I’ve been an outspoken critic of James Neal this season but he continues to spit in my face with games like last night.  A Goal and a pair of Assists gives Neal 20 Points in 18 games.  Who needs Sidney Crosby?  It’s clearly time to throw out his first 4 years in the NHL when he averaged 46 Points a season.  I would be shocked if he kept this up and finished with 85 points, but 75 is not out of the question.  And with where he was drafted industry ‘perts call that hitting a home-run…

Kris Letang – D (Pit):  The Power Play minutes are insane and after a Goal and an Assist last night he is right back on a point-per-game pace (16 in 16).  Throw in 9 Power Play Points and over 3 Shots per game (45 total) and Kris Letang is showing why he’s (probably) the best fantasy Defenseman in the league.

Semyon Varlamov – G (Col):  If you are still holding onto this guy it’s time to pull the plug.  Last night was simply vomit-inducing: 6 Goals allowed, 4 of them in the 3rd Period when Colorado had a 3-2 lead.  That now gives him 22 Goals allowed in his last 5 games.  Pull the plug, smother him, tie a cinder-block to his ankle and dump him in the ocean..  It’s over Johnny!

Claude Giroux – RW (Phi):  Returned to fantasy dominance (2G/1A Monday night) after a short 2 game scoreless drought..  I have a feeling 2 game scoreless droughts will be few and far between for CGi this year.

Maxime Talbot – C/RW (Phi):  Most sites just call him Max, but Maxime sounds so much more professional doesn’t it?  And that’s exactly what Talbot is – A professional.  In GM speak that means he doesn’t score but provides solid defense and “leadership”.   Or in other words I’m not buying his recent hot streak (5 Points in last 5 Games).

Andrew Ladd – LW (Wpg):  Ladd was definately a Waiver Wire All Star last year but I don’t think it’ll happen again this season.  He won’t kill you in Goals and Shots, but all the other categories will be crap.  Definately not roster worthy in 12 team (or less) leagues.

Zach Parise – LW (NJ):  Zach Attack!!  Uhhh yeah. So far the only thing he’s been attacking is your teams chances of winning.  2 Assists last night (1 on the Power Play) boosts his season line to: 5G/5A/-4/2PPP.  Yuck… The only glimmer of hope is that he’s averaging close to 4 Shots per game so all is not completely lost (yet)…

Brad Richards – C (NYR):  I’d say this is what Richards will be this year.  Not quite the stud he’s been the last 2 seasons, but if he plays 80 games expect 70-75 Points…

John Tavares – C (NYI):  Is it just me or does it seem like Mr. Upside is disappointing?  I know 8 Goals and 7 Assists in 15 games (as well as 55 Shots) is really good for a 21 year old, but I thought this could be the year he goes nuts and vaults himself into Top 10 status.  Plenty of time left though…

Niklas Backstrom – G (Min):  Told Josh Harding to BACK the F off.  ’tis the life of a backup Goaltender.  One bad game (which Harding had on Saturday) and suddenly you’re glued to the bench again.  Not that Backstrom hasn’t earned it though, he was a badass last night…

Brian Elliott – G (Stl):  I don’t understand it and I don’t think it will last, but right now Brian Elliott is a must-own.

Pekka Rinne – G (Nsh):  Absolutely dominated the Capital’s last night and is easily justifying the hype he had in the preseason.  Tim Thomas, Roberto Luongo, Henrik Lundqvist, throw them all in the pile.  I’d still rather have Rinne…

Jason Garrison – D (Fla):  Keeps on shootin’ and scorin’.  He and Kulikov are 2 of the biggest reasons why Florida keeps winning games (along with Flash and Versteeg).  But he’s 27 and prior to this year he had 35 career points.  In other words don’t hitch your wagon to Mr. Garrison..

Daniel Alfredsson – RW (Ott):  Not only is he back after missing just 2 weeks with a concussion, he’s producing!  Did you hear that Crosby?  Get your azz back on the ice!!!

  1. Randy BoBandy says:

    The Stars tanked last night to the Panthers of all teams, why? First game home after a road trip!!

  2. DC

    DC says:

    @Randy BoBandy: Good point.. But I have a feeling if they had won last night I wouldn’t have heard from you?

  3. Randy BoBandy says:

    Not necessarily, I still check it out daily!

  4. ringo says:

    Any thoughts on the Clemmenson shutout vs the Stars? I cannot see him getting more than a 50/50 share in FLA, but if the trade rumours come true do you see him getting starts for another team (maybe 60/40?). Would he have any value if he got traded to the most obvious goalie needy club, Columbus?

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @Randy BoBandy: Cool keep reading…

    @ringo: If Florida really is showcasing Clemmensen then he’s a good short term add.. But if he does get traded to CBJ I’d cut him immediately. Just can’t trust any Goalie on that team.. I think the better add after he gets traded would be Markstrom. He’s more than ready to be an NHL Goalie and Theodore is a perfect backup (although Theodore would get at least 50/50 split).

  6. ringo says:

    Andrei Kostitsyn or Pierre Marc-Bouchard ROS? I have a soft spot for PMB but Kostitsyn was playing well before he got hurt, both guys are LW/RW eligible and both guys play for clubs that have trouble scoring… and I just dropped Luke Adam for Tim Connolly. The main reason I added Adam was due to the fact he was playing with Vanek/Pominville, but now that he appears off that line I added Connolly for a similar reason (playing with Kessell/Lupul). Was that a wise move?… Keep Up The Good Work

  7. Angry Tortorella says:

    time to cut and run on Kaberle? 4 points and -5 rating on the season.

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