Sergei Kostitsyn is the lesser known brother of the hardly known Andrei..  Uhhh yeah, lesser known, or something…  Sergei merits strong consideration to the Waiver Wire All Star roster, unfortunately he plays for the non-scoring Pred’s.  On a week to week basis he can be an asset, but Sergei is not a gei you can count on.  Much like the rest of the scoring “threats” in Nashville, a week long donut is just as likely as anything else.  For a short term fill in an LW you can do worse, just don’t get attached…

Rene Bourque – LW/RW (Cgy):  108 Points the last 2 seasons is good.  16 in 37 games this year is not.  On the bright side Bourque is in the same situation he’s alway been, so there is some upside.  If you’ve got a thing for native Canadians, this could be your man.

Claude Giroux – C/RW (Phi):  The sweetest Goal of the Winter Classic and probably the sweetest Goal of the weekend.  There’s not a better player in the league right now and if you own him, you don’t need ME to tell you that.

Mike Rupp – C (NYR):  Every year some unknown does something good at the Winter Classic and this year was no different.  The incomparable Michael Rupp notched 2 Goals but it means absolutely nothing though, so, moving on….

Brandon Dubinsky – C (NYR):  Oh B-Dub.  3G/3A last 6 games draws me closer to you.  And you’re boyish haircut seals the deal…  Unfortunately you play for the lowest scoring team in the Eastern Conference, so back off…

Brayden Schenn – C (Phi):  Schenn was high atop my list of breakout rookie candidates in the preseason, and it’s been all down-hill from there.  Granted he hasn’t played all that much, but this sonovabitch just scored his 1st Goal of the season…  HIS . FIRST . GOAL . OF . THE . SEASON.

Jaromir Jagr – RW (Phi):  A re-aggravated calf strain you say?  Really?  That’s about as shocking as my lack of a Christmas bonus this year…  I told you to sell high on this mummy 6 weeks ago, now look where you’re at.

Erik Condra – RW (Ott):  Up–Up–Down–Down–Left–Right–Left–Right–B–A–B–A– Start!!!

Erik Karlsson – D (Ott):  It’s been a while since I’ve acknowledged Karlsson’s greatness…  Well here you go.  2 Assists last night bumps his league leading total to 32.  One more and he’s got a career high.  If only he wasn’t a Defenseman, I’d be in love!

Jannik Hansen –  RW (Van):  Much like many of his teammates, Jannik gets overshadowed by the high volume of talent on the Vancouver roster…. (go ahead die hard Canuck fans, DISPROVE!).  Bottom line I can’t recommend picking up this Denmark-ian…

Daniel Alfredsson – RW (Ott):  39 year olds with recent concussions don’t usually have alot of fantasy value, but ALF could be an exception.  The production has been there… Do you hear me Crosby?!?!

Sam Gagner  – C (Edm):  So remember when this guy was the next big thing in Edmonton?  The 6th overall pick in the 2007 draft has not yet lived up to expectations, but he is just 22 years old.  I think he could be a 50 point player at some point, but for a Center in fantasy hockey that’s barely enough to garner the occassional spot start.

Semyon Varlamov – G (Col):  The season started so well for Semy (just 4 Goals allowed first 3 games, including a Shutout) but then the wheel’s flew off the track and the aged Jiggy came in and got hot..  Now it looks like Semy has a chance to win back the job and he’s doing it (3 straight Wins).  If you’re looking for Goalie help check you’re waiver wire this dude-bro may have been dropped by a pissed off owner.

Dustin Brown – RW (LA):  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again about this guy:  He never does enough for me.  I feel like he should be one of the top RW’s in the league but in reality he just gives a little in every category.  That may be good for some of you, but I personally hate those types of players..  Excel in something would you?