Every year a couple-few players come out of nowhere and provide huge production at little to no cost.  I’ve come up with a term for these type of players….. now this is all off the top of my head and I’ve never heard anyone use this word before……….  wait for it…………   SLEEPERS!   Pretty clever huh?   These are the guys who you take a flier on in one of the last 3 rounds, just in case they blow up.  Most of them will just simply blow, but if 1 of the 3 hit their ceiling it could mean the difference between you making the playoffs or missing the playoffs.  Now LET’S GET IT ON!!!

Andrew Cogliano – C (Ana):  I’ll start things off with a legit “sleeper”.  Sure he is a former 1st Round draft pick (in real hockey), but I guarantee if Cogliano gets drafted at any point in your draft it’s only because that person reads this blog.  Sure he’s a long-shot, but I’m saying Cogliano is somebody you take with your last pick.  At best.  A.C is currently slated to be the 3rd line Center for the Ducks, but between Getzlaf and Koivu I see at least 35 games missed.  That means opportunity for Cog’s with either Ryan and/or Perry on his Wing, and that means points… On top of that the latest is that Cogliano could replace Koivu as the #2 Center PERIOD.  And knowing how much peanut-head Carlyle loves to split up the RPG line (Ryan Perry Getzlaf) odds are we’ll be seeing a Cogliano-Ryan pairing at some point.

Kevin Shattenkirk – D (StL):  I don’t even have to come up with a clever remark or nickname for this dude… Shattenkirk?  That’s just way too easy…  What isn’t easy is figuring out exactly how under the radar he is.  Upon joining the Blues late last year Shatty had 17 points (5 PPP’s) in just 26 games.  For those of you who aren’t math majors, that averages out to around 53-54 points and 15-16 PPP’s over a full season.  That’s more than what you got out of Drew Doughty last year.  (F*** I hate Defensemen!).  I don’t think he’ll get quite to that level, but he is a former Top 15 pick (2007).  So at some point, somebody, somewhere, thought he’d be something special.  And some-one, somewhere, will be drafting some-one named Kevin Shattenkirk.

Dustin Penner – LW (LA):  I could’ve had this tiny-joint in my LW rankings but I’m just not a huge fan.  In fact I bet most of you saw the name and went HUH?  Penner is a badass!!!   Well he’s not, just look at the stats.  HOWEVA, he did have 32G, 31A, 17PPP’s and 200+ shots 2 years ago for the Oil.  HOWEVA II (the return of HOWEVA) after his trade to the Kings last year he disappeared.  I think the 30 Goal guy is still lurking somewhere, but I have a funny feeling that was a career year.  If you can get D.P. really late in your draft do it – just don’t be afraid to drop him in November if he isn’t producing.

Derek Stepan – C (NYR):  For those of you on the Eastern seaboard Stepan is probably not a sleeper (what does seaboard mean anyway?  Did I even spell it right?).  But for those of us who live outside the North-East Stepan is relatively unkown.  He and Brian Boyle will battle it out for the #2 Center spot, but I think Derek will win the job.  He had a nice rookie season last year (21G, 24A, 10PPP’s) and I predict a slight increase from those stats.



  1. Giacomo says:

    A few posts ago, you mentioned Carter with the Right Wings. In my league he only has Center eligibility. Where would he have ranked amongst the centers?

    Good work on this blog by the way. It is refreshing to see some different takes on hockey which is normally passed over by most media sites.

  2. sean says:

    I love that all of these sleepers are products of college hockey!

  3. HldOnMgnolia says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m drafting Max Pacioretty. I think I read that Jacub Voracek is gonna be on the top line, too. Same goes for Andrew Brunette in Chicago.

    How ’bout Ian White in DET or Marc-Andre Bergeron manning the PP in TB?

    Definitely worth a shot in deeper leagues.

  4. DC

    DC says:

    @Giacomo: Yeah that was my gaffe on Richards.. As a Center I think I’d have him in the 15-20 range. Probably right behind Kopitar and Thornton (now that I’ve looked at the list.)

    @sean: I had no idea thats kinda cool.. And to reiterate I’m lovin Shatty-Shatt this year.

    @HldOnMgnolia: Yeah I had Max Pac in (I think) my Top 25LW’s.. I looked at Voracek but I just don’t know. He stunk with Nash and it’s hard to stink with someone like Nash on your line. Brunette is going to be one of my future sleepers (shhhhh). Ian White & M.A.B won’t be on any of my teams this year.

  5. GoPuckYourMother says:

    Penner just needs to stay out of the bars in Manhattan Beach and he will be better this year 🙂

  6. BroadStreetBully says:

    @GoPuckYourMother: The quacks just need to stay out of the playoffs and it will be a good year!

  7. ben says:

    Sleepers? off the top of your head? lmao is this your first year in fantasy hockey. The term sleepers has been around since fantasy sports started…and by the way dustin penner isnt a sleeper…everyone knows he is good and will produce. Shitty blog..stay off the internet.

    Welcome to a response to you as well…this should be interesting

  8. DC

    DC says:

    @ben: Cool you’re my first hater! (another term I just came up with off the top of my head!) … But are you serious with the Sleepers remark? Have you ever heard of something called sarcasm?

    Oh and next time try and keep up with my posts, this one is like 5 days old.

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