko Koivu – C (Min):  Mikko’s really picked up the pace after a slow start and is now right on par with what he’s done every year of his career.  70 Points is not out of the question and suddenly his +/- is better than it’s ever been.  You say Miiko, I say Miko…

Richard Bachman – G (Dal):  Who would’ve guessed that the husband of Presidential hopeful and Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman played hockey?  Do all potential female republican President’s have ties to hockey?

Steve Ott – C (Dal):  Of all the players I hyped in the preseason, Ott is probably the most forgettable.  The PIM’s have been there, especially recently (21 last 3 games), and his offense is right where it’s always been (1 Point every other game), but I was expecting more with the loss of Richards.

Derek Stepan – C (NYR):  All the way back in September I wrote this about Stepan:  “For those of us who live outside the North-East Stepan is relatively unkown.  He had a nice rookie season last year (21G, 24A, 10PPP’s) and I predict a slight increase from those stats.”  He may have been dropped and forgotten too, he did nothing early in the year.  But since November 5, spanning 16 games, Stepan’ out has 6G/11A/+8/36SOG.  That’s what I call a quality #3 Center…

  1. Charles says:

    [repost] You were right on about adding Halak and Montoya last time I asked, but I only need 3 healthy goalies (max 6 starts per week). Who do you drop? Miller, Hiller, Halak, Montoya. 10-teams, GAA, SV%, Wins, Shutouts. Thanks! Emery is still available if you recommend dropping 2 of my existing Gs.

  2. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @DC: Which two would you prefer out of Emery, Halak, Varlamov and Montoya? Own Price, Montoya, and Varly, wondering if I should change it up. 12-teamer, categories are GAA/SV%/W/SO.

  3. Grizzly says:

    Drop Brodeur for Emery?

  4. DC

    DC says:

    @Charles: I wanna say Hiller but I just can’t.. I’d probably drop Montoya.

    @Marty Funkhouser: I’d take Halak over Varlamov

    @Grizzly: Wow thats tough.. I’d probably hang onto Brodeur but if you’re just sick of ol’ Marty I wouldn’t blame you for dropping him for Emery.

  5. Navi says:

    @dc what do you mean by a “black knee” to the head on giroux?

  6. DC

    DC says:

    @Navi: It was his teammate Wayne Simmonds

  7. Navi says:

    @DC love the site but didn’t care for that particular comment. comes off as racist. keep up the good work.

  8. charlie batch says:

    @Navi: derogatory racial comments are racist. stating that simmond’s knee is black and that it hit giroux is not racist.

  9. DC

    DC says:

    @Navi: Didn’t mean for it to come off that way..

    @charlie batch: CHARLIE!!!

  10. Navi says:

    @charliebatch allow someone with basic common sense to read that comment and i’m sure they’ll agree as well. i have read about that incident on about 5 different sites plus whatever sports show and NO ONE pointed out simmond’s color. what bearing does it have to do with anything that happened? if you don’t get it, you never will.

    @DC appreciate the feedback. you feel minnesota will keep it up this year?

  11. Neely'sKnee says:

    Semin was dropped in my league. Is he a must add? I’d be dropping Doan to add Semin.

  12. filp fanatic says:

    Travis zajac…..is he worth a pick up? And where do you feel he would fall on the new jersey depth chart? Also i have vokoun and varlamov in net, have picked up emery. But im in need of a solid number one, pavlac, halak are available….your thoughts? Finally contemplating trading st. Louis whats his value upon return from injury?

  13. elwood blues says:

    My goalies are awful outside of Quick (Varlamov and Brodeur)
    Would it be crazy to trade Getzlaf for Miller?

    We start 2 centers and 1 utility spot.
    Right now I have Toews and Getz.
    But I also have Kane, Benn, O’Reilly, Ennis, Adam, and Henrique center eligible.

    I was also looking at maybe flipping Getz for Taylor Hall and Antti.. do I just ride it out with my goalies or make a move?

    My Lineup:
    C: Toews, Getzlaf
    LW: Neal, Benn, Smyth
    RW: Kane, Erikkson, and The Fleisch
    D; Goligoski, Burns, Fowler, Visnovsky
    UT: O’Reilly or Henrique
    G: Quick and Varlamov

    Bench: Ennis, Alfredsson, Adam.
    Girardi, Leddy

  14. DC

    DC says:

    @Navi: Sure why not?

    @Neely’sKnee: The upside is there so I’d probably do it.

    @filp fanatic: Zajac is not worth your time. Pick up Halak and if you wanna trade St Louis don’t do it for 80 cents on the dollar.

    @elwood blues: I like the Hall and Antti for Getz trade better than Getz for Miller.

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