Last year I was in love (not like that) with Phil Kessel.  I got him on every team thinking it was the year he’d crack 40 Goals.  Well he didn’t.  He had just 32 and killed my +/- .   I have to admit I’m still not over it, but there is no denying what he’s doing right now.  Another Goal and 2 Assists tonight to push his league lead in points to 12…  HOWEVA, Kessel is streakier than generic Windex.  In fact I just have to go back to last February and find a similar stretch.  From Feb 15 – Mar 2, he had 8 Goals and 5 Assists.  If he only scores 1 Goal in the next 3 games (entirely possible) it would be an exact match over 8 games.  If the opportunity is there to sell high do it.

Joffrey Lupul – LW/RW (Tor):  2 Goals and now has a line of 4G/3A/2PPP/+7/18SOG in just 5 Games.  This is the definition of sell high.  He might keep this up for another week or 2 but at some point he’ll turn back into a pumpkin.  Or he’ll get hurt.  Yeah he’ll probably get hurt…

John-Michael Liles – D (Tor):  Johnny Mikey has really been under my radar despite the fact that I own him in a league.  He’s a Power Play specialist (2 PP Assists last night) and should provide solid #4D stats.

Mark Scheifele – C (Wpg):   Went out with guns blazin’.  He’s going to get sent down but at least he left the Suits something to think about by scoring a Goal.  Winny has no reason to keep him in the NHL though.  They’re not going anywhere this year so why not delay his clock and let him build confidence dominating AHL competition?  If he’s on your team feel free to drop.

Martin Brodeur – G (NJ):  Is now officially out 7-10 days.  I voiced concern about ol’ Marty when he left the game vs the Kings but now I’m SHOUTING concern.  If you own him not much you can do right now.  Too risky to drop this early in the season.. Hedberg is a must add though.

Brayden Schenn – C (Phi):  Finally recalled by the Flyers.  It’s pretty easy to see where he fits into the big league club.  He’s not surplanting Giroux or Briere so my guess is he’ll end up Centering Hartnell and Read on the 3rd line.  If you got room add him.

Max Pacioretty – LW (Mon):  How the Frankenstein is this guy only 17% owned in Yahoo leagues?  Concussion concerns aside, 5 Points in 5 Games people!  He’s a Left Winger!  Go pick him up before I talk about him again tomorrow…

Ray Whitney – LW (Phx):  A Goal in 3 straight games… Stop proving me wrong!

Steven Stamkos – C (TB):  Off to a slow start but I’m not worried.  He’ll turn it around so be patient all you SS officers…

Jarome Iginla – RW (Cgy):  1 Goal and ZERO assists in 5 games Jarome?  Thanks for making me look dumb for putting you in my Top 10.  On the bright side, you only had 2 points through your first 6 games last year so lets re-double those efforts…

Sidney Crosby – C (Pit):  I’m guessing he’s back on Saturday against the Devils.  There was a rumor he’ll play tonight, but it’s already been ruled out.  If he doesn’t go Saturday I’m guessing they’ll hold him back until a home game next Thursday, but that’d be the absolute latest…  YAAAAYYYY!

And lastly, NHL what is up with the 1 game schedule?  Was that a favor from Gary Bettman to Bud Selig?  And if it was, then why was the only hockey game guaranteed to eliminate half the Canadian audience?  It’s just another example of what happens when the 2 dumbest minds in sports collaborate.  League Commissioners should have terms and should be voted on by the fans.  Just think of the possibilities…


  1. anon says:

    drop Elias for Pacioretty?


  2. bombgr says:

    have zidlicky, should i drop him for seidenberg, hamrlik, mcbain, gudbranson, weber, OEL?

  3. happytime says:

    should I jump on the parenteau bandwaggon? currently have stewart, doan, eriksson

  4. MrHappyTime says:

    Should I drop Grabner for Pacioretty or Lupul?

  5. JagrBomb says:


    So I have been getting killed in two of our scoring categories – hits and blocks (dead last in both). My only guy right now that is helping is Ott and i guess Doughty who is on IR.

    I have been getting great offensive categories however and i feel i can sacrifice a spot to get someone with more hits/blocks.

    Should I wait it out since its early or go after someone on waiver or in a trade? we don’t have a large bench and would have to drop someone like Kaberele or Taylor Hall. Thoughts?


  6. DC

    DC says:

    @bombgr: Yes…

    @bombgr: Seidenberg..McBain…. Maybe even OEL too

    @happytime: If you got room grab him but don’t drop any of the guys you mentioned to pick him up.

    @MrHappyTime: Yes I probably would.. Starting to think Grabner’s 34 Goals last year was a little flukey.

    @JagrBomb: Okay well don’t drop Hall. If you can do it I’d try to trade for Kevin Bieksa. Offer Kaberle and if he laughs throw in a decent forward.. Barring that heres some potential Waiver Wire guys (in order that I like them) you could drop Kaberle for: Dennis Seidenberg….Mark Giordano..Luca Sbisa

  7. timSTi says:

    @DC: Got offered MY Duncan & Bourque for his Pavelski & I.White

    I just took a blow at C with Carter & Malkin and my only other C’s are Ott & Read.

    Our league stats are G/A/+-/FOWP/SOG/PIM/PPP

    Duncan is my “stud” D-man. Others are Giordano, Hedman, McQuaid, & Edler

  8. charlie batch says:

    what is the hockey equivalent of BABIP? shooting percentage? if so, whats a good idea to compare shooting percentage to, to see if a player has been lucky or unlucky? for example, grey compares babip to average to gauge luck (and likelihood of a progression or regression to mean)

  9. charlie batch says:

    im assuming high shooting% = lucky; but compared to league mean? player historical mean? maybe a baseline expected shooting% (of say, 10% or something of that nature)

  10. charlie batch says:

    also, defense-independent goaltender seems to parallel xFIP for pitchers – loving what im finding!

  11. DC

    DC says:

    @timSTi: Yes I would make that trade.

    @charlie batch: The best way to tell is to compare their current shooting % to their own historical average.. And as far as advanced hockey statistics there isn’t alot. BehindtheNet.CA is the only one I know of and it’s just hard to read.

  12. charlie batch says:

    @DC: thanks. its too early to try and find arbitrage opps anyway, im thinking every 16-20 games (1/5th to 1/4 of season), its good to do a little run through on whos been lucky and who hasnt

  13. charlie batch says:

    @charlie batch: on my own, that is. youre doing just fine.

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