So I gotta admit I was a little surprised by this.  It’s not like he had a huge drop in production and his off-ice distractions finally surpassed his ability on the ice.  Avery is what he is –– a 3rd/4th line agitator who can give you 12-13 minutes a game and score a point every once in a while.  Yes he is a Public Relations nightmare, but who cares?  Those people are paid too much money to begin with.  Hockey (in the U.S.) needs players like Sean Avery.  I for one believe that any publicity is good publicity and Avery creates headlines.  In a strictly hockey sense though, he’s making too much money ($4MM) for anyone to claim him.   And word is now he’s accepted his AHL assignment and will ride the bus and collect $300k every other week.  I just can’t see that lasting so stay tuned because there will be some verbal fireworks when Avery eventually finds his way out of New York.  I can’t wait.  Now let’s look at some other headlines making waves in the NHL:

Brayden Schenn – C (Phi):   In the eyes of most pundits Schenn is the odds on favorite to take home the Calder trophy this year. So why is Philly demoting him to the AHL?  “Because he does not yet have the warrior mindset required to compete in the Association!”  No Vic the Brick that’s not it. And this is the NHL it’s not an Association…  The reason is simple:  Salary Cap.  Apparently keeping Schenn in the AHL for just a single game will save the Flyer’s over a million dollars against the cap.  Ilya Bryzgalov your thoughts?  “Thanks Brayden now I can buy that yacht I wanted!”  Bottom line he’ll only miss the Flyer’s first game so don’t panic you B.S. owners.

Ray Emery – G (Chi):   So the hip Ray Emery (pun intended) makes the Blackhawks as Crawford’s backup.  I figured he would since he put up more than solid numbers for the Ducks last year (7-2, 2.28GAA, .926SV%) and Salak could easily be sent to the AHL… And on an unrelated/related note, am I the only one who wonders how elite athletes seem to be able to overcome incurable diseases?  I mean this is what Emery’s ball joint in his hip looked like less than 3 years ago.  It’s an extremely rare disease called avascular necrosis and most people who get it never walk again let alone play professional hockey.  Remember when Magic Johnson had HIV?  Yeah I don’t either…

Jonathan Huberdeau – C (Fla):  Getting sent back down to Junior’s.  I thought this would happen which is why I didn’t have him in any of my prospect posts.  Long term I like him, but Panther Brass thinks he needs to get a little stronger.  And they might be right, here’s what happened last week when he encountered an Ant.

Mark Scheifele – C (Wpg):  I already talked about him 2 days ago so just scroll down a couple pages and he’ll be there… And since you’re too lazy to do that I’ll summarize:  I like Scheifefelelele.  He should see Top 6 minutes and major minutes on the Power Play.  Keep him on your watch list.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins – C (Edm):  Another newborn draft baby gets to start the year with the big club.  I gave him a shout out in my 1st prospects post.   If you’ve already drafted and he’s on your Waiver Wire pick him up now.  For you draft-dodgers, take him late he will still be there and he’s got much more upside than that 14th Round stiff you’re considering…  And of course in keeper leagues he’s a must own.

Sidney Crosby – C (Pit):  Can’t have a News hit and not mention Crosby.  He will start the season on IR but word is it’s only a technicality because he ended last year on the IR.  Whatever.  Bottom line he will be in the lineup for the Penguin’s home opener on October 11… Now just cross your fingers he doesn’t suffer another concussion…

  1. Z says:

    Crosby will NOT be in the lineup for the Penguins home opener…right?

  2. Puckmaster III says:


    I’m in a deep league, but who would you keep out of:
    Tyler Seguin
    Brad Marchand
    Erik Cole

    If I can keep 3. No PIM league

  3. GoPuckYourMother says:

    Congrats to Ray Emery, and for sure the first game Avery plays against the Rangers will be fun, looking forward to that.

  4. DC

    DC says:

    @Z: I just drafted him in a league last night.. I’m being optimistic!

    @Puckmaster III: Seguin and Pominville for sure. Then probably Marchand cuz his upside is so much better than Cole or Gionta..

    @GoPuckYourMother: Indeed

  5. Lines says:

    Bieksa hit the waiver wire in my H2H 12-teamer. Which d-man do I drop to pick him up? Choices are: Wideman, Carle, Hamrlik, Souray.


  6. DC

    DC says:

    @Lines: Hamrlik

  7. mindicohn says:

    5 picks before my 2rd. 12 tm roto includes fow and blks. Took ovie rd 2. Thinking Kesler,rinne, zetterberg, either Richards parise or p.kane.

  8. mindicohn says:

    And if he’s gone other thoughts? Bobby ryan also avail.

  9. DC

    DC says:

    @mindicohn: Parise/Kane/Zetterberg flip a coin

  10. Bobby Bouche says:


    So I’m new to fantasy hockey and I have both Lundqvist and Fluery as my goalies. Would it be a smart play to start Fluery in the season opener against Vancouver since Lundqvist doesn’t play Thursday?

    Also I have some good players on my roster but it seems Im lacking in Penalty Minutes and Hits which is scored in my league. Should I use a Utility spot to play a guy like Ott or Konopka to get those categories or is it better to just play my best player available (which looks like it would be Spezza or Kaberele)?


  11. DC

    DC says:

    @Bobby Bouche: Is this a weekly league where you have to set your lineup by tomorrow? And do you only have 1 Goalie spot? If not then yeah play Fleury tomorrow.. And grab Ott he’ll give good PIM’s and Hits.

  12. Bobby Bouche says:

    Its a H2H league where I can make daily changes. Thanks for the advice. Im in a 10 man league with scoring as G, A, +/-, PIM, FOW, ATOI, SOG, HIT, BLK, STP… Goalies scoring: GS, W, GAA, SV%.

    I’ve been reading your blog and getting some really great information and i felt i did pretty well in my draft. Here is my team:

    C – Malkin
    C – Tavares
    LW – Daniel Sedin
    LW – Patrick Sharp
    RW – Patrick Kane
    RW – Gaborik
    D – Yandle
    D – Doughty
    D – Pietrangelo
    Util – Ott
    Bench – Sidney Crosby
    Bench – Spezza
    Bench – Kaberele
    Bench – Konopka

    Start 1 Goalie – Lundqvist, Fluery

    With those scoring categories do you think that roster should work? Also do you think there are some guys I should maybe go after in a trade or pick up off the waiver wire?

    Sorry for the long post ha. Any advice helps a ton since I’m a complete newbie at fantasy hockey. Thanks again!

  13. barker says:

    just dropped a guy in each league for nugent-hopkins save the 20 team league

    ray whitney ( two leagues ) danny cleary penner knuble

    i wont regret any of those drops will i??

  14. DC

    DC says:

    @Bobby Bouche: Awesome team. Just keep reading my columns you’ll get advice throughout the season..

    @barker: Whitney is the only one I worry about just cuz he’s one of the few scoreres in Phoenix.. But his upside is not near Nugent.

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