It’s that time again. Friday/Sunday stream targets to finish out the week. Get those claims in today so you don’t miss out! Unless you’re in one of them fancy same-day adds leagues.

Note: For the sake of uniformity and convenience on my part, only players rostered in less than 50% of Yahoo leagues will be included. Also, a “***” denotes a priority stream, in my humble opinion.

Anaheim Ducks (v. ARZ, v. STL)

***Adam Henrique (45% rostered): Feels like we’ve done this every week but Anaheim keeps having awesome schedules for fantasy purposes. But anyway, Adam Henrique. Man, this guy is on a tear. The #5 overall player over the last seven days in one of my leagues, Henrique has 3 G, 2 A, 2 PPP, 15 SOG, 3 H and 2 BLK in that span. Love that C/LW eligibility. Make it happen, cap’n. Definite priority stream right now.

***Troy Terry (40% rostered): Speaking of guys on a tear, Troy “Are You Not Entertained?!” Terry has 5 G over the last week of action. He’s earned a promotion to the top line and the top PP unit and hasn’t slowed down. He’s not providing much else, but when guys go on a bender like this you gotta try to get a piece of that action if you can. Dude was seeing like 14 minutes a night and was scoring goals, so they gave him 17+ minutes and he promptly scored again. And guess what? He’s scored in every single game since the promotion. Goals in four straight, goals in six of his last seven, and at least one point in nine straight. Kid’s got 12 PTS in 10 GP on the year. Major priority stream. Will the wheels fall off? Likely. But maybe not too much?? His 33.3 SH% will of course fall down. However, other metrics aren’t too crazy. He’s actually getting unlucky according to PDO (951, or 95.1%, when league average is 100%, suggesting there’s room for improvement on “puck luck”). Plus his 5v5 SH% is only 9.2%. In other words, when he’s on the ice at 5v5, his teammates are shooting 9.2%. That’s a very average number. Guys like Kevin Shattenkirk, on the other hand, are benefiting from almost 19% 5v5 SH%. Terry is a must-add right now, and I don’t just mean for streams. 

Trevor Zegras (35% rostered): Zegras has been a little up and down, which is to be expected with a young buck like himself. Still seeing good overall deployment but would prioritize other Ducks forwards if you can. If you’re stuck with a Zegras stream…well, you could do much worse I suppose. 

Cam Fowler (33% rostered): Fowler’s turning back the clock this year. With 4 A over his last 4 GP, worth an add to see if he can keep it up. Splitting some PP duties with Shatty as well, and those two are getting about as much time together as Drysdale is by himself. And of course Fowler’s always a good bet for some cheap hits+blocks. 

***Ryan Getzlaf (27% rostered): Yeah, Ducks got three priority streams this week. They’re that hot. Getzlaf is scoring, power-playing, and banging. My kinda shiz right there. Henrique is the #5 overall guy in the last seven days in one league, but Getzlaf is #2. He’s got 6 PTS, 2 PPP, 13 SOG, and defenseman-esque hits+blocks in that span. Absolutely going hammity kablammity right now and I want all of it. He’s actually #6 overall on the season in that league lololol. My favorite “metric” to track right now is BSH (BLK+SOG+H); Getzlaf has 62. Sixty. Two. 

Jamie Drysdale (21% rostered): Weekly reminder that Drysdale is still getting good deployment even if the numbers aren’t there. Worth the dart throw. 

Don’t overlook Nicolas Deslauriers and/or Josh Manson if you need bang streams. Deslauriers has 15 H in his last 4 GP (with 3 BLK, and that’s coming from a winger). Manson has 19 H+BLK in that time.

Chicago Blackhawks (@ WPG, v. NSH)

Kirby Dach (29% rostered): Dach has seen good minutes on the top line lately but the production is still mostly lacking. Chances are gonna be there though if those minutes keep up. I’ll mention him but I’m not prioritizing him.

