Back on October 19 I wrote this about Max Pacioretty: “How the Frankenstein is this guy only 17% owned in Yahoo leagues?  Concussion concerns aside, 5 Points in 5 Games people!  He’s a Left Winger!  Go pick him up before I talk about him again tomorrow…”  And that’s  me quoting me! (and copying Grey).  Well since then his ownership has only gone up 4%.  WTF?  Are people that set at Left Wing?  Hopefully his 2 Goals and 1 Assist last night will lead to proper ownership levels because he’s already a huge part of the Canadian offense.  Just cross your fingers that some big mean Defenseman doesn’t concuss him again, cuz that could be the end of his season…

Ilya Bryzgalov – G (Phi):  It’s not time to panic yet, but if you’re an owner I’d at least be looking up the location of the nearest tall bridge…  Last night against the coldest team in the NHL Breezy gave up 5 Goals on 28 Shots.  That’s now 3 or more Goals allowed in each of his last 5 games.  That’s bad if your name is Steve Mason, let alone Bryzgalov.  If you own Ilya (or if you just need a Goalie) I would pick up Bobrovsky.  He’s definately getting the start tonight against Winnipeg and don’t be surprised if he stays in net until his next loss.

TJ Galiardi – LW (Col):  I had this mexican drink as a sleeper in the preseason.  Turns out he likes sleeping more than actually playing hockey.  With 3rd and 4th line minutes becoming the norm it’s definately time to drop him (if for some reason you’re still hanging on)

Rene Bourque – LW/RW (Cgy):  You know a guy is streaky when the announcers from the Colorado Avalanche point it out during the game.  Hang on and enjoy the ride right now cuz it’ll get bumpy soon.

Olli Jokinen – C (Cgy):  The Assist last night was on a BS empty netter.  Still 6 points in 8 games isn’t nothing.  I’m not buyin it though because……………….. wait for it………………  Olli is a JOKinen!

Brian Elliott – G (Stl):  Granted the Canucks look awful right now, but a Shutout is a Shutout.  On top of that Halak has looked awful all season.  Awful awful awful.  Elliott is the starter in St Louis for the time being, so if you need a filler you know what to do.

Kevin Shattenkirk – D (Stl):  2 Assists last night gives him 5 points in 9 games and I think he can keep up that pace.  Which means 40+ if he stays healthy.  Now if only he would start producing on the Power Play…

Bobby Ryan – LW (Ana):  Only 2 Goals and 0 Power Play Points.  He’s getting traded alot right now and I definately put him in the “buy low” category.  Just don’t go nuts cuz Ryan is still relegated to the 2nd power play unit.

Well there you go on yet another short schedule night.  Now shoot me your Q’s and I’ll give you my A’s… Seacrest OUT!

  1. Neely'sKnee says:

    What can be expected for Pacioretty? 50 points?
    Who do you like more for this year, Pacioretty or Rene Bourque?

  2. theevilempire says:

    Who you like in net tonight DC? Mike Smith or Markstrom?

    Also, pick 2: Markstrom, Smith, Nabakov

  3. Mal says:

    Tomas Kaberle has got me down.. I could waiver someone who’s actually been producing, rather than sucking. Time to fire him and pick someone else up, or should I just bench him and hope he turns it around? LWL shows his minutes going less and less into the PP.

    Other D-men I have are Pietrangelo, Fowler, Adam Larsson, and the newly injured Pronger.

  4. Big Jgke says:

    And a big thanks to you Yahoo giving us a player note saying that Pacioretty would be getting 3 days off to rest his wrist before his big game last night thus leading me to bench him in my most competitive league.

    Seriously, Yahoo? And while I’m on it, why the hell does Yahoo use default league values for their rankings of players. In that same league, where PIM is not a category, Chris frickin Neil is the top (Yahoo) ranked skater available. That’s serious BS.

  5. elhefe says:
    (link) shows Shattenkirk averaging the second most power play time on the Blues…

  6. DC

    DC says:

    @Neely’sKnee: I think Max-Pac can get to 60+ points barring injury. And I’d take him over Bourque.

    @theevilempire: Well neither one is a lock to start tonight so keep checking throughout the day.. If they’re both starting, go witht he hot had in Markstrom. Drop Nabakov. I still would bet that a healthy DiPietro gets most the starts for the Isle’.

    @Mal: He might be worth dropping if the right guy is there on the Waiver Wire.. Give me some available names and I’ll Yay or Nay for you.

    @Big Jgke: Yeah I’ve always joked with people that Yahoo (and ESPN) fantasy hockey are left strictly to the interns. You want a real fantasy hockey site go sign up here:

  7. DC

    DC says:

    @elhefe: Yeah error on my part, nice catch. Consider it corrected…

  8. The Spaceman says:

    @ DC

    Cheers for all the Max Pac love, man. It’s surely deserved. He’ll be a force this season no questions.

    Quick question; should I give up Backes to obtain Jordan Staal? I know you ranked them both busts in your preseason rankings. My league counts Hits and Shorties. Take care,

    The Spaceman

  9. happytime says:

    Have Vokoun, Lehtonen, Halak, Montoya. IS there value in handcuffing one or multiple goalies and if so which ones?

