It’s that time again. Friday/Sunday stream targets to finish out the week. Get those claims in today so you don’t miss out! Unless you’re in one of them fancy same-day adds leagues.

Alrighty, we’ve got a slate of six teams to choose from for the Friday/Sunday split this week: the Jackets, the sexy as hell Panthers, the Pens, the lowly Kraken, the Blues, and the Nucks.

Note: For the sake of uniformity and convenience on my part, only players rostered in less than 50% of Yahoo leagues will be included. Also, a “***” denotes a priority stream, in my humble opinion.

Columbus Blue Jackets (v. PIT, v. OTT)

***Boone Jenner (39%): Ol’ Booney is always a solid stream as long as hits count. He’s also got 3 G and 1 A over his last five games. Priority stream given his minutes, goal upside, and bang bangs.

***Gustav Nyquist (6%): Nyquist is one of those streaky dudes who can win you a week (or more) when he’s feelin’ it, and right now he’s feelin’ it. He’s got 10 PTS in his last nine (5 G, 5 A, 1 PPP) but only 12 SOG in that time. That translates to a 42% shot rate, which is wildly unsustainable, so enjoy it while it lasts! Priority stream for his current mojo factor.

Andrew Peeke (1%): Peeke is one of the leagues best Bang Daddies right now. Since Dec. 1, his 86 H+BLK rank fourth among all defenders. Must-own in bangers but is also very streamable in standard formats given his hit rate.

Florida Panthers (@ VAN, @ SEA)

Anton Lundell (25%): This kid has really picked up his play in recent weeks. Has 12 PTS (4 G, 8 A, 1 PPP) in his last 12, failing to register a point in only three of those games. It’s niche, but he’s thriving in leagues that count takeaways. I’ve got him in one of those, and it’s just the best. TK guys don’t grow on trees. Super cool category that I wish would replace +/- in standard formats.

Brandon Montour (18%): Montour is decent with the bangs and gets PP2 time, which ain’t a terrible place to be on Florida. I’d rather stream an Andrew Peeke for big bangs, but if Montour fits your format better, give him a go.

Pittsburgh Penguins (@ CBJ, v. WPG)

***Jeff Carter (39%): Jeff Carter continues to be relevant enough to stream even at this later point in his career. Mr. Carter is, in fact, the #61 overall player in one of my bangers over the last 14 days, with 2 G, 3 A, 1 PPP, 19 SOG, 10 H, and 4 BLK in that span. That’s quite a lot of category coverage! Like, really good category coverage. Dude’s still a strong stream for SOG with solid goal upside. Marking him as priority for the well-rounded coverage he’s providing these days.

Kasperi Kapanen (18%): If you’re after assists, Kapanen has five in his last seven games (and a goal!). His minutes aren’t ideal but he does work in next to Malkin quite often.

Brian Dumoulin (2%): Has solidified himself as a good banger stream with 6 H and 17 BLK over his last seven games.

Seattle Kraken (v. STL, v. FLA)

Mark Giordano (42%): Lmao….fun fact: Gio is the most-owned Kraken skater. At 42%. So the Kraken are bad enough that no one cares to own their players, but that also makes them good for streaming since like all of their top six and power play guys are out there. Gio is back on PP1, which doesn’t say much in Seattle, but it says a little. He’s still steady enough with bangs that he’s at least streamable, but it’s for good reason all these guys are on your waiver wire

Jordan Eberle (29%): Eberle was looking really good there for a while as one of the hottest goal scorers earlier in the year. Now he’s gone 13 straight without one. But still, opportunity is there and he’s bound to get another one of these days.

***Jared McCann (28%): I’m always a fan of guys with both C and wing eligibility. McCann has 2 G and 2 A in his last five, with 2 PPP, 18 SOG, 6 H, and 2 BLK in that time. Definitely the forward to stream from this team.

Marcus Johansson (1%): If you’re unfortunate enough not to be able to stream McCann, then you might think about Mar-Jo. He’s got 2 G and 2 A in his last five as well, with three of those points coming on the PP. He’s top line and top PP right now.

St. Louis Blues (@ SEA, @ VAN)

Colton Parayko (32%): I’m not even hardly paying attention to Parayko in standard formats, but I do like him well enough if blocks matter.

***Robert Thomas (32%): Robert Thomas should be owned in more than just one-third of Yahoo leagues. Come on, a C/RW eligible guy with 30 PTS in 32 games? Sure, it’s mostly assists, but show me a fantasy league that doesn’t count assists. I get not being excited by assist-heavy guys, cuz I’m not either, but you should stream him if you can.

Niko Mikkola (1%): Has 7 SOG, 15 H, and 10 BLK in his last six games. Nothing elite, but those are some pretty steady bangs. The minutes have been climbing all season. Berube likes the kid.

Vancouver Canucks (v. FLA, v. STL)

Tanner Pearson (9%): SOG isn’t the easiest category to stream, and that’s where Pearson comes in. He’s got 42 SOG in his last 14 games, which averages to exactly 3 SOG/G. Pearson is also good for about 2-3 hits per games and has decent goal upside.

Luke Schenn (3%): I’m skipping over Tyler Myers cuz Schenn is available basically everywhere and just as good for the bangs. He’s good for exactly nothing else, but has 19 H and 6 BLK in his last five.

Week 15 Snapshot

Teams with 4 games: DAL, CHI, COL, BOS, NYR, PIT, ANA, CAR, CGY, LA, MTL, NYI, SEA, STL, VGK

Teams with 3+ off nights: DAL (4!), CHI (4!), COL (4!), BOS (4!), MIN, WSH, NYR, PIT

Teams with 2 off nights: DET, ARZ, BUF, CBJ, PHI, SJ, ANA, CAR, CGY, LA, MTL, NYI, SEA, STL, VGK

Teams with just 2 games: NSH, TB, TOR

Teams with just 1 game 😱: N/A

Next week’s Friday/Sunday splits: DAL, MIN, NYR, PIT, CHI, COL, BOS

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