A wise man (AKA frequent Commenter Jethro) once asked: “Who do you see as the Leaf goalie going forward, Reimer or Goose???…..I have Reimer, be patient or cut bait????   After realizing the seriousness of the situation (just look at all those question marks!!!!!) I responded with this:  “Goose will get more starts going forward, but I just have a feeling it won’t be by much so hang onto Reimer.”  And Voila!  A Shutout for Reimer yesterday.  But I’m still sticking to what I said just last week – it’s gonna be close to a 50/50 split unless someone gets uber hot and stays that way.  And I don’t see that happening.  Both of these Goalies have flaws and it’s gonna be a see-saw all year long.  Now onto some more important players on more important teams (OHHH!  Take THAT Toronto!)

Jamie Benn – C/LW (Dal):  For the life of me I can’t figure out why someone would name their son Jamie.  I’ve heard it’s more “acceptable” in England and parts of Canada, but that shizz don’t fly here in the States.  The point is that despite the name, Jamie has been playing like a MAN all season long.  No reason to think that’ll stop…

Michael Ryder – RW (Dal):  It was a big night for Dallas and Ryder was a big part of it.  HOWEVA, the ice time is still an issue and despite getting a good amount of Power Play minutes, it’s not resulting in any points.  Take away his nice little +6 and you’re left with very little… A horse without a rider, if you will…

Ryan Miller – G (Buf):  If you like Defense (aka no scoring), then you loved the game in Buffalo last night.  It was the immovable object versus the…..uh….. immovable object.  Miller Time prevailed but this duel could have easily gone to King Henrik (it took 5 shootout rounds to decide it).  Ryan Miller will play better, this is only the start.

Mikael Samuelsson – RW (Fla):  Sonova-didn’t pick up for a spot start!  It was a choice between Samuelsson and the newly healthy Tyler Ennis.  Yeah I took the pEnnis, who did nothing while Samuelsson sniped 2 Goals.  Despite my anti pEnnis envy I like both of these guys if you’re looking for lightning in a bottle.

Drew Doughty – D (LA):  This was a good game and Doughty looked like his old self.  He had an Assist early on then notched the game winning Goal with less than a second to spare.  Then I saw the post game interview, and he’s still FAT.  And I mean FAT, not PHAT.  Doughty is just a lazy B who got paid, so sell high if you own him.  There are people out there who think he can still be a #1 Dman..

John Carlson – D (Wsh):  Seriously you’re still only 22?  And you just turned 22?  Why does it seem like you’ve been around forever?

Jonas Hiller – G (Ana):  And Jona Hill’s oscar buzz just took a major hit.  6 Goals Allowed on just 26 Shot’s won’t get him any votes… Wait he wasn’t nominated for his role as Paul DePodesta?  Really?  Well anyway I’ve already chalked this up as a lost season for Hiller, and I proved it by dropping him in one of my leagues back in early December…

Sidney Crosby – C (Pit):  If you haven’t already heard the news then I’ve only got 1 thing to say to you:  Welcome to Earth!!  If I were a betting man, which I am, I’d lean towards his season being over.  HOWEVA, if you are in an enviable position standings wise (meaning you’re a shoe-in for the playoffs) it would behoove you to hang onto him until it’s officially over.  Just imagine Crosby coming back to play in the last 2 weeks of your fantasy playoffs, it would be the ultimate boost.  Like finding a beautiful girl passed out on your bed after a night of hard drinking…  Uh wait, nevermind…. #CarryOn


  1. Big Jgke says:

    Wait, are you saying that Doughty is doughy?

  2. Jethro says:

    This wise man kept Reimer, but sat him for the week and started Schneider!!!!……oh well. my league has shut-outs as a category, so I missed out big time.

  3. bmj says:

    hey i just read your last post on Clarkson. Do you like him for the rest of the year over Erat in a multicat league?

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