  10. Mal says:

    Nothing too exciting, but maybe some people that look nice. Hits and ATOI are categories in my league (no PIM). Dan Girardi looks good, and some others: Corey Potter, Matt Carle, Travis Hamonic (who’s been about as productive as Kaberle, I guess). Francois Beauchemin, Oli Ekman-Larsson, Yannick Weber..? There needs to be a “sort by effective player who’s underperforming” option. And a “stash Derek Roy until he becomes useful again” option. I really want to grab Max Pac.. He’s sitting on waivers, taunting me. I have 4 goalies at the moment: Lundqvist, Markstrom, Jimmy Howard, and Mike Smith. I really don’t need 4, but I really want to see how some of them pan out before deciding on 3 (Lundqvist obviously staying).

    I regrettably took Staal in the draft, but with the #’s he’s put up (my league counts hits, too), I don’t quite regret it as much anymore. He’ll probably lose value if and when Crosby and Malkin stop being injured, since he’ll lose the PP time.

  11. Big Jgke says:

    @DC sorry dude, I get enough yammering from the tsn honks on the radio here as it is. What they lack in Amurican ignorance they more than make up for in bland stupidity. But yeah, it totally feels like Hockey on Yahoo is something left to the interns.

  12. BeatBox says:

    Max Pacquiao (hehe), Nugent (the executioner) Hopkins, Versteeg, and Lupul. Could you please rank top 3?

  13. DC

    DC says:

    @The Spaceman: I’ve got Max-Pac for 65ish points that sound about right to you? And yes absolutely get Jordan Staal especially in a SHP league.

    @happytime: You got 2 awesome Goalies (Vokoun & Lehtonen) and 2 decent ones that is plenty..

    @Mal: Even though he won’t get you alot of Hits, I’d go Matt Carle. He’s gonna be seeing alot more scoring chances now that Pronger is out.. I’d consider OEL or Girardi too though its up to you.

    @Big Jgke: LOL… What not a fan of Mike Richards, Brian Hayes or Mitch Melnick? Maybe Cybulski?

  14. DC

    DC says:

    @BeatBox: Max-Pac…RNH………Lupul..Versteeg

  15. theevilempire says:

    Picked up Tyler Seguin on the wire the first week and he’s obviously been rewarding me well. I do see him coming back to Earth eventually. He’ll still have a nice year but no way can he keep this up. Even better, his C/RW eligibility is very valuable.

    That said, I’m struggling on defense badly. Kaberle, Carlson, Suter, and Timmonen.

    I was thinking of possibly selling high on Seguin now for a top tier defenseman. Thoughts?

    C-Mike Richards
    C-Ryan Getzlaf
    LW-Daniel Sedin
    LW-Ryan Clowe
    RW-Dany Heatley
    RW-Marian Hossa
    BN-Seguin (C/RW)
    BN-P.Bergeron (C)
    BN-S.Gagne (LW)

  16. DC

    DC says:

    @theevilempire: I wouldn’t trade Seguin personally, but yeah he should be able to get you a top tier D-Man if you decide to do that. I’d be more inclined to try and sell high on Gagne. Maybe package him and Kaberle or Carlson and see if that can get you a stud D-man…

  17. Angry Tortorella says:

    Thanks DC

  18. Jon says:

    Hey DC,

    Better bench goalie: Halak or Roloson?


  19. barker says:

    wanna propose this in 20 team league

    i give heatly stafford stempniak roloson i get ryan streit oshie nabakov

    kid has garon and i have montoya which goalie platoon do u like better

    will the isles trade nabby ?? is this trade worth it on my side ?? is it unfair ??

  20. Drew Crew says:

    drop erik johnson for wisniewski?

  21. barker says:

    was just offered in 20 team league

    my stafford stempniak del zotto roloson for his kessel parenteau montador ellis

    my other goalies montoya backstrom dekanich

    i have to take this right — anybody plaese answer

  22. DC

    DC says:

    @Jon: Halak

    @barker: It’s not a bad trade cuz you are getting the best player in the deal (Ryan)

    @Drew Crew: I hate Wisniewski

    @barker: You’re getting the best player in the deal (Kessel) so I would probably do it

    @Howard: HA!

    And to all of you saying WTF? Wheres the new post? I will get you all one tonight so stay tuned!

  23. happytime says:

    so Zidlicky’s lack of production is starting to really bug me. 2 assists in 9 GP? Hold out on him and hope for 40pt season or drop for one on waiver? League counts G, A, +/-, PIM, SOG, PPP, SHG, GWG

    Here are my options on the waiver: Joe Corvo, Dennis Seidenberg, Sergei Gonchar, Roman Hamrlik, Jamie McBain, Yannick Webber, Nick Leddy, Dan Girardi, Matt Niskanen, Ryan McDonagh, Ryan Wilson, Grant Clitsome, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Jason Garrison , Dmitri Kulikov, Corey Potter and Johnny Boychuk

  24. bauerspeed17 says:

    trade mikka kipp for halak and markstrom?

    Only one keeper. Jimmy Howard is my other starter.

  25. The Spaceman says:

    @ DC

    Cheers for the advice man! And yes; I think your estimate of 65 PTS for Max Pac sounds bang on. It all depends on whether Montreal can get their stuff together, but he’s their star. He’s plays gritty and is constantly shooting.. Enjoy your Friday DC,

    The Spaceman

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