Evander Kane is showing everyone that he is a M-A-N at the ripe age of 20.  2 Goals last night put him just 2 short of last season’s total of 19.  I’d say the odds are pretty good that he will top that but the real question is how many can he score?  He’s on pace for about 38-39 which just seems a little high to me (he’s too streaky – before last night he was in the midst of a 7 game Goal-less drought).  If I were setting the over/under right now I’d probably put it at 34.  That’s good.  Now consider the fact that you probably drafted him in the 10th Round or later.  That’s damn good.  You know what else is damn good?  Beef Jerky

Ilya Kovalchuk – I’ve always been fascinated by players (in any sport) who score on their own team.  I would imagine it’s similar to ripping a loud fart in a company meeting.  Everybody is annoyed at you but nobody says anything.  What can you say?  In the end it probably didn’t matter too much, odds are New Jersey would have lost anyway.  Still, it’s always entertaining to see someone ice the game for the opponent… 

Henrik Lundqvist – G (NYR):  Ho hum another Shutout for King Henrik on Monday.  His season line is ree-freaking-diculous: 15W/1.95GAA/.936SV%/3SO..  Every year the King is drafted incredibly high and every year he produces at an elite level.  Players like him are responsible for keeping order in the universe.

Shea Weber – D (Nsh):  Another day, another star player goes out “indefinately” due to a Concussion.  The question is, as always, is Shea Weber a Danny Alfredsson/Claude Giroux type who only misses a few games?  Or is he the (dreaded) Sidney Crosby/Peter Mueller out until next Christmas type?

Chris Stewart – RW (Stl):  It’s too late man.  You blew it!   When you courted me the first time last season I believed everything you said.   I even bumped you up my preseason rankings because I thought you could be the one!   Then you decided to completely shatter my trust by cheating on me and contracting the virus known as SUCKITIS.  So just go away!  I don’t even want to look at you anymore!

Andrew Ebbett – C (Van):  Congratulations to the 3 member’s of Andrew Ebbett’s family who happen to be the only people in North America whose fantasy team benefitted from his 2 Goals…

Luca Sbisa – D (Ana):  Notched his 1st Goal in almost a full calender year on Monday night.. In other words, not even his family members own him on their fantasy teams.

Simon Gagne – LW (LA):  Speaking of concussions – yeah – not good especially considering Gagne’s, ahem, inability to play through injury..  I’d wait until it’s officially ruled a Concussion, but once that’s known Simon says to drop him…  Actually its official: CONCUSSION.  Simon says drop accordingly…

Nicklas Lidstrom – D (Det):  Had his 1st Goal in almost 2 weeks last night and just his 4th Point in the Wings’ last 11 games.  The +/- has been stellar as usual though (+10) so no need to panic.  I wonder how many opposing teams coaches have used these exact words as a pep talk before playing the Wings…

Steve Sullivan – LW (Pit):  Much like Jordan Staal getting a fantasy boost when Crosby’s out, the same applies to Sullivan.  Simply put, he gets more time with Malkin and more time on the Power Play.  If you need a fill-in at LW Sully should be able to land you sucessfully in the river…

Miika Kiprusoff – G (Cgy):  Has now won 3 straight by only allowing 4 Goals.  I said it in the preseason and will continue to preach:  Yes he is a legit #1 fantasy Goalie but he is easily the most boring #1 fantasy Goalie you can own.

P.K. Subban – D (Mtl):  Notched a Goal and an Assist in his 1st game since being scratched healthy (or healthily scratched???) on December 22.  It’s a good sign and maybe it will be the wake-up call he’s needed since the start of the season.

Raphael Diaz – D (Mtl):  So do you remember the last time I talked about Subban and I mentioned that the rest of the Montreal Defensive core is an absolute joke?  Yeah when this guy Raphael Diaz (who I think was a famous Spanish actor before this new job) is averaging close to 20 minutes a game you’ve got some real problems (despite his 3 Assists yesterday).

Steve Downie – RW (TB):  A Goal and Assist yesterday for Downie as well as his (minimum) 2 PIM’s.  It wasn’t long ago (the 2009-2010 season to be exact) when Downie was the guy in my life.  I would watch all his games, brag about him to my friends, and wish his fathead poster a good night before I went to bed.  Unfortunately times change, and so has Downie.  Gone are the days of 22 Goals, 11Power Play Points and 208(!) Penalty Minutes… Sigh… It seems like only yesterday…

Milan Michalek – LW/RW (Ott):  Another soldier has returned from the Concussion front after only being out a couple weeks.  He looked fine and even added an Assist.  Get him back in your lineup if you missed it the first time around.

Jason Garrison – D (Fla):  I poo-pooed this guy the first time I talked about him with the caveat that it seems like anything can happen down in Florida this year..  And that is basically how I still feel.

  1. GoPuck says:

    Funny I just assumed Gagne was already hurt this year before today anyway 🙂

  2. need a solid d-man due to injuries and benchings. still hanging on to ray emery and kyle quincey.

    niskanen is available right now for the taking. dont wanna give up too much, but hes on the wire. i could also let yandle, chris neil, ryan ellis go for him.


    thanks in advance.

    is letang ever coming off the IR??

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @GoPuck: LOL…

    @anchovies: Letang is one of the Concussion Crosby’s (don’t count on much of anything the rest of this season).. I’d probably drop Ryan Ellis until he actually proves he can do something at the NHL level.

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