Marv: My friend Pesos and I are pretty big into hockey (it's a requirement up in Canada). We are very excited for the new hockey season and we hope you are too. Pesos, you’re really sticking with that name eh? Alright, there have been worse names I guess (Maple Leafs). Pesos: Really? With a name like Marv you’re going to chirp me? When did we travel back to 1977? Anyways, the season is right around the corner and with the amount of changes league wide things are going to be as interesting and entertaining as ever. This is our preseason article where we will present some of our targets in our upcoming drafts and some of the guys we are avoiding. Marv: Can I just list the whole Leafs roster for players to avoid? Does that count? What fantasy draft prep wouldn’t be complete without checking out Viz’s Top 75 rankings and Top 20 defensemen rankings?