So alot of games tonight in the NHL and that means alot of random Goals by random players.  The immortal Jet/Thrasher Jim “AC” Slater scored a pair of Goals tonight against the Blackhawks.  It’s his 7th year in the league and only the second time he’s scored 2 Goals in a game.  And oh yeah, these 2 were only 3 minutes apart…  Justin Abdelkader scored his 11th Goal in his 131st NHL game for Detroit… Joakim Lindstrom (who?) scored 2 Goals for the Avalanche.  The last time he even played in an NHL game?  April 9, 2009… So why am I telling you this?  Because it’s a good lesson to know in any fantasy sport:  If it looks like a terd and plays like a terd, IT’S A TERD!  Okay enough crapping, lets look at some players who don’t smell like sh*t:

Jimmy Howard – G (Det):  Sh-sh-sh-sh-shutout!  I watched most of the replay (god bless NHL Center Ice) of this game and it was pretty obvious that Vancouver was hung-over from Wednesday’s game vs Philly.  Horrible skating, bad passing, and dumb penalties plagued the Canucks all night.  And Jimmy Howard benefitted.  Thats what good Goalies do (And I mean good not elite – he gave up a Goal at the end of the 2nd but he was saved by the bell and they nixed the Goal).

Niklas Kronwall – D (Det):  Whoa……. Dude……..  Could you imagine an entire wall made of KRON?  That would be awesome!  The other thing that’s awesome (for Kronwall anyway) is Brian Rafalski’s retirement.  It looks like Kronwall is going to inhale alot of his minutes this year and that includes time on the Power Play.

Justin Williams – RW (LA):  Williams broke his left hand in his rookie season and had various sprains and strains in his sophomore year. He suffered a torn ACL and MCL halfway through his 3rd season and had surgery to repair the ligaments on January 23, 2003.  After the lockout he managed to play all 82 games in consecutive seasons for the Hurricanes, but then about halfway through the ’07-’08 season he again tore his ACL/MCL.  Then just 10 months later, he tore his Achilles tendon.  Bottom line just enjoy the points right now if you have him, cuz I doubt it will last…

Martin Brodeur – G (NJ):  Left the game after being hit in the shoulder with a pound of frozen rubber traveling at a high rate of speed… That sounds painful.  He shouldn’t be out long but I’m worried about ol’ Marty.  Just cross your fingers if you own him cuz he’s reached “brittle” status.

New York Islanders – So I ribbed them Wednesday for only scoring 2 Goals in their first 2 games and so what do they do?  They put up 4 in the 1st Period.  Mr Upside John Tavares had a decent night: 2G/2A/+4/4PIM/4SOG and his linemates Moulson and Parenteau had 2 points each (and the same +4).  Michael Grabner also added a Goal… I’m back on board the Islander bandwagon!

Geno Malkin – C (Pit):  Tallied 2 Assists and played over 22 Minutes (and seemed healthy).  Off the ledge you Malkin owners…

Alex Ovechkin – RW (Wsh):  Finally got his 1st Goal just 160 minutes into the Capitals season.  Ugh.  Forget 50 Goals this year.  Just hope for 40 and consider anything more a bonus.  If you can trade Ovie for Daniel Sedin or Stamkos or even Perry I’d do it.

Alex Tanguay – LW (Cgy):  Notched another 2 Assists and is following up a great season with a great start so far this year.  Look for it to continue and don’t be shocked when he tops 20 Goals and 50 Assists (barring injury of course.)

Rene Bourque – LW/RW (Cgy):  2 Goals to give him 3 on the year.  He’s only 63% owned in Yahoo leagues so he could be available for nothing.  Get on board now cuz he’s a streaky one…

Gabriel Landeskog – LW (Col):  Scored his 1st NHL Goal on Wednesday and followed that up with a Goal and Assist last night.  Plus he saw time on the Power Play with Matt Duchene.  His stock is rising (and to a lesser extent so is Ryan O’Reilly’s)

Erik Johnson – D (Col):  I don’t think I’ve brought up EJ yet and so I’m righting that wrong.  A former 1st overall pick, Johnson was the main man in the trade for Chris Stewart.  Now he’s easily the best Defenseman in Colorado and the ceiling (for this year) is a #2 Defenseman in a 12 team league.

Steve Ott – C (Dal):  Oh yeah I was loving Ott in the preseason and so far he’s exceeding expectations.  1G/2A/1PPP/16PIM/13SOG.  Not to get too stupid with small samples but over a full season that pace equals 19G/40A/19PPP/300PIM/250SOG…  Zhukitz!

Patrick Kane – RW (Chi):  Busted out with a Goal and 2 Assists (now has points in all 3 Hawk games).  Patty Kane’s legit and I think he’s headed for a monster year.

