If you haven’t heard the news, then just keep reading!  ZING!  If you haven’t heard, the Wayne Gretzky of the KHL is set to make his triumphant return to North America.  Alexander Radulov was last seen on this continent back in 2007-2008 when he put up 26 Goals and 32 Assists as a 21 year old.  And that was playing for the Trotz.  Who, as we all know, sucks the offensive life out of every player he’s ever coached.  Granted Trotz is still in Nashville, but Radulov is a guy  you have to pick up if you need help on the Wing.  His numbers in the KHL the last 3 seasons have been RAD, culminating in 2 KHL MVP’s.  Admittedly though, winning an MVP in the KHL is like winning a beauty contest in Alabama, so if you do pick him up don’t expect him to carry your team during Championship week.  If you’re in a bind however, or are just looking for a weekly spot start, there is no downside to being Rad…

Daniel Sedin – LW (Van):  Ruh-roh.  Sedin took an elbow to the head on Wednesday and is out tonight with an “undisclosed head injury”  (Cough……concussion…..Cough).  This is possibly devastating news to the Canucks but then again, who the F cares about them?  The only reason this matters is if you own him and are lucky enough to still be in your playoffs (or near the top of your Roto league).  If you own him then run and grab:

Mason Raymond – LW/RW (Van):  Mayson Ramond (which is how I imagine his name would be spelled if he were a black guy) should get bumped to the top line with the other Sedin and maybe even get a shot on the top Power Play unit.  And even if you don’t own Daniel Sedin, Raymond is someone to grab if you need help on the Wing.

Ryan Miller – G (Buf):  And Miller gets his 6th Shutout of the season on Wednesday giving him a career high.  Yes even in 2009-2010 when he went bonkers he only had 5.  I know I find it hard to believe myself.  It points to the fact that just like Miller beer, Ryan Miller can make you nauseous…

Eric Staal – C (Car):  Hey hey hey what is going on here?!?  That is exactly how I feel towards this clown right now.  I’ve been telling all you underachievers this year to KEEP UNDERACHIEVING!  How else am I supposed to get you at a discount next season?  Now his horrible season has been staaled after back-to-back 2 Goal games and I couldn’t be any angrier with him.  I’m crossing you off my Christmas list Staal!

Jason Blake – LW (Ana):  I’m always amazed when I watch Ducks games at just how fast a skater Blake is.  I often find myself going “Hey, who is that super fast guy with the puck?!?”  Then my heart sinks when I realize it’s just the same old Jason Blake (AKA Smeagol from Lord of the Rings).  Nice Goal on Wednesday, but you still suck.

Okay programming note:  In case you haven’t noticed my posts have been few and far between and well, bottom line, my home computer is kaput.  I am remedying (remediing? remedie?) the situation but believe me I’m still about 24,000 empty beer cans away from the laptop I want.  I appreciate the lack of hate messages and in the meantime just bear with me and my sporadic posts por favor!

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