Jonas Hiller is having one of the worst seasons in the history of Ducks Goaltending… And I should know, I lived through the Mikail Shtalenkov/Ron Tugnutt/Guy Hebert Era’s back when I was a wii-lad (unsponsored product placement)…  Well Hiller is making those guys look like Patrick Roy.  I can’t explain it other than to speculate that the vertigo he was originally diagnosed with 11 months ago is still bothering him.  It’s that, or his teammates have either A) Given up  B) Got old in 6 months,  or C) Suddenly realized they hate Hiller and want him to fail…  I can make an argument for B (Koivu is finished, Visnovsky’s old & brittle, Teemu has been slumping recently) but in reality the R-P-G line is the goat.  Which leads me to believe (since a new head coach did nothing) that the answer is C…  Confused yet?  Well now you know how HIller feels.  I’ve already advised dropping Hiller in most situations, but after last night’s game I mean all situations…  Now lets move it on, before I shed a tear…

Lars Eller – C (Mon):  9 times out of 10 if a guy nets 4 Goals he gets the headline (especially if he’s the drummer for Metallica), but the truth is the “lead” guy has to be fantasy relevant and Lars isn’t…

Benn Ferriero – RW (SJ):  It was the usual suspects who scored points for the Sharks yesterday, with the exception of Bigg Benn Ferriero.  He notched his 2nd Goal in as many games and might be ready to challenge Thornton and Marleau and Couture and…..  ERRRRRRR…. NOT!  Nothing to see here unless you’re in a Bay-Area Only League…

Tomas Kaberle –  D (Mon):  Is it just me or does it seem like alot of guy’s are just now scoring their 1st Goals of the season…  Isn’t it January?  Did the NHL have a 10 week lockout I knew nothing about?  I had high hopes for TOmas when he got traded to Montreal but the reality is he’s been less than stellar…

Patrice Bergeron – C (Bos):  Just when you think he’s gonna go cold (0 Points last 2 games) he pops 2 Goals on the petrified Martin Brodeur.  Patrick Burgers is on pace for a career year, and his +22 is near the top of the NHL.  Now lets all pat rice, and berger on…

Roberto Luongo – G (Van):  Trade him!  Trade him!  Oh wait we’re in January now?  And Luongo is on fire?  Hmmm…   I recall…. Oh yeah I recommended trading for Luongo at the height of Scheider-steria.  Now if only I’d listened to my own advice!!

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins – C (Edm):  R-Hop did something to his shoulder, which is not a good injury for a scorer like him.  The team is saying 2-3 games, which I want to believe, but you can never tell with young franchise players.  Just look on the bright side, he has no signs of a concussion…

Jared Spurgeon – D (Min):  Spurgeon and I had a nice run, but it’s been downright scary for about a month now.  2 Points in 9 games is probably a forecast of things to come.  If you own him, feel free to find the next D-‘hawk on the Waiver Wire…


  1. Randy BoBandy says:

    Loaded question coming up…I’m in a keeper league. We get to keep 5 players. Rosters are composed of: 2 C, 2 LW, 2 RW, 1 F, 4 D, and 1 G plus bench spots.

    I am in contention this year, but am contemplating some trades. As it stands, I am probably going to keep: Kopitar, Hall, Hopkins, Letang for certain. I have Lundqvist too but goalies aren’t worth as much the way our league is set up.

    So that means I have one spot for Staal, Iginla, or Franzen. I still like Staal’s upside, but he isn’t having the greatest season. Iginla is having a decent season but not getting any younger. I’m leaning towards Franzen just because of the consistency of the Red Wings.

    So after all of that, who should I be looking to trade the most? I’ve been offered Semin for Iginla and Thornton/Pietrangelo for Staal but they aren’t keepers going forward.

  2. GoPuck says:

    Brutal last night from Jonas, what is the hockey equivalent to the “disgraceful list” whatever it is he needs to go there.

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @Randy BoBandy: Yeah tough call but I would still keep Staal.. If you wanna try and go big though, package him and like Iginla or something for a true stud (Malkin or one of the Sedin’s) that wouldn’t be a bad move either.

    @GoPuck: Yeah no kidding.

  4. i’ve had letang sitting on my IR forever…is he worth the spot or should i set him free?

    how do you feel about seidenberg or wheeler?

    alfredsson is also dangling on my wire.

    last question…i had theodore go down. clemmenson worth a shot? i have luongo and let-em-in



  5. DC

    DC says:

    @anchovies: Yeah hold onto Letang, too much value if to just throw away (if he comes back). Old man Alf is not a bad pickup, and yeah I think Clemmensen is a good add right now.

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