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Jeff Carter decided to remind the Colombus Blue Jackets why they traded for him and his $52 Million Conctract.  He also reminded them that despite that enormous contract, other teams will trade for him too (I am of the opinion that Carter, not Nash will be the one headed out of Colombus).  And if you own Carter that is good news.   Literally anywhere would be a better situation for this much maligned scorer.  And just to stir some loins out there the latest rumor is that Vancouver is interested.  AND they want him for their top line (with the Regular Season twins).  F. YES.  Now for those of you who have ridden him out through this terrible season, please go change your boxers.  He’s not in Vancouver yet…

Pavel Datsyuk – C/LW (Det):  Will miss 2 weeks (minimum) after, according to the AP report, “having arthroscopic surgery Tuesday to remove fragments from his right knee.”  That’s it?  No explanation of what the fragments are?  Do we have any Doctor’s in the house?  Is it bone?  Cartilage?  The 2009 box office failure starring Kate Beckinsale and Forest Whitaker?  You can’t just leave it at that AP!!!

Vincent Lecavalier – C (TB):  Now this injury is easier to understand – a broken hand.  My guess is the 3-5 week timetable will be closer to 5 than 3, so it’s a tough blow you you Vinny owners..  If you need a replacement go see if Andy McDonald is hiding on the waiver wire.  And if that fails give the 9% owned Braden Schenn a shot…

Phil Kessel – RW (Tor):  Is it just me or does it seem like Kessel scored his 25th Goal in like December?  And he’s only at 31 now?  LOL… It actually isn’t that bad, but it’s close.  I have a feeling the ‘perts preseason ranking of him will largely hinge on whether or not he gets to 40 Goals.  Literally if he gets 39 he’ll be ranked a full round later than if he hits 40 (as in early 3rd instead of early 2nd).

Sam Gagner – C (Edm):  Has a lightbulb turned on for this former 6th overall pick?  It’s a possibility, but I’d like to see him keep a point per game(ish) pace for the rest of the season before I buy into him.

Ondrej Pavelec – G (Wpg):  I rarely pay attention to the ‘3 Stars’ in a given game, but this just doesn’t seem to make sense.  Ondrej Pavelec is the 1st star despite the fact that he gave up 5 Goals and his team lost?  I get that 50 saves is pretty nuts and that the game was in Winnipeg – but 1st Star??

Ryan Garbutt – C (Dal):  Huh huh huh huh, butt……

Kari Lehtonen – G (Dal):  Finish strong Kari and make me look good for tagging you as a sleeper during the All Star break (despite my less than enthusiastic endorsement of you in the preseason).  More games like last night’s Shutout is a good way to go about that.

Radim Vrbata – RW (Phx):  If you’re a fan of ridiculous career years than Radim Vrbata has reached hero status.  He already has a career high in Goals and will easily set career highs in Assists, PPP’s and +/- .  He can finally say his own name with confidence – Rad, Im Vrbata!!

Marc-Andre Fleury – G (Pit):  MA finally got his 3rd Shutout of the season after going 35 starts without one.  Not that he’s been bad, but I just don’t like giving Fleury credit for anything.  And that’s basically where I’m at with him – begrudging acceptance that he is indeed an elite Goalie.

Stevegeni Malkos – C (Pit/TB):  Just 2 days after I debated myself (hey, who said that???) about who will be the #1 overall pick next year, Malkin or Stamkos, they combine for 3 Goals and 2 Assists.  These 2 have really seperated themselves in that discussion and I’m interested to see what the ‘perts will be saying in 5 months.

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  1. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Why do you hate on the Leafs so much hahaha

    • DC

      DC says:

      @Cheese, Lol…

  2. Disco says:

    I dropped Kyle Quincey literally hours before he was traded to the Red Wings. Should I pick him back up? My defensemen are Yandle, Ryan Suter, Ehrhoff, and Gonchar. Is Quincey on the Red Wings worth more than Gonchar or Ehrhoff?

    • DC

      DC says:

      @Disco, I don’t think so but it’s close.

  3. how do you feel about teddy purcell? got versteeg on the chopping block…or alfredsson. versteeg hasnt done much for me and i have lopul possibly hurt now… i need some goals! made some bad moves that cost due to impatience earlier in the season, but i feel he wont be available long. andy mac is also available.

    @cheese i think the leafs are an easy team to hate. then again, im in buffalo so its part of everyday life.

    • DC

      DC says:

      @anchovies, I think I’d take Andy Mac over Purcell

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