Not that I think Jonas Hiller is over the hill, but come on using his name in a title about how much he sucks kinds of lends itself to it.  I’ve had a hard time diagnosing exactly what’s been wrong with Hiller.  The Ducks roster hardly changed at all from last year and yet nothing is the same in Anaheim.  It’s easy to say he has never fully recovered from last year’s bout with Vertigo, but even considering that he shouldn’t be this bad.   I’ve lost all faith in Hiller Time and it’s gonna take alot to get it back.  I’m talking like diamond earrings type groveling… A dinner and a movie ain’t gonna cut it.

Alex Goligoski – D (Dal):  It was a night of solid performances from many of the underperforming Stars in Dallas.  I had high hopes for Goli heading into this year but now more than a third of the way through the season he has just 7 points.  In fact I dropped him in one of my leagues and you may want to do the same (depending on what D-men are out there).

Mike Ribeiro – C (Dal):  I may have just had unrealistic expectations for this guy in the preseason but I view his season as a disappointment as well (4G/20A/7PPP/28PIM/64SOG).  And that is buoyed by a recent 4 game scoring streak.  Lets just say he’ll need a lot more of these 4 games scoring streaks in order to justify calling him a #2 Center.

Cam Fowler – D (Ana):  2 Assists gives Fowler his first points in over 2 weeks.  If you’re looking to blame someone on the Ducks (other than the Big 3) for their FOWL season, look no further…

Erik Cole – LW (Mon):  This stocking stuffer has been stuffing goals in the back of nets at an awesome rate.  After yesterday’s tally, Cole’s got 5 in 6 games and I’d check your waiver wire just in case an impatient owner dropped him a couple weeks ago when his overall numbers looks a lot worse.

Justin Williams – RW (LA):  After playing in a whopping 73 games in 2010-2011 Justin Williams continues to defy logic and has played in every Kings game this season.  From a Points-per-game pace he has slowed down from his career norms though.  Maybe that’s his M.O.  More effort = more points but also more injuries.  In fact here is what his agent has been telling him all season: Just keep going at 75% effort J-Dub!  You’re doing great!

Nikolai Kulemin – LW (Tor):  It seems like every year in every sport there is a player in a huge market that gets overrated.  Kulemin is that guy in Toronto.  I hear Toronto writers and analysts saying that Kulemin needs to fulfill his potential and become that top notch 2nd line scorer that the Leaf’s so desperately need.  But see here’s the rub:  He’s NOT a Top 6 forward!

Gabriel Landeskog – LW (Col):  It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned Gabby Land and usually that’s not a good thing.  I got a little (overly) excited early on when Landeskog looked like a Calder trophy candidate but his current rough stretch (1G/1A in 7 games) combined with dwindling ice time means Gabby-Land has been annexed into Waiver Wire Island.

Shane O’Brien – D (Col):  Shane O’ already has as many points (10) as he’s had in any season since 2008.  25 is a distinct possibility and factor in his constant rabble-rousing (58PIM’s already) and you get a #4 Defenseman.

Jakub Kindl – D (Det):  I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather shell out the extra $300 and just get an I-Pad.  You can still get all the books you could ever need and they’re much larger and more user-friendly…

Danrik Sedin – C/LW (Van):  3 Points for the “sisters” yesterday and they just continue to roll along.  If only my sister played hockey like these 2 I could quit my day job and leach off her.

Roberto Luongo – G (Van):  The 1st Shutout of the season and if you managed to buy-low on Luongo when all of Vancouver was proclaiming Cory Schneider the 2nd coming of Ken Dryden then Kudos to you.  LUUUUUU has been his old self in the month of December – 6W/1L/1.67GAA/.937SV%/1SO. 

Kyle Turris – C (Ott):  Was traded from Phoenix and could see a huge jump in ice-time North of the Border.  HOWEVA, despite his former #3 overall pick status I still need to see him to actually do something at the NHL level before I can recommend anything.

Sergei Gonchar – D (Ott):  Will return tonight so get him back in your lineup if you own him.  On a personal note, this return from a neck injury after just 4 games is the most shocking thing I’ve seen in hockey all year.. I figured we’d be well into 2012 before we saw this old goat again…

  1. GoPuck says:

    Hiller is so dissapointing, has to be he is just never gonna be the same, or last year was a career year and this year is his career worst, whatever it is, it’s hard to watch.

  2. Grizzly says:

    Drop Hiller for: Montoya, Bobrovsky, Neuvirth or Harding?

    Shane O’Brien or Niskanen?

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @GoPuck: Yep it sucks

    @Grizzly: I’d drop him for Neuvirth right now… And it depends on what you need. If you need PIM’s go with O’Brien but if you need good +/- and a little more production overall go with Niskanen.

  4. Bluejean says:

    I love your column…when you write one. I really wish I was into fantasy baseball because that guy writes a column every day.

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @Bluejean: Been a little tough for me lately but you’ll get a brand spankin’ new one tonight so you can enjoy it tomorrow.

  6. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @DC: Drop Filppula or Olli Jokinen to make space for Giroux?

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