NO…  It’s been a tricky season for the bleach-blonde former philly philanderer.  I think that’s how you spell philanderer.  Anyway Hat Tricks always get my attention so Jeff Carter gets top billing tonight despite his less than stellar season thus far.  I don’t think this game means he’s back, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.  I (and most other analysts) knew the move to Colombus would not be a good thing, but before tonight JC wasn’t even living up to his reduced expectations.  And IMO, even after this game, Carter doesn’t come close to the value he had in Philly.  If this game can convince someone he’s back, use it to upgrade other parts of your roster because Carter’s headed for his worst season since 2007.  Now lets take a gander at the rest of the NHL…

Jonathan Bernier – G (LA):  I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that new Coach Darryl Suter forcefully grabbed Bernier after last night’s game because he will start tonight versus San Jose.  I think Bernier’s stock has fallen considerably since the start of last season and I don’t know why the Kings don’t trade him to upgrade their offense.  Quick IS a franchise Goalie and it’s time to quit jerking Bernier around…

Niklas Hagman – LW (Ana):  After 2 points last night Hag-man is on fire with 4 Goals and 3 Assists in the Ducks last 6 games..  It won’t last and if you pick him up I will lose a considerable amount of respect for you.  That’s really all I have to say about that…

Mike Richards – C (LA):  Hey hey first game in 3 weeks and a Goal doth cometh.  I just traded for Richards in a league so if that doesn’t tell you how I feel about him I don’t know what will…

Phil Kessel – RW (Tor):  Had a ridiculous 10 Shots yesterday, one of which got past the Goalie.  Phil the pill has slowed down lately though.  Prior to last night, Kessel only had 3 Goals in 12 games.

Jason Pominville – RW (Buf):  Pominville’s population continues to explode.  This will easily be the best year in the history of this small, quiet village…

Brandon Dubinsky – C (NYR):  Seriously dude you are having an incredibly sh*tty season (despite yesterday’s 2 points).  And oh yeah my 12 year old self just called, he wants his ’94 wave hair-do back.

Daniel Alfredsson – RW (Ott):  Because of this dude, Teemu, and Lidstrom I now believe the fountain of youth exists.  In his last 4 games Danny boy is a +5 with 3 Goals and 6 Assists.

David Legwand – C (Nsh):  David “Third” Leg-wand is one of the streakiest players in the league.  Yesterday’s 2 point game could be the start of a nice week long run…

Blake Wheeler – RW (Wpg):  A huge 2 Goal 1 Assist night leads me to believe that this blake somehow cheated… Naaaawwww just joking, we’re NOT HOME!

Ondrej Pavelec – G (Wpg):  A day after calling out his team for their,,,,,,,, ahem,,,, offensive Offensive performance Ondrej the Giant walked-the-walk by stopping all 27 Shots he faced.  It’ll be interesting to see if this guy can somehow put it all together and be a consistent Top 10 netminder….. Hey!  Stop laughing!

Curtis Glencross – LW (Cgy):  2 big Goals and Glencross stays hot.  He’s capable of streaks like this (4G/2A last 4 games) and he’s gonna have to keep it up if Calgary is going to continue their turnaround.

Jordan Eberle – RW (Edm):  2 Goals gives Jordan a nice 4 game scoring streak.  One of the Goals last night was absolutely brilliant (overused analyst term!) and showed just how talented this whippersnapper is… But seriously, am I the only person who consider’s “Jordan” a girl’s name?

Lennart Petrell – C (Edm):  It’s not every day that I come across a guy who I’ve never heard of…  Although I think I remember this guy in “The Lord of the Rings”.

  1. Grizzly says:

    . . . . But sit Pavelec against Pit, right?

  2. GoPuck says:

    So your an “analyst” now eh DC?? 🙂

  3. charlie batch says:

    its only a girls name if its spelled “Jordyn”!

  4. DC

    DC says:

    @Grizzly: Yeah I owe you an apology for that one…

    @GoPuck: Damn right!

    @charlie batch: Aaaahhh, I didn’t know it was all in the spelling.

  5. Alex says:

    Merry Christmas DC!

    Thanks for the writeup. I was wondering who you valued more between Jack Johnson and Alex Goligoski. I currently have Johnson as my 4th D but Goligoski just got dropped. Should I drop JJ for him?

  6. charlie batch says:

    @Grizzly: make up your own mind bro! you have ownership over your team, not DC.. hes a good reference but not a co-manager!

  7. DC

    DC says:

    @Alex: They are in the same boat.. If I had to choose I’d probably go Goligoski.

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