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If you’re new to this column or have no idea what the Friday/Sunday split is, it’s a simple yet effective way to maximize your weekly output no matter the format of your league. Typically — and it’s not always the case — heavy game loads are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, whereas Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays are lighter. Streaming players on those lighter days is almost a necessity to ensure you’re getting the most of each week, but this column focuses on just Fridays and Sundays. Reason being is that you get more bang for your waiver add buck in picking up a guy who will play those two days and will almost always be able to slot into your starting lineup without having to sacrifice someone else to the bench.

Let’s do it to it.

Note: All Rostered% numbers and position eligibilities via Fantrax. All line deployment projections via Left Wing Lock.

Welp, we’ve got another super short, teeny tiny one this week. Just one team on the Friday/Sunday slate: the New Jersey Devils.

New Jersey Devils (FRI @STL|| SUN @CHI)

Erik Haula is on quite the little tear right now and is still widely available across the fantasy hockey realm. Only 35% rostered on the Fantrax side of things, plus he’s playing against a couple squads that don’t exactly boast stalwart defenses. Haula has 3 G in his last two and 4 G if you extend that out to his last five. Shot rate is looking pretty healthy and he might even chip in some PIM for you. Oh yeah, good for extra FOW too. This guy is viable in all formats right now while goings good. Won’t keep this pace all season, of course. Hopefully you can get a little slice of this pie while it’s still hot.

Jonas Siegenthaler is, as usual, a nice scoop for H+BLK streaming — he’s had multiple of each in each of the last three games.

Deep cut: stream Curtis Lazar for even more bangs. He’s been hitting plenty in recent games (3 H in each of the last three) while even soaking up 4 BLK in his last tilt.

That’s all I’ve got for y’all this week. A very light read while you sip your coffee and ponder your weekend strategy. Next week I’ll have more names for you since we’ve got the Ducks, Panthers, Wild, and Sharks all playing both Friday and Sunday.

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