Peter Mueller finally did something since returning that’s worth talking about, and I’m not just talking about the 2 Goals.  He overcame a Concussion!  No not that.  He also had an Assist last night!  No no that’s wrong too.  Oh yeah, he finally saw more than 15 minutes on the ice.  In fact he was out there for almost 20, including major Power Play time.  It’s a good sign, and if it wasn’t for his Crosby-like concussion past I’d be screaming MUUUEEELLLEEEEERRRR from a mountain top.  Unfortunately I’ve already been burned advocating for concussion victims, so I will temper expectations…  But seriously those of you with garbage teams go pick him up now, his upside is high and if he gets concussed again you can just drop him.

Taylor Hall – LW (Edm):  In case you haven’t heard, Hall is out for a while after getting gashed above the eye in pre-game warmups.  It took 30 stitches to close the wound, which for a hockey player amounts to about 2 games (1 Game missed = 15 stitches, for you math majors).  This of course assumes that that (that that?  that that) blade to the head just caused massive bleeding and not the C word.

Jason Pominville – RW (Buf):  It goes without saying that when a team is losing as many games as Buffalo has been, most players on the team will be slumping.  Pominville hasn’t fallen off a cliff (2 Goals last night, 7 Points last 8 games) but these other guys I’m about to mention have not only fallen off the cliff, but their bodies have been identified and the funerals are on Saturday…

Thomas Vanek – LW (Buf):  Here is the major offensive culprit in Tatanka…errrrr…. Buffalo.  Vanek started the season red hot, but he’s now scoreless in 3 games and he’s got just 2 points in his last 9.  HOWEVA, between Vanek and the next 2 Sabre’s I’m going to mention I trust him the most to turn it around.

Derek Roy – C (Buf):  Roy G Biv has been just as cold as Vanek (2 Points last 9 games) but for some reason I have little to no faith in a turnaround.  I blame his first name…

Ryan Miller – G (Buf):  And we get to the last (and primary) culprit in the land of chicken wings and missed field goals.  I will admit Goalies receive too much of the blame when a team is struggling, but thats just part of the job.  It’s probably the worst position in sports when it comes to assigning blame.  NFL Quarterbacks get too much blame when times are bad too, but when things are good for an NFL team the Quarterback gets ALL the credit.  It’s rarely that way for an NHL Goalie.  Can Miller Time return this season?   It’s possible.  Just remember 8 out of 10 recovering alcoholics will fall off the wagon.

Alex Ovechkin – RW (Wsh):  The Russian Rapper scored a Goal last night to give him 19 on the season.  Not exactly what was expected from a consensus top 3 pick in the draft, let alone the fact that this is ALEX OVECHKIN.  Maybe he turns it on and manages to pull 40 Goals out of a hat, but I just don’t see it.  Hell right now I’d be surprised to see him get to 80 points.

Francois Beauchemin – D (Ana):  Just like Buffalo’s struggles lead to horrible individual slumps, Anaheim’s surge leads to individual hot streaks.   Enter the Beauche-man.  2G/5A last 6 games means he’ll probably go pointless until February, but if you’re desperate for short term D help you could do worse.


  1. Giacomo says:

    The Sabres have D-Railed. Weber is awful and should be in the AHL. Myers hasn’t been able to make up for the loss of Ehroff and Regehr. I agree Miller hasn’t been his Vezina winning self but a lot of the goals are because his defense has left him out to dry. However, I admit, it would be nice to see him steal a game once and while. As a die-hard Sabres fan, I think it is time for them to make some sort of move, whether it is firing Lindy and hopefully Darcy Regier or making a trade. At this point I would almost rather see them be sellers at the deadline than buyers and start to rebuild. If Stafford or Roy get traded, it might help their fantasy prospects depending on where they end up.

  2. bauerspeed17 says:

    Trade offer:

    I trade Jimmy Howard, Krejci (or Lucic) for Ryan Miller and Steve Stamkos

    I am probably thinking way too much about this offer and may be an idiot for not accepting it but here is what I am thinking:

    I’m really hesitant to pull the trigger on this deal because I’m first in wins, GAA, and shutouts and second in SV% and I am afraid that I will lose out on these categories if i part with Howard

    I am currently 10/12 in goals scored at 102. Teams above me have 105, 108, 108, 110, 113, 115. Do you think with Stamkos and my roster that I would be able to pass these teams in goals. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    FYI: Previously offered Miller and Fleish for Mikka

    My team
    C David Krejci
    C Patrick Marleau
    LW Milan Lucic
    LW Bobby Ryan
    RW Corey Perry
    RW Loui Erikkson
    D Nick Leddy
    D Tobias Enstrom
    D Matt Niskian
    D Mark Steit

    G Jimmy Howard
    G Mikka Kiprusoff
    G Tuuka Rask

    BN Jordan Eberle
    BN Tomas Plekanec
    BN Paul Stantsy
    IR Sidney Crosby


  3. DC

    DC says:

    @Giacomo: Stafford might net Buffalo a decent return. But if you truly want a rebuild that means trading the likes of Vanek, Roy and/or Pominville.

    @bauerspeed17: Stamkos is certainly the best player in the deal but Miller scares me. Tough call so I’m gonna sit on the fence on this one. Whatever you decide I will call it the right decision.

  4. agree with DC about the sabres. they have to clean house, its been going on way too long. teams walk all over them nightly which is why miller isnt miller. he gets run every night. in addition, ruff and regier both have been on borrowed time for years. they both should be canned at the end of the season. unreal how this the sabes have been allowed to coast this long. sad for me.


    i’m back seeking your sage advice….

    need a d-man badly. ham-house has been on my wire all season—whats his deal? is there a catch? nobody has touched him.

    also available are Seidenberg, Jay Harrison, Ekman-Larsson, Gologoski…some other ww fodder like Niskanen and mcDonagh.

    boychuk and f-kuba are at the top of the buzz pile, too.

    thoughts? any diamonds in this rough?

    thanks in advance.

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @anchovies: For what it’s worth I just picked up Ekman-Larsson in one league and I traded for Hamhuis about a month ago in another league, so those would be my top guys.. And I still refuse to believe Goligoski will be this the rest of the way. I had high hopes for him this season.

  6. barker says:

    currently have 5 d men which to drop or stand pat
    count hits blks

    subban enstrom hamhuis edler lidstrom are the others

    available on WW chris stewart ladd voracek grabner little stalberg bertuzzi brouwer perron turris malone okposo

  7. barker says:

    turris gone now damn

  8. DC

    DC says:

    @barker: You can probably drop Hamhuis for Stewart or Perron

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