So why does it feel like I just used Jeff Carter as the headline in one of my posts?  Oh, because I did.  In fact here is a snippet of what I said just 2 days ago:  “Despite that enormous contract, other teams will trade for him too (I am of the opinion that Carter, not Nash will be the one headed out of Colombus).  And if you own Carter that is good news.   Literally anywhere would be a better situation for this much maligned scorer.”  I guess I should have ended that last sentence with “except LA”, cuz that is where talented offensive players go to die.  Is there a chance he and Kopitard go together like butter and bacon?  Sure there is, but that doesn’t change the fact it would have been 420 times better if he had gone to some 25 other teams.

Jack Johnson – D (CBJ):  Getting traded to Colombus would be a negative for most players, but in Johnson’s case it’s a good thing.  JJ has just 1 Goal and 3 Assists in his last 17 games (including a -3 rating).  Something was…… is…. rotten in LA right now and a fresh start might just lead to a strong finish.

Danrik Sedin – C/RW (Van):  Leave it to the sisters to end the Red Wings home winning streak.  If this was a game in May (which will happen) they would have lost 3-1 and the Regular Season Twins would have gone pointless…

Patrick Marleau – C/LW (SJ):  Notched the only 2 Goals for the Sharks and it held up.  I’m really interested to see if ol’ Patty can get to 70 Points (he’s at 48 right now).  If not, it would be just the 2nd time in the last 7 years and everyone would be screaming the end is near (and by ‘everyone’ I mean me.)

Corey Perry – RW (Ana):  The Ducks have 21 Games left and CP-10 has 30 Goals.  So lets do the math: 50 minus 30 is 20 so thats just 20 Goals in 21 Games to get to 50….. Got it?

Mikael Samuelsson – RW (Fla):  A Goal and an Assist last night after a 4 game scoreless drought is a good sign.  If you’re looking for a serviceable Right Winger for the stretch run Samuelsson (Samuel’s Son – HA!) is someone you could probably add for free – his Yahoo ownership level is just 8% right now…

Ondrej Pavelec – G (Wpg):  Speaking of “serviceable”, Pavelec is the Goalie version of that.  He is so serviceable in fact, I traded for him in a league where I need quantity > quality.  He’ll get plenty of starts (and Wins) while not completely butchering my ratios.  Well that’s the theory at least…

Loui Eriksson – LW/RW (Dal):  It’s looking like the loss of Richards is indeed hurting Erik’s Son (HA!).  Right now he’s on pace for 25G/42A/12PPP’s.  Last season? 27G/46A/25PPP’s.  See where the problem is???

Jarome Iginla – RW (Cgy):  You are in a battle with Martin St. Louis for last year’s 1st rounder who will fall the furthest in my new rankings…  You have been warned Iginla!

Ray Whitney – LW (Phx):  Ray has got to be the single most forgotten guy in fantasy hockey and easily the biggest surprise of the season.  He’s already matched last years point total (56 Points) in 14 fewer games and rather than having a 0 rating he’s a +22.  If I woke up tomorrow morning with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am right now…

Devan Dubnyk – G (Edm):  Alright a 35 Save Shutout against the high-Flyers is pretty awesome, BUTT, it proves nothing other than the fact that if you are a Goalie in the National Hockey League, you are capable of a game like this.  I don’t care if your name is Alex Auld or Ben Scrivens or Devan Dubnyk…

Mike Green – D (Wsh):  I wanted to get excited about Green’s (2nd) return from injury but a -3 and zero points in 3 games just reminds me how bad he’s been this season.  If there is an exact opposite of “excitement” that is what I’m feeling now.

Taylor Hall –  LW (Edm):  Edmonton’s Kid in the Hall (was that not a genius play on words or what!?) is doing nothing to diminish the love I will be feeling for him come next preseason.  I just hope he’s not courted by all the ‘perts too, I don’t want it to be like throwing a hot dog down a Hall-way…


  1. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Nice call on Carter, anyways.

    • DC

      DC says:

      @VinWins, Yeah pretty excited about that one.. And I did hear the Kings as a possibility but just wasn’t thinking about it at the time I wrote the post.

  2. Disco says:

    420 references in two straight posts, you must have gotten hold of the good stuff! Will Columbus please trade Nash to the Rangers already. Is Ryan O’Reilly for real with this new look Avs line? I’m considering starting him over Getzlaf and J. Staal this week (2 game week for Pit)

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