Another rough night for Martin Brodeur leads me to believe it could be official.  Most declared him dead after last season but I was still holding out hope.  Unfortunately Hope turned out to be a 300lb alcoholic.  Just look at the stats:  5-5/.899/2.81/0SO.  That is horrawful.  Another red flag is the fact that Johan Hedberg has been by far the superior netminder: 7-4/.920/2.24/1SO.  So what does this all mean?  It means if you need a Goalie pick up Moose Hedberg.  It also means Brodeur is not only NOT a #1, he’s not even a #2 Goalie right now.  If you can trade the name and fill another need, DO IT!  It’s BrodOVER.

Ryan O’Reilly – C (Col):  This guy is what he is.  1 Goal and 2 Assists last night after having no Goals and just 4 Assists in his previous 11 games.  RyO’Rei is a Waiver Wire All Star candidate, nothing more.

T.J. Galiardi – LW (Col):  Nice of you to show up and score a Goal TJ!  Thanks for making me look good by calling you a sleeper in the preseason!…..   Uggh.  The Mexican-Italian cocktail has been a big steaming pile this year.  Remind me to not mention his name again.

Kyle Quincey – D (Col):  Yes I know it’s an Avalanche heavy post so far, sue me.  But I felt the need to mention Quincey.  After a minor blip (2 Points last 9 games) Quincey responded with 2 Assists yesterday.  His season line is more than respectable for a Defenseman (3G/13A/8PPP/22PIM).  If for some reason he’s out there floating on Waiver Wire Island (just 69% ownership in Yahoo) go pick him up.

Ryan Getzlaf – C (Ana):  Easily Getzy’s best game of the season (1G/2A/+2/6SOG).  Pull 30 more games like this one out of your butt and then we’ll be cool again.

Niklas Hagman – LW (Ana):  Hey nice empty-netter!  Is that the only way you can score these days??? There are certain players in every sport where I wonder how in the hell they manage to keep catching on somewhere.  There is Jack Wilson/Adam Kennedy/Nick Punto in MLB, Takeo Spikes in the NFL, and Hagman is that guy in the NHL.  Which means Hagman the Bagman is making his one and only appearance on this site.

Max Pacioretty – LW (Mon):  I don’t like mentioning guys who are getting suspended by the Neanderthal Shanahan, but his absense last night was a big loss for the Canadians.  In fact Montreal is way too reliant on not only Max-Pac, but also Cammalleri and Plekanec.  Take any one of those 3 out of the Montreal lineup and the offense falls apart…

Erik Cole – LW (Mon):  And here is a big reason why.  I was extremely dumbfounded when Montreal threw $18 Mil at this guy in the offseason and turns out I WAS RIGHT!  (well me and every hockey analyst in the country).   For fantasy purposes I could see streaming him from time to time, but thats it.  This man doesn’t belong anywhere near a roster in a 12 team league.

Jordan Eberle – RW (Edm):  Hat tip to frequent commenter Neely’sKnee for mentioning this guy yesterday in the comments.  I knew Air Jordan was having a good season but not to the extent that he is.  2 more Points last night gives him 15 in the last 9 games.  Yes, please and thank-you…

Niklas Backstrom – G (Min):  Thats now 3 straight starts and make no mistake, Niklas without the C is the G in MinnE (again).  Harding and I had a nice run though.  Come back soon Josh!

Martin St. Louis – RW (TB):  3 Power Play Points… Dreis…. Tres… Trois… Three….  On the season!  You don’t need me to tell you that’s terrible.  But F it let’s push the chips to the center and go all in on this guy – BUY LOW!

David Krejci – C (Bos):  Great night with a Goal and 2 Assists leads me to believe a run could be in the works… No not the runs, a run.  Krejci is a key cog in Boston and an ideal #3 Center on your fantasy team.

Bruce Boudreau – (Ana):  This just broke late here on the west coast.  The Ducks fired Carlyle after beating Montreal and immediately hired Big Boy Boudreau.  I am stupified by this move.  Carlyle and Boudreau are cut from the same cloth and typically when a team fires a Coach the new guy is the polar opposite.  But then again I’m not in the Anaheim locker room all that often, so maybe Randy just had to go.  Fantasy wise I don’t think this will have much of an effect, but if I had to bet on a guy to benefit I’d say Getzlaf..


