Okay I apologize in advance for the shortness of this post, but my laptop is having some real issues these days.  I’ve lost quite a bit of stuff from this post already thanks to the constant freezing and re-booting.  Has anyone ever tried one of those online sites that claims to increase your computer’s speed? Do they work?  They strike me as something that won’t live up to the claims they make in their ads.  (Double your speed, guaranteed!) But I digress…  What I do have is a few of the higher-end Left Wingers for you to consider in the early rounds of your draft.  Oh and for those of you wondering, “early rounds” for left wingers is like the 4th or 5th in a standard 10-12 team league.  Oh and here the LW’s who made my Top 30 overall:  Ilya Kovalchuk, Bobby Ryan, Rick Nash, Pavel Datsyuk, Alex Ovechkin, Daniel Sedin

7)     Zach Parise – LW (NJ):  Zack Attack just missed the cut for my  Top 30.  Yes I know he’s healthy and his last fully healthy season he put up 38 Goals on an Ovechkian 347 Shots, but much like Saved By the Bell the college years I think the best is already over.  Parise is a small guy which is fine, but once someone tiny like him has a season ending injury it makes me nervous to draft him the next year.  And this was a full blown meniscus (knee) which makes it worse.  Just expect 32-33 Goals, 40-42 Assists and a good helping of Power Play Points and consider everything else gravy.

8)     Patrick Marleau – LW (SJ):  Marleau has been remarkably consistent the last 6 years (with the exception of that strange ’07-’08 season when he had just 48 Points in 78 games).  He and Thornton are a great tandem but they’re growing old together (Awww how sweet) and they looked it last year.  But at 32 Marleau should still have plenty left in the tank.

9)  Milan Lucic – LW (Bos):  I’ve already expressed my Milan Lucic fantasy and I feel the same now as I did then.  He might be a little overhyped in some circles, but if you have to reach to get him I would probably do it…

10)  Patrick Sharp – LW (Chi):  Patty Sharp is what the saavy investor would call an “undervalued commodity”.  When talking about the Blackhawks (and by the way say Blackhawk 5 times fast – the 5th time you say it what are you actually saying? —  HA!  You’re sick!)  Anyway like I was saying Sharp gets overshadowed by Kane & Toews which is weird considering he plays in Chicago, there should be enough love to go around.  I expect a season very similar to last year (34G, 37A, 26PPP’s and 260+ shots) which makes him a borderline #1 LW.


  1. BigAhnold says:

    Forget the “double my speed” scams – get a good antivirus/malware program, do a search – superantispyware is free and very good. If you are running something older than 3 years old, consider a new rig. Freezing/rebooting could be a sign of a hardware problem. If it is not a hardware problem, which can be difficult to find and address, increasing RAM can improve performance dramatically. We need you up and running for the next month!

  2. Howard says:

    Michael Cammalleri’s got a lockdown on the Mtl PP. What a sniper!

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @Howard: Camm-Camm is coming tomorrow. He isn’t real high on my list but he did crack my Top 15 Left Wingers.

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