Kris Letang had what I would call a triumphant return from concussion.  After missing 21 games, Letang played over 24 minutes with an Assist and a +2.  And don’t forget, Pooty-Tang was a Top 10 fantasy Defenseman last year and was well on his way to doing the same this season.  Then he took a shot to the head.  The bad news is concussion comrade Crosby looked great in his first game back this year and we all know how that turned out.  I really do despise you, “C” word.  You make my job much more difficult than it has to be.  In fact let me say this (in case someone asks) the odds of Letang getting another concussion are 50/50…

Jaroslav Halak – G (Stl):  Another Shutout as Halak continues to dominate.  After 20 Goals allowed in his first 6 games of the season, Halak has allowed 20 in 13 games since November 29.  And even more impressively, Halak is 10-0-3 in his last 13 starts.  Even MORE impressively, he’s 6-0-0 with a .971SV%, 1.00GAA and 3 Shutouts in the month of January.

Evgeni Malkin – C/RW (Pit):  Another great game yesterday (2G/+2/5SOG) assures one thing:  MVP Talk.  Not that I don’t think Malkin is worthy of the Hart Trophy, I just think it’s a given he’s an MVP candidate.  The guy is easily one of the 5 most talented hockey players in the world, so in my mind that makes him a perennial MVP candidate (assuming health)…  This will probably be the last time I talk about Geno in a positive light though.  Quite frankly I’m tired of talking about him, and unless he starts slumping bad I see no reason to bring him up anymore.  You Geno owners just sit back and enjoy the production.

Joey Crabb – RW (Tor):  HEY!  WHAT AM I AN A$$HOLE?  SOMEBODY CALL JOEY CRABBS AND HAVE THIS GUY TAKEN CARE OF!  Okay seriously though, 8 Goals for Joey Crabb is more than Brian Boyle, Dustin Byfuglien & Ryan Getzlaf (just to name a few).  And yet, I’m still confident in telling you to not pick this guy up.  Within 3 years Joey will be serving Crabb-cakes in Maryland…

Petr Sykora – RW (NJ):  First of all, that is how you spell his first name.  Second, Petr is as hot as a Pistl right now.  And third, if you would’ve told me back in August that I’d be writing about a Petr Sykora hot streak in January I’d have known you were a family member of his.  Or you were from the future…. wait a minute… aaaahhhhh nevermind.

Pekka Rinne – G (Nsh):  Not much to say here.  My love for Rinne is well known and he’s currently showing ya’ll why I love him.  How does 15-3-1 in his last 19 starts sound?  How about 6 Wins in a row while only allowing 8 goals?  Pekka Pekka Pekka, OI OI OI!

Mark Streit – D (NYI):  I never bought into the Streit hype in the preseason.  I couldn’t envision a scenario where a 34 year old Defenseman would be able to produce after missing an entire season.  Besides there is a reason Mark Streit didn’t make his NHL debut until he was 28 – He’s not that good!  And I’m being proven right with every passing Isle’ game.  25 Points in 45 games isn’t terrible, but when you throw in a -17 it makes him a borderline #3 Defenseman.  AND THATS WHAT HE IS…

Colin Greening – C/LW (Ott):  After a 3 game donut the Green Colin rebounded with 2 Goals yesterday.  Yes he goes through slumps, but when you look at the big picture you can clearly see value.   It’s getting to the point where Colin is poking his turtle head in the Waiver Wire All Star race…

Andrew Ladd – LW (Wpg):  2 Points last night was this Ladd’s first multi-point game since November 23rd.  And therein lies the problem.  Ladd is not good enough to keep on your roster, but he’s also not streaky.  And that makes him a bad spot-start candidate.  His overall line looks just as good as WWF like Mike Fisher or Danny Cleary or even Saku Koivu.  But it means nothing when it’s just a point here, a point there.  Put some spice in your life Ladd and go streaking once in a while!

Dustin Brown – RW (LA):  Okay I give up.  Somebody tell me is this guy good or not?

Sergei Bobrovsky – G (Phi):  Every time the universe hands over the starting Goalie spot, Bob Rosky finds a way to hand it right back.  I don’t know where to go anymore.  Philadelphia has turned into a Goalie shituation of epic proportions.  If there were a grenade strapped to my junk and I had to make a decision, I’d probably stake my jewels on Bryzgalov (he is the one making the money, afterall…)



  1. ringo says:

    How valuable is Brenden Morrow in a league that doesnt count PIMs? I like his rugged style of play and he is one of the better Power Forwards in the game so I may be biased. I always targeted him in my leagues that count PIMs but my main league doesnt use PIMs anymore.

  2. ringo says:

    AND would you value Kyle Turris over Dave Bolland?

  3. bauerspeed17 says:

    How would you rank these defensemen for the rest of the year?

    Dan Hamhuis, Nick Leddy, Tobias Enstrom, Mark Streit, Matt Niskanen

  4. bauerspeed17 says:

    How do you value Paul Stastny the rest of the year?

    Has 6 points in 8 games in the month of January.

  5. bauerspeed17 says:

    I know this is my third question today, but there is a lot of movement in my league and I am trying to set myself up for a big push.

    Who would you rather have?

    Loui Ericksson or Jordan Eberle (non-keeper league)

    I’m leading towards Eberle but as you probably know from previous posts, Loui is my boy.

  6. DC

    DC says:

    @ringo: Without PIM’s Morrow not that valuable (unless your league counts Hits & Blocked Shtots). And Turris > Bolland

    @bauerspeed17: Enstrom…Leddy.Hamhuis.Streit..Niskanen. I’ve never liked Stastny. And you can’t keep Loui and Eberle? I’d drop Stastny over either of those 2 (or package Stastny and Loui/Eberle in a 2 for 1 trade).

  7. bauerspeed17 says:

    I was looking to package one of the two with either Stastny or Plekanec. I could move bobby ryan instead, but I need help in goals. I know he’s not having the season like last year, but we know he can be a 30 goal scorer.

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