In the first seven days we took a look at the Western Conference teams that missed the playoffs. Over the next seven days we’ll take tour of the Eastern Conference teams that wound up sitting on the couch.

We’ll start tomorrow with Buffalo before touring through the Southeast Division and its four non-playoff teams. After that, it’s a look at the Atlantic Division where Philly and New Jersey weren’t good enough to make the playoffs.


Buffalo Sabres June 8

Winnipeg Jets June 9

Carolina Hurricanes June 1o

Tampa Bay Lightning June 11

Florida Panthers June 12

Philadelphia Flyers June 13

New Jersey Devils June 14

Once we complete that series, we’ll go through the teams as they were eliminated from the playoffs. ┬áMinnesota, Anaheim, Vancouver and St. Louis will run June 15-18. The Islanders, Montreal, Washington and Toronto are up June 19-22.

Detroit and San Jose show up on the 23rd and 24th while Ottawa and the Rangers are on the 25th and 26th. The conference finals losers get the spotlight on the 27th and 28th. The Stanley Cup runner-up will be on the 29th and we’ll check in with the champs on the 30th.

In the first few days of July, we’ll look back at the NHL Entry Draft held at the end of June and be ready to go for the free-agency frenzy when it begins on the fifth.

Hopefully everyone out there is staying cool this summer and enjoying the playoffs.