  1. Jethro says:

    Do you see Cam Ward turning it around??…..the dude is killing me!!!!!

  2. Spence says:

    Boudreau for Carlyle: One Peanut-head for another?

  3. Grizzly says:

    I am hurting at goalie – started with Lehtonen, Brodeur and Hiller – what a joke. I have picked up Hedberg and Lehtonen is on IR. No one is interested in a trade for Brodeur. Should I hold onto Hiller and see if he turns things around? I could drop him and pick up: Pavelec, Montoya, Garon – I’m leaning Montoya. What do you think?

  4. ringo says:

    Kind of disappointing to know that you don’t like Takeo, I find he is much like the Rodney Dangerfield of the LB world.

  5. Charles says:

    Goalies have crushed my team so far – Hiller and Miller. Should I go for Anderson, Pavelec, Varlamov, Sanford, Montoya, Roloson, or Halak? Please pick 2 with W, SO, SV%, GAA as the cats. Max of 6 starts per week, FWIW.

  6. DC

    DC says:

    @Jethro: Ward is one of the streakier Goalies in the league so at some point he’ll get hot. Other than that though he is what he is- an average to below average fantasy goalie.

    @Spence: LOL Exactly!

    @Grizzly: Do not drop Hiller. If you wanna drop one of your Goalies for Montoya drop Brodeur.

    @ringo: Yeah that was probably unfair but I couldn’t think of a name to fit that bill in the NFL.. Maybe Mark Brunell instead?

    @Charles: If you have the room (meaning don’t drop Hiller or Miller for any of these guys) I would pick up Montoya and Halak.

  7. BeatBox says:

    You like Kopitar or Malkin better for the rest of the season?

  8. GoPuck says:

    Love Carlyle, but it was time to go, got saved by a miracle run to end the year last year, and looking a bit more into it, while he is a screamer like Randy I dont think he is quite the “matchup” guy Carlyle was, so maybe that will freshen things up a bit for the Ducks, and from a personal fantasy perspective, I hope he turns Fowler into Mike Green from 3 years ago 🙂

  9. DC

    DC says:

    @BeatBox: Malkin

    @GoPuck: Yeah it’ll definately be interesting to watch.

  10. ELaw says:

    I was late for my draft and got autopick’d for Eric Staal. I have never owned him ever. What can I do? I want to trade him, but I dont know what his value is right now…I’m sure it’s low low…like girls at a club dropping it like it’s hot low, but minus the hot part.

    I need D help which defensemen should I target?

  11. hurtin between the pipes!

    montoya, raycroft, bob rovsky…all available. im a lehtonen owner and am in trouble in net. should i drop him outright?

    any suggestions? anyone? dc?

    thanks, always appreciated


  12. Beatbox says:

    Ok DC, guy is offering me Malkin for St Louis or Kopitar so I’m not sure which one to give up?

  13. DC

    DC says:

    @ELaw: If you’re talking about trading Staal 1 for 1 for a D-man it needs to be an elite guy like a Chara or Phaneuf or Weber. Or maybe a lesser guy (like a Suter/Edler/Yandle type) plus a decent forward.

    @anchovies: Don’t drop Lehtonen. Pick up Raycroft or Montoya (I’d say Raycroft but I’ll leave that up to you).

    @Beatbox: Trade Kopitar.. St. Louis is a Right Winger those are much harder to come by in fantasy than a Center

  14. Beatbox says:

    Thanks again DC, you never steer me wrong..

  15. filp-fanatic says:

    how do you feel about jussi jokinen? some of the fellow owners in my league have made bone head moves (drop jeff skinner? drop ilya bryzgalov? drop corey parry?) so im wondering if jokinen is another in a long list of dumb drops…but to my advantage

  16. DC

    DC says:

    @Beatbox: de nada…

    @filp-fanatic: Not that high on Jokinen. But those other 3 guys (Skinner, Bryz, Perry) should be picked up immediately if they are still available.

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