I would prioritize both/either Connor Murphy and/or Jake McCabe for the bangs. They each have double-digit H and double-digit BLK over the last week cuz, well, Chicago sucks and those two are paid to go stand in front of pucks. Take your pick as to which one you want to stream; they’re essentially identical fantasy-wise. I grabbed McCabe in a league to start the week given that beautiful M/W/F/Su game week. I’m a flippin’ genius. 

Nashville Predators (@ VAN, @ CHI)

Matt Duchene (32% rostered): Woof. Hard to even highlight someone to stream from Nashville. I said back in their team preview that they’re top-heavy, and that’s held true. No depth whatsoever, both in real life and in fantasy life. I’ll mention Duchene though cuz he’s top line and top PP, so that’s something. Especially when a guy named Roman Josi is back there QB’ing it. Duchene is a desperation stream but at least not a terrible desperation stream. 

Mikael Granlund (17% rostered): Getting mentioned for the same reason Duchene is: top line and top power play. Granlund does seem to be putting up a point every two or three games, so there’s a chance you strike gold tossing him in your lineup to end the week. And also like Duchene, he’s a desperation stream but not a terrible one. 

Vancouver Canucks (v. NSH, v. DAL)

Meh, I’m not even gonna bother isolating these guys into their own little mini-paragraphs. Vancouver either has guys owned in most leagues or guys owned in, like, no leagues. Nils Hoglander I guess is the best stream from here at 11% rostered, but again…meh. Only as 3 A on the year with 21 SOG, which ain’t awful but ain’t great either. Vasily Podkolzin hasn’t been as sexy as I hoped. Ice time is so poopy and he’s not filling categories at all. Tyler Myers is the stream for H+BLK.

Week 5 Snapshot

Teams with 4 games: BOS, CGY, EDM, FLA, LA, MTL, NJ, OTT, PIT, STL, TOR, VAN, WSH

Teams with 3+ off nights: TOR, WSH

Teams with 2 off nights: ARZ, BUF, CGY, EDM, NYR, PHI

Teams with just 2 games: CBJ, CHI, COL, DAL, TB

Teams with just 1 game 😱: NYI

Next week’s Friday/Sunday splits: CGY, EDM, WSH

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  1. Toolshed says:

    Sleaking of Nashville, Eeli tolvanen has been awfully quiet despite starting his first couple games with 6 sog. Do you think he gets going and starts putting up some points? Salary cap league. Other options I am considering are sharangovich or lundell. How do you rank these guys ros? I know they qualify as streamers in most formats. Thanks

    • JKJ says:

      They’re all in the same boat of inconsistent upside. I don’t even know what to make of them honestly. I guess I feel best about Tolvanen but meh. I’m not interested in Shara or Lundell really.

      • Toolshed says:

        Thanks. They are just roster fillers for me to fit under my cap. It really is that last forward spot. Trying to find someone who can produce on the cheap. Not a lot of options.

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      Agree with JKJ, marginally prefer Tolvanen but don’t see consistency from anyone.

  2. Shitwolf says:

    I thought for sure Dach was taking off early and prioritized him over PLD haha cant win em all eh bud :).

    I have found these covid years (especially in baseball this past season) it has been very hard to judge how players will perform. Gotta wait a couple months I guess to get a feel of the league again!

    What game you watchin tonight? (if any)

    • JKJ says:

      PLD has surpassed my expectations by lightyears lol.

      I can only watch via ESPN+ so whatever they’re showing!

      • Shitwolf says:

        would u like a streaming website sir?

  3. dubjay says:

    Hey guys,
    which 2 would you start tonight?
    Markstrom vs DAL
    Swayman vs DET
    Varlamov @ MON
    The first 2 are confirmed starters. Not sure if Varlamov is sched to go tonight

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      I would definitely play Swayman, then would lean Markstrom with how he’s playing but it’s very close.

    • JKJ says:

      Marky and Swayman for me

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