The RCL season has come to an end so it’s time to acknowledge all of the individual league winners along with the RCL Hockey Champion of 2016-17. Let’s get right to it!

Viz versus the Commenters

Playoff seeds:

1) Viz Nasty (yours truly) with a 124-60-5 record

2) F Off I’m Vacuuming, 115-62-12

3) Team ChicagoCanuck, 110-72-7

4) The Motherpuckers, 110-75-4

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Hey everyone! I’m back following the All-Star break and with no games since last Thursday (recapped here), I need something else to talk about! Well, I thought something that would be very helpful is an in-depth look at the schedules for every team in the NHL the last four weeks of the season. I picked those weeks because at least the last three weeks (the last 4 if you’re in an RCL or any league with two week long playoff matchups) are your playoffs in head to head leagues. By giving you this information now, this gives everyone a few options. One, it helps everyone make decisions at the bottom of your roster. Don’t let the schedule be the final decision, but it’s a useful tiebreaker. Two, if you’re in top position, it allows you to make a trade that would greatly benefit you in the playoffs. Lastly, it shows you what teams will be the best to stream from at certain points in the playoffs. You’re going to want to bookmark this page for when you make it and use it as a guide. If a player finishes the week with three games in four nights, he’ll obviously make a great streamer for multiple days. Let’s look at every team and see what they’re working with:

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Hey everyone! There hasn’t been an RCL update since the NHL season has started so I thought it was necessary to fill everyone in on how the different RCL’s are shaping up in the early going. We are looking at 5 different leagues, 4 of which are in the correct format and 1 that is a roto league because Reid messed up setting the league up! No worries though, that league will still be in the battle for the overall prize. Let’s take a look at all of the action to this point:

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Hey guys. I’ll be recording with Reid later today and I already have talked to Matt as well so look for a podcast to drop Wednesday morning. For now, I’m going to walk through, pick by pick, my thought process during my first RCL. I was “lucky” enough to pick 1st, which will makes things easier for this exercise since I can talk about two picks at once. To make it easier to follow along, the draft recap can be found here. Also, there’s still over one week under the season starts so please create or join a league here. Let’s get to it!

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Hey guys! For those of you who have been reading the site for some time, you know that the fantasy sports here on Razzball have Razzball Commenter Leagues. They are a way for everyone in the Razzball community to show their skills against each other, talk the sport they’re playing and even talk some smack. Last season we had only 5 leagues, mostly because I took over hockey last minute and we had barely over one week for leagues to be set up and drafted. Now, with almost a month until the season starts, I’d love to crack double digit leagues, if not more! Hopefully this will keep building the hockey community and maybe you’ll win the grand prize. Here are the details:

Please, blog, may I have some more?