Patrick Sharp got hurt against Detroit because he was either A) slashed by Jiri Hudler or B) fell hard on the ice during a penalty kill.  The one thing we do know, which by the words being used means we know nothing, is that he has an upper body injury and will be out 3-4 weeks…  (Sigh, Gasp, Yell)…  The good news however (if you own Sharp) is that I have not heard any mention of the “C” word and seriously doubt we will.  Possible concussion victims are never given a hard timetable for a return, and 3-4 weeks is as hard as it gets in the NHL (well the ice is probably harder, but you get my drift).  It just sucks because Sharpie was rolling along nicely and was on pace to set career highs in just about every offensive category.  I remember the last time I was rolling along nicely…. It ended with a trip to county jail…. moving on….

Jonas Hiller – G (Ana):  Frequent commentor (and always harrassing older brother) GoPuck posed an interesting question to me last week in the comments:  “Why doesn’t the NHL have a Disgraceful List like MLB does?  Hiller should’ve been on it a month ago.”   Well here you go.  Hiller is out indefinately with the always mysterious Lower Body Injury..

Jeff Carter – C (CBJ):  Man seems to me like the NHL would’ve been better off just not playing any games on Sunday.  Were all these injured players too busy watching Tim Tebow on their smart-phones to pay attention to what was happening on the ice?  If you haven’t heard, Carter got his bell rung and his shoulder dislocated by the ravishing Francois Beauchemin.  As far as amount of time he’ll miss?  Who knows.  But with the way Colombus is playing I seriously doubt he’ll be rushing back…

Iiro Tarkki – G (Ana):  Here is the scenario in which I would recommend picking Iiro up:  You’re in a 25 team league that counts “Starts”…

Scott Clemmensen – G (Fla):  I’m really kicking myself over this one.  Clemmensen was available yesterday in one of my leagues and I passed.  So of course he stops 25 of 26 and gets the Win… I give up!

Dmitry Kulikov – D (Fla):  I haven’t mentioned Kulikov in a while and it’s because he’s been suckin’ up the joint.  No Points in THIRTEEN games prior to last night has caused many to abandon ship, and I can’t blame you.  I think there’s a chance he regains his early season form, but I highly doubt it…

Jack Johnson – D (LA):  Back in early November I said that I’d take Jack Johnson over Drew Doughty…. Yeah… Since then JJ has 1 Goal and 4 Assists in 25 games, so let me backtrack for a second.  I don’t want Drew Doughty OR Jack Johnson on my team.

Marcus Johansson – C (Wsh):  Say it with me now:  Spot Start!  Spot Start! Yeah!  Okay enough.  Johan’s Son is working his way up the Waiver Wire All Star ballot, and with more 2 Goal performances on a 2 game night he’ll get there…

Michal Neuvirth – G (Wsh):  I think there is a nice opportunity here.  Vokoun is reeling again and Neuvirth is going to start until he gets shellacked.  If he was dropped in your league go pick him up now…

Brad Marchand – C (Bos):  This repeat offender just got handed 5 games for clipping Sami Salo.  Good riddance.  I for one am disgusted by these kinds of acts, and I’m glad to see the NHL finally coming down on……….  NAAAAHHHHHH…  F**K THAT!  LET ‘EM PLAY!!!

In closing, can I please get a reason for the ridiculous NHL schedule?  I get why a ton of games are played on Saturday, but what’s the reason for so few games on Sunday and Monday?  Is it because of the NFL?  Bettman?  Hello???

  1. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    My opponent picked up Clemmensen and Bernier. Nice start to the week: 2 wins/1.50/.938/45 saves.

  2. theearly90s says:

    watch out for Bobby Ryan.

  3. ben_smith says:

    so you suggest picking up clemmensen then? do you know how long theo is out for?

  4. DC

    DC says:

    @VinWins: Bummer.. Pretty ballsy to start both those guys yesterday.

    @theearly90s: He could get as hot as a pistol for 2 months and then he miiiiight be about where I thought he’d be this year.

    @ben_smith: Theodore is supposed to be back sometime next week.. and yeah if you need a Goalie I’d pick him up.

  5. GoPuck says:

    Thanks for the mention it is truly an honor 🙂 and I had no idea Jack Johnson has been that horrible, but like most Kings this year and throughout there existence he is underachieving, guess I should’nt be suprised.

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