Much like the “green industry” in America, Mike Green burst onto the scene a few years ago with promises of greatness.  He was the future – A Defenseman who could not only give you a dominant +/- , but also well over 200 Shots and more than a Point-per-Game.  That was unheard of and it would change the way the game was played.  Or not…. Unfortunately the last season and a half has been about as successful for Green as a solar panel in Seattle.  Sure it works every once in a while, but the odds of it producing for more than a week at a time are nil.  And now Green’s production will be nil for the next 4-6 weeks.  Not much you can do if you own him though, he’s still a guy who can help your team when he comes back.  Now onto some less-injured players in the NHL…

SYKE!!!  I was gonna go right to non-injured players but then I remembered we got some Sidney Crosby news yesterday!  Turns out he’s not concussed afterall, he simply feels nauseous and dizzy after skating on ice.  Meaning all they have to do is figure out a way to keep him off of ice while he’s playing… Hmmmm… If you come up with a solution let me know in the comments…

Jaroslav Halak – G (Stl):  The turnaround continues for Your-A-Slob.  I’ve been saying for weeks and weeks now – Brian Elliott is a fluke and eventually Halak will get 70 – 80% of the Blues starts.   After his 2nd Shutout in a week on Monday night I think we’ve reached that point…

Johan Franzen – RW (Det):  The ‘Mule’ continues to defy the odds by not getting hurt and it’s made him one of the bigger surprises of the season.  IF he can stay healthy this donkey will set career highs in most categories.  I’d put his odds of maintaining his health into April at 90/10.  And by that I mean a 90 year old and a 10 year old are just as likely to get hurt as Franzen over the next 3 months…

Kyle Turris – C (Ott):  The KY-OAT reject had a huge game winning Goal for the Sen’s last night as they continue to roll.  Some will point to this as a breakout game for the former 3rd overall pick, and I say why not?  It’s not like this came out of nowhere.  Turris is a +11 and has 11 Points in 15 games with Ottawa, which places him firmly in the bottle that just got hit by lightning.

Martin Brodeur – G (NJ):  I hate being forced to talk positively about a guy that I’ve already written off.  “Why must you wallow in the mire?  In order to be reborn, you must die completely and Marty Brodeur died completely last week!”  Yeah yeah Vic the Brick I hear ya’.  Why did I have a feeling you’d say something like that?  Anyways, Brodeur has looked solid in his last 2 starts (including last nights 1GA performance).  I’m still skeptical though despite VTB’s undying faith in a 39 year old Goaltender playing for a team with the worst Defensive Corp in the Eastern Conference.

Kimmo Timonen – D (Phi):  Back on December 29th I talked about Kimmo-Timmo’s 1st Goal of the season.  Well call him red hot because he had #2 yesterday.  And not just from the Taco Bell he ate before the game…

Evgeni Nabakov – G (NYI):  I can’t ignore 1 Goal allowed followed by a shutout, and this old Kazakhstan-ian pulled it off.  Will it last?  I have no idea.  All I do know is that Nabakov’s hometown of Kamenogorsk have something to watch during their lovely Winter weather

Ryan Malone – LW (TB):  Malone’s been a solid contributor off the Waiver Wire in recent years but now the Lightning want to get rid of him.  I can’t think of a reason why Tampa Bay wouldn’t, their season has already collapsed thanks to this guy 

Rick Nash – LW/RW (CBJ):  Blue Jacket Rick Nash had an Assist on the Power Play last night, but the question remains:  Will he still be a Blue Jacket in 6 weeks?  Of course he will.  He signed an 8 year contract extension in 2009 plus, who would want that contract with the way he’s been playing lately?

Boyd Gordon – C (Phx):  I am often amazed by the guys who score Goals for the Phoenix Coyotes.  Sure we all know Shane Doan (and maybe Yandle & Vrbata), but in the Coyote’s 6-1 route of Colorado on Monday it was Boyd Gordon, Gilbert Brule, and the immortal Rostislav Klesla (say that name 5 times fast) who lit the lamp.  How this team is just 2 points out of a playoff spot is beyond me…..  And BTW, I went to a Coyotes game last weekend in Phoenix (well Glendale actually, but thats not important right now).  What is important is the Coyote fan’s blatant disregard for the correct pronunciation of their team name.  You are the KY-OAT-TEES!  You can’t change the pronunciation (KY-OATS) just to make it fit into your incredibly unique “Lets-go-KY-OATS” chant!


  1. Navi says:

    i have been itching to pick up Halak in my league. (yes, he was on the WW). quietlly i watched him dig himself out of that early season funk hoping no one would notice what he has been doing since November. along with the rest of STL to be honest. finally, right before monday’s game i made the move. dropping N. Backstrom (minn) for Halak. i have vokoun and just felt that Halak has way better upside being on a superior team. he rewarded my patience with an exceptional game and SO. i too felt that elliot was a flash in the pan who was just playing over his head. since the coaching change Halak has been steady to say the least and is a dark horse for elite numbers in the 2nd half. IMO. lol.

    now, i also have parenteau and okposo. im starting to get that itch for Turris. he has been pretty consistent since the trade and has always been just an underachiever. he seems to be playing with a new lease and producing. parenteau isn’t sexy but keeps putting up points. okposo is my “flyer”. i love the way he has looked on the top line and wondering if he finally “gets it”. your opinion?

  2. GoPuck says:

    The Mule!!! he has been huge, and poor Crosby they need to shut him down for the season and give it one last try next year IMO.

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @Navi: I would probably drop Okposo for Turris. You know what you’re getting from Okposo, but Turris has unknown upside.

    @GoPuck: Yeah I almost recommended dropping Crosby completely, but I’m gonna give it a little longer.

  4. i’m back seeking your sage advice….

    need a d-man badly. ham-house has been on my wire all season—whats his deal? is there a catch? nobody has touched him.

    also available are Seidenberg, Jay Harrison, Ekman-Larsson, Gologoski…some other ww fodder like Niskanen and mcDonagh.

    boychuk and f-kuba are at the top of the buzz pile, too.

    thoughts? any diamonds in this rough?

    thanks in advance.

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