Jaroslav Halak‘s triumphant return to Montreal was everything he could have hoped for.  He got into town early so he could visit his favorite Montreal Establishment (to get all the poison out) before the game and it clearly showed.  Yes the punchless Canadian’s only made him make 19 saves, but Halak had a little thing called Karma on his side… Or something…  Your-A-Slob has been on fire recently, and hopefully a few of you listened to me when I said to buy-low on this Slob a month ago.  Since November 29 Halak is 7-0-3 with a 1.80GAA and a .946SV%.  The problem of course is that rat bastard Brian Elliott; who pitched a Shutout of his own just a few days ago against Colorado and was easily the best Blue’s Goalie in October & November.  But December belonged to Halak and that’s how it will be going forward.  Halak is the better Goalie and he’s been proving it for over a month now…

Saku Koivu – C (Ana):  HAT TRICK!  You couldn’t have done this Monday night when someone may have been lucky enough to spot start you?  Or tonight when there is just 2 games in the entire NHL again?  Not that it matters anyway.  Nobody’s spot starting you no matter the situation.  With the way your season has gone I recommend swapping the A and the U in your first name…

Nathan Horton – RW (Bos):  I thought my praise of him last week would send him spiraling into a horrible slump, yet he defied the odds and is continuing to produce (2 Goals last night).  I think it’s safe to say I gave up on him too early, and now my competition is reaping the rewards… So goes another fantasy hockey season…

Jonas Gustavsson – G (Tor):  Blanked the hopeless Sabres yesterday for his 2nd Shutout in 5 days.  I’m not sure where this is coming from, but I doubt it will last.  I guess if I had to make a choice right now I’d take Gustavsson over Reimer, but ask me again in a week and I’ll probably have a different answer.

Kyle Okposo – RW (NYI):  This streaker has already run on the field, avoided a couple security guards, dodged a player, and is headed towards 2nd Base.  Which means Okposo’s current streak (4 Goals, 3 Assists in 8 games) is probably coming to a close soon, but he’ll be back…

Ty Conklin – G (Det):  Here is what Coach Mike Babcock said after the game:  “We didn’t give Howard a break to give him a break,” said Babcock, who added that Howard would be in goal against the Coyotes on Thursday. “We thought Ty would give us a win tonight.”  In other words, go ahead and scratch Conklin off your “Potential Spot Start” list for the time being…

Pavel Datsyuk – C/LW (Det):  Looks like I missed an injury from Sunday’s games.  Datsyuk missed yesterday with one of those dark, mysterious lower body injuries which he sustained against Chicago.  I’m guessing this is just your standard run-of-the-mill precautionary type moves, so no need to panic yet you Datsyuk owners.

Erik Karlsson – D (Ott):  Ottawa scored 5 Goals!  Sweet!  Karlsson had at least 2 points!!!   Oh… He didn’t play?  He was scratched with an upper body injury?  Great… It’s early but the news coming out of Ottawa is hazy, which coincidentally is a word used to describe concussion victims.  Not saying it’s that, but what-the-hey you Karlsson owners deserve a scare.  He’s just been a little too good…

Jason Spezza – C (Ott):  Forgive me if you feel like this is the 100th time I’ve said this, but Spezza is having an awesome rebound year.  44 points in 44 Games (13 on the Power Play) is better than even Vic the Brick could’ve imagined.  “Spezza died completely last year and now he is reborn!”

Sergei Bobrovsky – G (Phi):  At some point Laviolette is going to realize Bob Rosky gives the Flyers the best chance at Winning.  Unfortuantely I don’t think he’ll realize it until the playoffs…

Ryan Malone – LW (TB):  The perennial Waiver Wire All Star is back at it.  A Goal and an Assist yesterday gives him 6 Points in his last 5 games.  His streaks don’t last much longer than this though, so jump on board now if you need a temp Left Winger.

Daniel Sedin – RW (Van):  Ticker Tease!  5 Goals for the Canucks and Daniel is a -2 with no points.  What a horrible player.  Feel free to drop him if you need the roster space (especially if you own him in a league with me).

Martin Brodeur – G (NJ):  It’s just getting sad…  Think if you’re a 10 year old Devil’s fan right now.  You’re most recent (and therefore only) memories of Brodeur are less than memorable.  In fact you just think he sucks and want someone else in Net.

Curtis Glencross – LW (Cgy):  I guess this guy’s having a good season.  I know he had a good game last night (1G/3A) and a good game on Saturday (1G/1A) but I just can’t get excited about Curtis Glencross.  I blame the name.  Curtis just doesn’t inspire me…

James Neal – LW/RW (Pit):  It sucks Neal is going to be out 4-6 weeks with that broken foot…. Wait he’s fine?  It’s just a bruise???  Between this and the never ending concussion symptoms for Crosby and Letang I’m starting to think hiring these guys to head your training staff wasn’t such a good idea…


  1. Marqo says:

    You should have mentioned Stalberg.
    a) for his HAT TRICK
    b) for playing with Toews and Kane while Sharp’s injured.

    and also Ryan Ellis:
    4 Points in his last two games. Hello? Add! Thank You… =)

  2. Neely'sKnee says:

    Who’s the better add, Bobrovsky or Pavelec?
    I have Fleury and Howard (and Theodore on IR), so I’m looking for someone to fill in until Jose comes back.

  3. bauerspeed17 says:

    Just thought i should point out, November 30th you said Krejci was going on a run. In 18 games he has points in 13 of them and is currently on a 9 game point streak. I picked him up on November 30th. Thanks for the advice. Helped out a lot.

  4. DC

    DC says:

    @Marqo: Fair points indeed.. And why Add now? You already did…

    @Neely’sKnee: That’s a tough call.. Looking at each teams schedule for the next few weeks they’re both pretty easy. I’d give a slight edge to Pavelec just because he is guaranteed starts whereas Bob Rosky is not…

    @bauerspeed17: You’re welcome! Now just do me a favor and don’t point out the guys I advised picking up who went on to stink up the joint…

  5. ben_smith says:

    hey DC, my RW have taken a beating lately, and I need some replacements. Could you tell me your top 3 from this list of RW on the waiver wire (ranked by fantasy points):

    Clarkson, Ryder, Wheeler, Dorsett, Neil, Hudler, Brouwer, Cleary, Bertuzzi, Lapierre, Kennedy and Hemsky.

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