Marian Hossa – RW (Chi):  I thought he was underrated coming into this year and last night’s performance will help prove me right.  If he somehow plays 70 Games I’d pencil him in for 65+ Points.

Matt Cullen – C (Min):  Scored his 3rd Goal of the year last night and is firmly entrenched on the Waiver Wire All Star’s starting lineup.  And speaking of Waiver Wire All Stars…

David Legwand – C (Nsh):  D.L. has been WWF for as long as I’ve been playing fantasy hockey.  He’s on the Mt Rushmore of Waiver Wire All Stars.

Ray Whitney – LW (Phx):  1st Goal of the year and maybe he’s gonna be useful this year but I don’t know.  39 years old?  Plus Phoenix loves to spread the ice time around.  Whitney had just 15:24 TOI tonight and none of the forwards get over 18.  I’d sell right now – for someone younger…

By the way, Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly together is great TV…  Now go enjoy another awesome October sports weekend!  Seacrest OUT!!!

  1. Grizzly says:

    First, another great post. I don’t see anyone else providing this kind of coverage so keep up the good work. 2 questions:

    1. Would you drop Weiss for Cullen?

    2. I kind of punted on goalies in my draft and ended up with Brodeur, Lehtonen and Varlamov. Of course, I’m concerned about Brodeur’s injury and durability but Varlamov looks pretty good so far. I’m inclined to stand pat and see what happens but a little voice tells me I should grab Hedberg before someone else does. Right now my bench is Weiss, Wisniewski, Cleary and Varlamov so not much room. Thoughts?


  2. mike says:

    heck yyes it is great tv!

  3. Grizzley
    #1 – Hell no. You are chasing with Cullen.
    #2 – I’d personally hang on to Brodeur. He’s my backup as well, and I’m holding him for at least a month to access his effects.

    I dorked out and picked up Jagr & Selanne. Both of them were really just for kicks. Who would you guys start. I’m torn. Also thinking about going Dubinsky over Getzlaf this week. Stupid move?

  4. theevilempire says:

    Whaddya think DC? Need a goalie. Here’s my team and a trade I was offered:

    C – Mike Richards
    C – Getzlaf
    LW – D. Sedin
    LW – Clowe
    RW – Heatley
    RW – Hossa
    D – Kaberle
    D – J.Carlson
    D – Timonen
    D – R.Suter
    G – T.Thomas
    G – M.Smith
    G – Nabakov
    BN – Seguin (C)
    BN – P.Bergeron (C)
    BN – P.M.Bouchard (LW/RW)

    Obviously I’m lacking in the Goalie department. I was offered James Neal and Jonathan Quick for D.Sedin. Do I do it?

  5. GoPuck says:

    Good ol Slater 🙂

  6. theevilempire says:

    Also, I know you liked Stepan as a sleeper this year.

    Seems Tortorella agrees. He’s going to try Stepan on the top line with Gaborik and Richards tomorrow vs. the Isles. Dubinsky will go to the second line with his usual linemates of Callahan and Anisimov.

  7. DC

    DC says:

    @Grizzly: Thanks for the kind words.. Hang onto Weiss and just sit tight with Brodeur I think he’ll only miss 1 game.

    @mike: Totally different ends of the spectrum politically but they are both as quick and witty as a person can be.

    @Yarwood: Play your studs don’t bench Getz and with the way he’s playing I’d go Jagr over Teemu.

    @theevilempire: Don’t trade Sedin no way.. Give me a list of some Free Agent Goalies in your league I bet you could do better than Nabakov… Go Stepan!

    @GoPuck: Bonus points if you can tell me what the A.C. stands for?

  8. theevilempire says:

    Thanks DC. I picked up Nabakov prematurely and have now hit my 4 pickup limit for this week. I think it should reset tomorrow.

    Some goalies on the wire:


  9. DC

    DC says:

    @theevilempire: Cross your fingers that Montoya is still there tomorrow he’s a must add right now.

  10. charlie batch says:

    try and rank these goalies:


    also, how about this skaters?


  11. DC

    DC says:

    @charlie batch: Montoya…..Mason..Hedberg and then Pacioretty………Penner..Frolik….Scheifele

  12. charlie batch says:

    @DC: wish grey ordered like that, thank you

  13. theevilempire says:

    2 other owners picked up Montoya and Hedberg before my pickup limit reset today. 🙁

  14. Dominic says:

    Should I snag Hedberg in hopes that Brodeur stays down and drop Steve Mason?

  15. ringo says:

    I am intrigued by 2 skaters available in my league, Jiri Hudler and Max Pacioretty. Plus with Andy McDonald going down I have a legitimate excuse to pick one of them up to be a depth winger… Any thoughts on those two players in a 16 team league? Thank You

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